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  1. Agree. I baulked at the price but the insights into Jim’s voice are worth it methinks.
  2. Great album - title track is very moving I think
  3. Have you compared this to any 33rpm versions per-chance? Very interested in getting a copy but not sure which one to go for.
  4. One of my favourite albums of the 80s. Love the drumming in particular.
  5. Nice work Jon - I have an original uk pressing and the Sonics sound very similar to your 80s version. IMO it’s simple minds best release. If you’re after suggestions for another match-up how about a Jean Michel jarre classic - oxygene or equinox originals vs repressings or Pink Floyd the wall?
  6. Thanks for the ideas everyone - I think the Yamaha looks good and Sonics/mechanicals are promising - is there a 3 head version?
  7. I’m after recommendations for a good performing three head deck (sonically and functionally) to aesthetically match my silver teac x1000r. Something from Teac’s range is an obvious choice - eg A770 but are there others worth keeping an eye out? Any there any silver three head Nak’s? thanks!
  8. I have one of these - it's terrific, very musical, engaging and is a real bass-meister!
  9. Chris Rea - Road to Hell Didn't expect much from this (original German-made pressing) but holey dooley - what production and sound - phenomenal for the $5 i paid!
  10. Item: As per title Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Seven HiFi World, 1 What HiFi and 3 HiFi Choice magazines in good condition. Pickup only from Alexandria in Inner West Sydney. Some very interesting reading and reviews in these. Will not post.
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