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  1. Neilsy

    One sub or two.

    Thumbs up to 4! I had 4 for a couple of years...
  2. Neilsy

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Thanks! I'll have to try it again but from memory I already did try that and I also went through a selection of RS232 to USB adapters and nothing prevailed. Super frustrating as everyone raves about ARC however given I have a cinema processor post the Anthem in the signal path it's where the EQ and crossovers are managed for the speakers, of which some of the EQ settings are manufacturer tweaks anyway and adding EQ really obstructs the overall sound as the speakers seem to be super sensitive to changes. In a way I'm happy to leave it but I would like to try it out
  3. As in if you're outputting the LFE channel really hot like +10dB on the receiver for example... That's likely too hot
  4. An annoying problem that's for sure. You mentioned it works when your phone is plugged in.. Is this using a 3.5mm to RCA converter and using the same RCA cable that plugs into the sub? Let's rule out any obscurities... Have you made any recent changes to settings? Just thinking if it works with the phone but not the RCA, are you connecting it both RCA cables to the sub? Therefore doubles the signal strength. If you also have a high output level set to the sub perhaps there's a weird signal overload protect the Dali has. But a lower volume should rule this out...
  5. Neilsy

    Time to update the big 3 speakers

    Not a lot of luck from what I see in the classifieds ATM. The last JTR seems to be the ones I sold off a long time ago.. Not a lot there on Klipsch.. There are some Seaton Catalysts but we're talking double your budget $10k from a post in October... It would be worth keeping your eyes peeled... So many of us, me included, have upgrade-itis so there's always a good deal to be had
  6. You are pretty on the money that subwoofers are like speakers, so I wouldn't mix and match too much unless you want them doing completely independent loads. But that can create other issues and does require an AVR or processor that has a lot or control with dual sub output. I'd recommend keep your eyes peeled for another SPL 1000 or 1200 second hand. It's the easier integration method for the most balanced response
  7. Neilsy

    Time to update the big 3 speakers

    Would you consider second hand speakers? For $4k or so you might be able to score a deal on some second hand Klipsch matching front speakers or even strike lucky on JTR if you can accommodate some size.. Perhaps the older Triple 8 model for example or even Triple 12's someone may feel generous to let them go
  8. Neilsy

    Why are there no balanced speakers

    I can agree with what you mean and where you're coming from. But where I see issues is the non audiophiles and explaining to them "hey this XLR that goes from here to here is the source, then this XLR goes from here to here but that's now under power" People could easily damage their systems from plugging things in the wrong spot... Let alone having to go and purchase XLR cables that match your cable runs. That would be a PITA having to find a supplier to have stock. Speaker wire is easy. Positive..negative. No issues. The other issue is with XLR the hot pin can vary in location depending on the industry. Trinnov run their hot pin on, say pin 1, while QSC may run it on pin 2. So this again creates problems with the output stage versus the speaker manufacturer Speaker wire means you call the shots
  9. Neilsy

    Why are there no balanced speakers

    Good to see lots of dialogue here. From a high level my 2 cents is just that XLR is basically just a connectivity method like RCA. And like RCA, we don't 'power' speakers using those sorts of cables. You'd require manufacturing lengths, shielding, the termination of, proper soldered binding of the pos/neg etc etc... Active speakers, yes, will typically RCA inputs or XLR as you extend higher into the premium and pro level. But even in pro audio, XLR is the connectivity but never what comes out from the amp stack through to the PA. Yes, typically speakon connectors or a brand proprietary cable. So basically you would not want a passive speaker with XLR. This would also create massive 'dummy' user issues. There would be endless users confused where to plug a cable, does that mean it's a passive or active speaker, etc. Those questions are nulled by keeping it simple - connection cables from source to speaker. If the ends don't match, then something is required and it's a simple follow-the-chain problem solving instance.
  10. Hi All, Velodyne DD15 has been sold. DD18 Oak and 2x DD18 Black remain. Thanks and Happy New Yr
  11. Neilsy

    My System this morning

    Thanks Darryl The Krix guys are a good sort!
  12. Neilsy

    My System this morning

    A shot showing the newly appointed Cyclonix subwoofers between the main LCR, replacing my four Velodyne Digital Drives. Screen and material masking then on top
  13. Neilsy


    Yes, spikes or rubber feet are a good thing to reduce transferred sound waves and retain the most integrity of the source sound waves. This is due to transferred sound waves, such as through a wooden floor, the sound waves obviously don't transfer through wood as well as they do just in the air. The sound waves get slowed down and different frequencies carry through the materials whilst others not so much. Basically as minimal transferred LFE waves you can achieve the more accurate your bass will sound.