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  1. Oh definitely am a sound guy too compared to video, hence the amps I run and audio processing. However video has added such a great overall experience TBH. Especially 4K. But a good 1080p PJ will be incredible if backed by a good 4K input and player. Atmos is great but I'm just a tad jaded by Atmos demo's... When you find a way to have the set-up turn off all the other speakers a lot of the time there's hardly any Atmos speaker work going on. So it's more the fact it was mixed in the Atmos way, Object based, rather than channel based. But this means even a 5.1 and 7.1 set-up benefits from this.
  2. I actually don't know the screen brand. I grabbed it second hand and there's no markings or labels on it anywhere. When I have Trinnov money I'll go Atmos! Haha Not sure who else does on the forum... When you say local where do you mean? My set-up is actually Springwood 4127
  3. Hahaha Mad Max definitely a demonstrator's go to! It does sound good. Some of the best sounding movies are anything THX approved and Skywalker Sound mixed... Titanic sinking scenes, T2, Warhorse charge scene... As for the visual, I run a woven acoustically transparent screen, 133", 2.37:1 ratio. Going to a high end projector like the X9500 was chalk and cheese different from the X500 I previously had.
  4. Yep, that's the set-up. Although I'm sure it was only 7.1 as the QSC can't do any more channels than that. Unless DR ran Atmos channels outside of the QSC but then there would have been timing issues... Their set-up at Albion is much more mild but I think Matt said they're aiming to have a Krix MX30 on demo... Agreed, UHD projection was a good step. I went to JVC X9500 backed by Oppo UDP-205
  5. Thanks! Yes I'd agree seems quite rare for Bris people to get quite into it. I did pick up a fair whack of my set-up from Digital Residence over the past few years, taking the 3x Theatrix and QSC Cinema processor off Matt when they moved from Clayfield to Albion. Then the subs only last year. I would consider Atmos one day but unfortunately I'd need to upgrade the cinema processor to something like a Trinnov....[emoji51]
  6. Completely agree. Glad I bought mine new when it was first released and at a reasonable price
  7. Sorry to hear of anyone having operational issues with the players. As an FYI, I've seen people asking $5k USD for these nowadays. Be worth holding onto or capitalise on your original buy if anyone's looking to switch players.
  8. Be interesting to see a chart on THD
  9. Fire, you're basically right. One of my DD18s did it but it was more like a sqwarking noise. Turned out to be a capacitor. At first they tried to just unsolder and install a new one but they said board too tight. Had to turn into a full warranty job, $2,200 worth. However that was here in Bris. I have 2 DD18, Black for sale if you get thrown an expensive repair bill
  10. @betty_boop You're absolutely right. Horn loaded without a treated room can be very fatiguing. The benefit in the Krix Theatrix and Cinematix units is that basically all range bar 350hz and below is horn loaded, so you're not experiencing a 'bitey' sound where the horn's efficiency is only kicking in at say, 3k onwards... It's completely from the low mids to the top of the audio spectrum. But yes, I do run behind an AT screen. And I can vouch the external management is worth it however it's hard not to tweak endlessly!! Lol
  11. That does sound right then to go slightly smaller if cabinet space is an issue. If you change your mind I'm releasing my DD18s in gloss black in a pair for just $5k, which is a good buy for what they are. Good luck with the search!
  12. I didn't hear the PSA's by the way. I've isolated my Megaphonix surrounds before and listened to them solo. definitely a lot of power for their footprint, full and well rounded sound. Good dynamic capability too If you're looking for a full set-up I'd highly recommend hearing an MX30 wall
  13. Hey Johnny, Thanks! The MX30 wasn't released at the time when I was looking. I had heard the Pix, which is similar being a 15" bass driver and the horn loaded compression tweeter. Then I called Krix and asked where I could demo the 3 way bigger brother, and funnily enough Brisbane had a dealer who had a set-up, which I now own haha. I did notice the greater body with the dedicated mid driver. It's superior in vocal range and clean low vocal articulatation. When it's a 3 way, the mid handles from 350hz thru about 1600hz. The downside (for some) is it does require biamping and a completely externally managed crossover and you have to punch in some delay and EQ settings by Krix. To do that I have a pro cinema processor by QSC. If you have more $$ then a Trinnov would be my upgrade path to go Atmos So if you want easier, I'd say the MX30 is great for most people
  14. Have you heard the Velodyne Digital Drive Series before? Sealed, servo controlled as well to control the resonance frequency feedback in adjustable amounts if desired. I am currently offloading a pair of Digital Drive 18s which are 18inch units. They sound exceptionally tight and yet dig deep into the sub 20hz realm. Sealed units and boast less than 1% total harmonic driver distortion at RMS level. (1250watts) They were around 7k each new back several years ago. Not uncommon to have been used in mixing studios due to their capability of equalisation built in and output capability. Let me know if you'd like to know more about them
  15. Loving the X9500 I picked up a little while back and then had someone professionally calibrate. Absolutely chalk and cheese step up from the JVC X5k range. The detail captured in some of the shots in A Star is Born is quite impressive.....
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