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  1. Kimil electronics in Croydon park - Chris is efficient, great to deal with and charges are reasonable
  2. Great tuner - I have this as well.
  3. Hi all - I'm currently contemplating the above two units. Demo-ing is a little challenging at present so hoping there might be some on the forum that have experience in listening to both. I am after the 'warmer' of the two in terms of sonic signature - any thoughts as to which one would be better on this score? Thanks!
  4. I have the Benz glider and love it - it replaced an ortofon kontrapunkt a and it was much more musical with brilliant bass. It also tracks well and does not seem to emphasize surface noise. Wholeheartedly recommended at this price point.
  5. Thanks AF - I think i'll follow your first idea - i do want to keep the existing plug. The boombox has a fault in one channel and the case is cracked so it's not worth repairing unfortunately but the speakers are excellent so will connect these into the seperate amp i have. The mention of RCAs was in relation to inputs i will connect to the amp.
  6. Howdy - With all this funky working from home stuff going on I'm attempting to press some old gear into service into my home office and enjoy some tunes without headphones. Specifically I want to connect the quite decent mini speakers from a mid-80's boom box (Akai PJ33) to a stereo amp I have laying around and connect a few sources into the amp via RCAs. So - what's the best way to run speaker cables from the amp to the speaker jacks? Is there a commercial adaptor for this or do i need to go down the DIY route? Thanks folks!
  7. Used to have one of these - great sound and beautifully made.
  8. Hi there - I'm contemplating a change of preamp from my current solid state preamp/processor to a valve preamp to accompany my Bryston 9BST SS power amp and Dali Euphonia MS-4 speakers. I am aiming to smooth out the highs a little while still preserving detail, soundstage and bass weight. As a part of this I am attempting to develop a bit of a shortlist. From my initial research it appears that preamps like the Conrad Johnson ET3, prima luna dialogue, elektra pynx, Audio Research SP14, Cary or Canary Audio may suit. So - if there's anyone who would like to lend me one of the above preamps or similar the above for a week or two to listen I would be very grateful indeed. I would collect and return the unit by car. In return I would be happy to loan out my okki nokki record cleaning machine and supply 20 new diskeeper inners and outer sleeves. Thanks!
  9. Hi - I'm after the self-titled initial Doors album, Strange Days and LA Woman. After a bit of research it appears that the 33 rpm DCC has the best sound quality but these are running at several hundred$ per copy. Does anyone have the 45rpm Analogue production versions? What are the sonics like? Would it be better going to the CD versions? There are also Elektra reissues but haven't seen many comments about these - any thoughts?
  10. Item: Complete Set of 49 DVDs - Seasons 1 -7 DVDs (R4). Each season comes complete in a plastic box with packaging and booklet. Location: Sydney (inner West or CBD); will post at cost. Price: $70 Item Condition: Very Good (minor scuffing to plastic hard cases) Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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