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  1. I'm holding off until the EE, I'm guessing in Nov 2015. Supposed to have 30mins extra.
  2. Nope - a member of this forum told me that he saw it in IMAX here and he had the same problem with dialogue intelligibility.
  3. Are you sure? Up the top it says 'No release date', only the trailer was announced/released today AFAIK.
  4. Good value but overall not THAT good when you factor in the shipping and the titles they are actually offering at that price...
  5. For sale (price includes postage): Men in Black Trilogy (AUS): $10
  6. What's the model of it? Is it Laser BLU-BD1000? Might be handy for my small 32" tv.
  7. Just a quick note to everyone who bought titles off me yesterday - was unable to get to town today but will be posting everything first thing tomorrow.
  8. For sale (prices include postage): The Color Purple (US Digibook): $10 Silver Linings Playbook (US): $8.50 This Is The End (US): $10.50 The Heat (US): $7.50 Broken City (US): $7 Upside Down 3D (US): $12 21 Jump Street (US): $5.50 Gangster Squad (US): $6.50 Insidious (US): $6 Ted (US): $6 Limitless (US): $4.50 The Sitter (US): $4.50 The Watch (US): $6 Mama (US): $5 Atlantis: The Lost Empire/Milo's Return (AUS): $5 The Host (AUS): $4.50 Zoolander (UK): $7 Sinister (US): $5 Dr Seuss The Lorax (AUS): $4.50 Adventures in Zambezia (AUS): $3.50 Paranorman (AUS): $5 The Cold Light of Day (AUS): $5 Parker (US): $5.50 Night at the Museum 2 (US): $5 Dead Man Down (AUS): $5 Les Miserables (US): $6.50 Anna Karenina (US): $6.50 The Castle (AUS): $5 Act of Valor (US): $6 The Place Beyond the Pines (AUS): $6 Liar Liar (AUS): $4 Mulan & Mulan 2 (AUS): $6 The Expendables (US): $3.50 Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs (US): $4 The A-Team (US): $3.50 Babe Pig in the City (UK): $3.50
  9. More than planned - out in a couple weeks on BD: http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Machete-Kills-Blu-ray/65429/
  10. Oh my god, just heard about this, absolutley shocked and stunned. He was so good in these movies, to die in this way makes it even more tragic.... R.I.P
  11. For sale (prices include postage): This is the End (US, Region A locked, Mastered in 4K): $17 Evil Dead 2013 (US, region free): $14 - shot on Sony F65 like Oblivion (yummy)
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