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  1. Blade Runner 2049

    So the release of this hit the shelves and given I'm on holidays I took to watching Bladerunner 2049 in UHD yesterday. Besides having to significantly lower the sub volume, an amazing life of audio. The electronic score held such clarity, perfectly on the verge of not being to sizzling. What did we all think of this when viewed at home?
  2. HT floorstanders advice

    If you're in SA Krix is right in your backyard.. Trusted in many, many cinemas in Australia and also globally, might be a brand to consider. If you can find either of these second hand they may meet your budget or ask what they can do from a dealer new: http://www.krix.com.au/harmonix-mk2/ http://www.krix.com.au/neuphonix-mk2/
  3. How to handle multi Subwoofer setup

    Good to hear with REW it's easy like that. And yep, speakers set to Large will run them as full range - no bass sent to subs. Where are your subs positioned compared to your main speakers? If they are together you should only need to set delay (phase) as a combined pair. If different locations (i.e one front of room, one rear of room) then different phase. In terms of correct phase, it should be set to the highest volume at the crossover point (when using bass mgt on front speakers) otherwise you may experience cancellation or combing issues
  4. How to handle multi Subwoofer setup

    Apologies if any of this has already been addressed, but here's some points that may help: 1. Low output 60-80hz sounds like there is still too low of a crossover engaged. With your pre pro you mentioned 40hz, if that is for the LFE channel I'd try it set up at at 80hz and then disengage any high pass filter on the subs, if possible, or set as high as you can (like 200hz). 2. It's not always perfect getting the bass right as SPL and dB meters use averages but not linearly down to the full spectrum of 20hz. I'd run noise through your main channels set to 75dB on the dB meter, C-weighted, and have the subs read about 82dB, it should account for the subsonic loss. 3. Always consider the LFE an isolated channel. Even if you set a differing crossover from your, say, left & right speakers (60hz e.g.) your LFE should always be 80hz due to what will get sent down the dedicated LFE channel. Another thing, be careful with what noise you tune your system with - - if it's pink noise from a CD it is likely to be in 2.0 meaning tuning your subwoofer from this will be completely inaccurate especially if you have set a low crossover for your fronts such as 40 or 60hz, as that's all the subs will get. Hope some of that helps. Let me know if any Qs
  5. Thoughts on bi-amp gain structure

    I tested today using some limited band pink noise for consistency and was impressed there was a variation between the two generations of amps and that it was exactly 3dB as stayed. Well done Emotiva. I'm quite satisfied now with the level adjustments made which has let the horn loaded mid and high really come to life.
  6. Thoughts on bi-amp gain structure

    Thanks ML. I think I might have to do some signal output level testing and assess.
  7. Seeking some insightful or experienced input here... In my Krix Theatrix setup they are bi-amp and as much as I sought out a like for like amp set I ended up with an Emotiva XPA-5 Gen 1 and the other is a Gen 2. Gen 1 = 32dB gain output, whilst Gen 2 = 29dB. So I ran the 3x LF modules on one amp (the Gen1) and the 3x HF off the Gen 2 amp for uniformity of the sections. In my processing section though the top (HF) section is recommended to be 9dB less than the bottoms (due to the sensitivity). Which is adjusted through my signal processing unit. (external crossover) So my question is should I make that only - 6dB to make up for the 3dB less gain output that amp has or is it not that simple and due to sensitivity factors or something it might need less of a change, like say only 1.5dB... Simple maths says yes I'm just not sure. Both LF and HF sections are 8 ohm I believe. Happy to answer any questions to explain further.
  8. How to handle multi Subwoofer setup

    Sorry slow reply.. They are Krix Theatrix http://www.krix.com.au/theatrix/ 15" bass/mid up to 400hz, external managed crossover to 6.5" horn loaded mid, then built in crossover to compression driver for highs, again horn loaded. Serves L, C, R behind my AT screen
  9. How to handle multi Subwoofer setup

    The guys have given some really good tips here. Overall if I could throw my coin into the mix I'd be mindful of your main/sub and LFE crossover point. Regardless of cone size of the bass drivers in your main speakers remember the LFE channel is meant to be 10dB higher than all other channels. Reason why 80hz is a general standard is it helps retain impact across the bass spectrum issued to the LFE channel. Your 10" drivers in your mains no doubt can do 29,30,50hz etc but they won't be +10dB in that region. In movies there is a lot of punch and thud area between 55and 120hz. So you don't want to deprive your overall listening experience missing out on the region by crossing over your LFE at say 40hz or even your mains at 40hz... My mains have 15" bass drivers and they are processed full range (Large) however my LFE is crossed at 80hz and it does not sound right set any lower Hope that helps
  10. What Gear Have You Recently Acquired?

    - 2nd Emotiva XPA-5 amp, to power - 3x Krix Theatrix for L, C, R, and - QSC DCM 10D Cinema Processor to manage the bi-amp crossovers & other parameters for the system.
  11. FS: SVS PB-1000

    I have a friend who has interest. PM sent
  12. So this was pretty loud ...

    My overall set-up has had many stages in my 14+ years of it being of interest to me. In all fairness, the Krix speakers are well priced in my opinion - particularly if you compare to what other peers actual rival their performance, FR, dynamics and clarity. They are a very full bodied sound that you could easily spend much more on with other types of speakers.
  13. So this was pretty loud ...

    Whilst not quite the commercial cinema 2.6m units, I'm a believer here and the Series X Theatrix are serving me great! http://www.krix.com.au/theatrix/
  14. JVC X500 focus issue

    That is something I could consider, as technically, no it's not. And at the back of the room it will be copping all the LFE. Nice to see another digital drive enthusiast. Truth be told I'm only on 3 units presently...4th has been at an 'authorised' repairer since February with no end in site... Anyway, keeping on topic I might try secure the PJ itself.