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  1. Item: Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones Location: Adelaide Price: SOLD Item Condition: Good. No scratches but earpads have some wear. Reason for selling: Too many headphones Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I'm the second owner of these headphones but haven't had time to use them over the last six months. They would have a combined usage time of 250 hours over several years. Item: Graham Slee 'Green' Solo 2008 Location: Adelaide Price: SOLD Item Condition: Good. See pictures no scratches or issues. Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I bought this headphone amp to go with the HD650s. They are a great combination but I just don't have the time to make use of them and have other combinations that are working better for me at the moment. Happy to talk price or a discount for combined purchase or local pick-up. Pictures:
  2. Firstly I liked to thank Keith from Vinyl Eye and Graham Slee for the loan of the Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear. If you are interested in trying a better quality headphone amp I can strongly recommend the loaner program. I have only been listening to music closely for about 12 months and after looking at upgrading my speaker system a change of situation has meant I've been focusing on my headphone system instead. My system for the loan period was an Win8 Acer Netbook using Foobar Wasapi to a JDS Labs ODAC to JDS Labs O2 to Sennheiser HD650's. The HD650's were new to me so I had a similar amount of time listening to both headphone amps through this system. I tested quickly with my other headphones (AKG Q701 and Beyer DT250) and found consistent results. Whilst directly comparing the amps I used the "Open Your Ears" album (24/96 Flac) from HD Tracks. Each song comes with explanation notes on what you should be listening for and I used this as a guide to help my comparisons. I also matched the volume from both amps however this was just with my Samsung S3 so was not perfect. The O2 does a fantastic job for it's price but it was outclassed in most areas by the Solo UL. Listening to the first song "Stuck in a moment you can't get out of" by The Persuasions the Solo UL created a much more physical sound, my ears felt like they were buzzing in parts, yet also provided more clarity. This continued with most of the tracks where the Solo UL was able to deliver greater punch and physicality to the music, however on one track the O2 provided greater texture than the Solo UL however this was not consistent across tracks. The Solo UL presented a much greater soundstage and had greater separation of instruments. It was easy to place the location of each instrument and with one song I could sense the pairing of a guitar with one voice above it and then a drum with a voice above it. Also when listening to the Solo UL the instruments and voices felt like they were just outside my head whereas with the O2 everything was just inside my head, the Solo Green has everything split over the boundary of my head. One of the most notable differences for me was during track 3 "Get behind the mule" by John Hammond. It was included to compare transparency which both amps did well with but there is a recurring section of non-rhythmical sounds that blur together on the O2. It's not my style of music so I nearly skipped the entire track but when listening to it from the Solo UL I could differentiate all of the sounds in this section which made it more listenable but still not enjoyable for me. So if you listen to lots of complex passages then the Solo UL would really shine. If your on a limited budget then an amp like the O2 is a great piece of equipment and if I hadn't heard the Solo UL then I'd be happy with the O2. However in upgrading to a better quality amp there are benefits to be had in all almost all areas. Whilst the soundstage and separation of instruments was the biggest difference I found what convinced me was that the Solo UL was more engaging with all types of music. Where the O2 was enjoyable the Solo UL would have me tapping my foot to the music. This is even more the case with the Q701 which gets a fantastic bass boost, without taking away from other areas, and has again become my favourite headphone except when listening to bass heavy songs. Hopefully my ramblings have made sense and give you an insight into the differences that I've heard between the amps. Since doing the trial I've picked up a Solo Green and am now looking at upgrading to the linear power supply and possibly doing the DIY upgrade to a Solo UL.
  3. Hudson Hawk : A favourite of mine that many people feel I should be embarrassed to admit. It is always much better when watched with a large amount of beer. Also love disaster movies of all descriptions. Recently watched Stonehenge Apocalypse with my wife and we both loved it.
  4. 1st and only vinyl - Patsie Bisco (not sure what but was a present around age 4 or 5) 1st cassette - Summer '86 1st CD - War of the Worlds 2CD set followed by Billy Joel Collection 5CD set Based on that its not surprising I didn't really get into music until recently.
  5. Wow thanks for all the quick replies everyone. I'll try to answers all of your questions and provide some more info but what I've read so far has been awesome. Whilst my current gear is for a 5.1 system we now only run it in 2.1 config and 90% for music so I am looking for a 2.0 or 2.1 system. We are currently tidying up the house in preparation for sale so the layout is not ideal but there is nothing that I can do about it at the moment. This is also why I'm interested in bookshelves as smaller speakers would allow better placement in the current lounge room. The new house is likely to have an open plan layout and I have already raised the potential of needing better quality floorstanders using a more significant budget but this is likely a while away. If I was to get bookshelves now then they would be used in my games/music room later on. I've never been a fan of buying second hand however I have purchased secondhand CDs off of a SNA member and a secondhand set of Headphones through Head-fi (I think from an SNA member) and the experiences have been brilliant so I am happy to look at second hand again. Most of our music is either Apple downloads or MS Zune subscription but I am starting to buy and rip CD's in FLAC or Apple loseless. The subscription service has been great as I haven't had a great interest in music before and it's been great to listen to suggestions on this forum and listen to it immediately then decide if I want to purchase the music later. buringpanda thanks for the offer. I am in the inner west but we are looking at moving north and have friends in Gawler so a visit is something I'd be very keen on. I'll contact you via pm later. I lived most of my younger life in Gawler and then Kapunda so I know the area fairly well. Again thanks all I've enjoyed lurking on these forums as I slowly explore my interest in music and really appreciate the responses from all SNA'ers.
  6. Hi all I've been getting into music recently mainly using headphones but also my wife and I have been listening to our speaker system a lot more. Whilst we've been enjoying the music I've been starting to think about what I could upgrade to make it more enjoyable. Initially my budget would be limited so wondering what would give me the best bang for the buck. Currently I have digital source (Apple TV 1 or Win 7 notebook) Yamaha HTR-5650 AV Receiver (http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/av-receivers-amps/htr/htr-5650/?mode=model&from=global_search) Yamaha NS-70 Speakers (http://asia.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-visual/speaker-systems/home-speaker-systems/ns-70_asia/?mode=model) and a Yamaha YST-SW215 Sub (http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/speaker-systems/subwoofers/yst-sw215_piano__u/?mode=model) So my thoughts are I could: 1) Buy a DAC and keep the Amp and speakers 2) Upgrade the AMP and get a cheap DAC 3) Upgrade the speakers to some bookshelves (Not sure how this would go compared to the floor standers) 4) Save my money and build my budget up There's been some great local components in the sale section but I'm not sure what to look at first. My budget would be approx $500 (if I can convince the Minister of Finance). I'd appreciate any thoughts or ideas even if it just helps me to dream of what's next. Thanks
  7. Hi all I'm in my mid 30's but just started really listening to music for the first time. Got a music appreciation course for Christmas so looking forward to that. Otherwise I've been listening to some rock with Creedence and Alan Parsons Project being my current favourites. Hope to catch you around. Kirby
  8. Hi rockola I'm interested on the following if they are still available: $ 6 AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap $ 6 AC/DC: Highway to Hell $ 6 Diana Krall: The Girl in the Other Room $ 6 The Alan Parsons Project: Gaudi $ 6 The Alan Parsons Project: Stereotomy Thanks
  9. Try GB-PVR. I ran this with a Hauppauge PVR150 and it worked well. My only real issue was that I couldn't get Foxtel to change channels through the HTPC. This was not due to GBPVR but the hardware I was using. I had a DNTVLive card running for digital but didn't get my VisionPlus card running with it. Overall I found this to be the best solution for both Analogue and Digital cards
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