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  1. That's a shame - i was going to offer the loan of my PS for a check but I'm in Sydney
  2. Gyro and NC PS owner here - that is Super weird - all I can think of is that the PS is kaput. Try sending an email to Michell - they are usually very responsive. Where are you based?
  3. Thanks for all the thoughts and advice folks - i've taken the plunge and ordered some Amperex/Philips NOS PC88s (A Frame) from the US - will report back here once they're installed (prob 6 weeks or so given the state of US postal service).
  4. Thanks for that Ittaku! Very informative for a tubenewbie like me.
  5. Have just seen this: https://www.langrex.co.uk/products/pcc887dj8-philips-nos-valvetube/ Thoughts? Prices look reasonable and Langrex is reputable i believe.
  6. I think i'll get a JJ 6922 gold pin or EH gold pin for the minute and then wait for a suitable locally available NOS (ot two) to come up - looks like the siemens and philips models mentioned are well worth pursuing. BTW - not sure if any of you have seen this comparison: https://tubedepot.com/pages/tube-comparison-tool I'ld be interested in views on this - the jj appears very warm which is what I would prefer for voicing (as well as very quiet).
  7. Thanks for that - like the idea of a Philips but oh boy - postage is astronomical for a single valve! Would be close to $100 landed - will think on this.
  8. Thanks XLR - so in layman's speak - does that mean a 7DJ8 would be ok? Re the Siemens unit you mention above is 1973 manufacturing date the key aspect to look for? It's challenging to search as there are so many that look alike and not all descriptions are comprehensive. The link provided is for a sold unit.
  9. Thanks everyone for your views. The 7dj8 option sounds interesting and prices are much more reasonable for NOS. Are there any CJ owners that have tried this? I guess it could be a matter of trying a few 7dj8 and 6dj8 types out. The Siemens pcc88 looks promising but I may start out with a Genalex gold lion 6dj8/6922.
  10. Hi all - I've joined the thermionic club with my recent acquisition of a Conrad Johnson ET3SE pre. As many of you would know, this pre only has a single 6922 and the stock unit is an Electro Harmonix (standard pin). I'm still burning in the unit as it apparently only had 20hrs on it but ones thing's clear - the valve is toast - there is a lot of tube rush and this is clearly audible at the listening position which is about 4m distant from the speakers. Soo - i'm on the hunt for a replacement unit. Vital in this is looking for a durable, low-noise tube given the high gain of the pre (29db) and i'm also after a tight bottom end and smooth mid and tops. From my research to date and recommendations of a fellow-SNeter it looks like some of the NOS Ruski valves (6N23p-ev - Reflektor) may suit as could the Genalex Golden Lion. Tesla and Tungsram E88CCs also appear highly regarded. Interested in opinions on the above or whether I should simply get a new EH? Budget is max $100 and am open to obtaining from overseas if needed. Many thanks!
  11. Hi - Wondering if anyone's auditioned this pre? http://www.luxman.com/product/detail.php?id=27 Looks the business - internally and externally but how is it sonically? Great to see some pre's with a solid feature set and (shock horror) tone controls!
  12. Kimil electronics in Croydon park - Chris is efficient, great to deal with and charges are reasonable
  13. Great tuner - I have this as well.
  14. Hi all - I'm currently contemplating the above two units. Demo-ing is a little challenging at present so hoping there might be some on the forum that have experience in listening to both. I am after the 'warmer' of the two in terms of sonic signature - any thoughts as to which one would be better on this score? Thanks!
  15. I have the Benz glider and love it - it replaced an ortofon kontrapunkt a and it was much more musical with brilliant bass. It also tracks well and does not seem to emphasize surface noise. Wholeheartedly recommended at this price point.
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