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  1. Neilsy

    Show us your response graphs

    FR measured for C, L, R channels ran @ full range (Krix Theatrix) @ 75dB pink noise Very minor EQ: 3dB is the max induced, most 1-1.5dB
  2. Potentially, yes. For those seeking an alternative to say the Oppo UDP-205 the Cambridge is not like for like, the with 205 sporting a 32bit DAC which I can attest was instantly noticeable above my previous Oppo BDP-105D, and Cambridge 751BD before that
  3. Maybe the Cambridge Audio CX UHD https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/en/products/cx/cxuhd However it says it 'passes through' and has no DACs on board. So it's simply handballing the audio. See the pics with basically HDMI or optical/co-ax only in terms of output.
  4. Definitely sad to hear... Perhaps Cambridge Audio will now take this opportunity to get back on top. I had their 751BD and it was a fantastic unit before I switched to the 105-D and now the UDP -205. Probably the big question is how long will Oppo continue to develop and offer firmware updates. Whilst warranty support will continue, development can sometimes cease immediately so we may not see any further capability ever delivered out of the unit. Anyone hear anything of continued development roadmap? And now who will take the place of the $2k+ UHD Audiophile player market?
  5. Neilsy


    Hi Marc, Just curious if something is up or I'm doing something wrong here.. Followed the link to purchase a VIP ticket, entered the half price code in the Promotional Code field and it returns as 'invalid' Thoughts?
  6. Neilsy

    Star Wars Episode V I I I

    Hi Jamie, You may be right - I'd be keen to know actually what all the bitrates are between the various HD because 2:1 sounds very low for Dolby. For comparison to my point, I watched BladeRunner 2049 again the other night which reverts back to Dobly TrueHD on my set-up and it was absolutely chalk and cheese between dynamics, throat and firm lower mids compared to SW TLJ. It wasn't squashed - it was insane at reference level - like what I usually find with DTS HD /MA. I just wonder for TLJ what happened between the mix they passed cinema, which was epic, bodied and dynamic, to the mix my 4K disk has on it. Just saying compared to others, it's a real disappointment at home compared to other movies I have.
  7. Neilsy

    Star Wars Episode V I I I

    Picked up The Last Jedi Monday as JB already had it on the shelves on the 26th.. Put on the 4K version and watched it through this evening. Interested to hear other's thoughts... Some scenes are great, amazing detail, superb but not gimmicky colour, however you can tell it's shot on various digital cameras with some slight detail variances but also overall it's not very black compared to many movies captured on film. However it does still look great. One negative side, in my point of view, with all these layers and all the gigabytes of space on a UHD disc, there is no DTS HD MA audio offering on the 4K that the blu ray offers. The 4K has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. And that's a great pairing - however I still run a traditional, for a better word, 5.1 channel setup and the track therefore dials down to Dolby True HD.... Now for the audio fans Dolby typically utilises a much lower bit rate than DTS... In addition, the compression is different and at a different rate - Dolby @ 7:1 compression versus DTS at just 4:1 This is typically easily noticed when utilising a system with notable output capability and dynamic range. The dynamic compared to cinema and DTS is notable. You'll also likely find the DTS version has a more 'solid' sounding LFE track which is a typical DTS characteristic compared to the same movie in a Dolby audio format. So perhaps for a nicer sound I'll throw in the blu ray version where I can have my DTS HD MA and compromise with my Oppo Udp-205 up scaling 4K to my JVC X500 as opposed to the real deal The movie was still great to watch and the Dolby Audio mix does have superb dialogue with body, throat and not excessive on the tops. Sound effects like Ben's red saber are prickly and perfect. The light sabers are well rounded without too much bass and yet a demand on your speakers for clean mids - making it sound a little like the original trilogy to a degree. Happy viewing!
  8. Try 4Cabling I think they have Melbourne stock also.
  9. Neilsy

    Oppo 203 and 205

    There are regular firmware and I dare say they are fixing it. When I say rare it is quite rare. Probably only 6 times in my whole time owning... I definitely will do something about it if it occurs continually I'd say but it has been a long time between drinks
  10. Neilsy

    Oppo 203 and 205

    I was a buyer of the very first Oppo 205 Video Pro got at their distribution centre as I basically pre ordered. Every now and then it will randomly freeze but otherwise it is flawless for my use. And that freezing is rare... Never during a film. Only menu Largely noticeable audio improvement from the 105-D I had (I run the analogue outputs)
  11. Neilsy

    better to add or change

    Hi Markyboy156, With regards to the subs 'performance' - what is lacking to you or what do you want improved? If you're running the best possible DACs from your set-up straight to their input it comes down to tuning and room resonance.if you want to seriously manage your bass, have you considered Velodyne SMS-1? If you look it up it was multiple in and out and it is fully controlled parametric EQ, phase, everything. I have 4 Velodyne DD18 - so this is built in for me and I just daisy chain and this device allows control of all subs from one master. You should be able to implement the same with this
  12. Neilsy

    Mixing Speaker Brands

    One thing in favour of anyone seeking speakers is both them and amplifiers age very slowly - from a technology standpoint. So you may not be at disadvantaged in finding older, quality second hand units. Unless they've had a hard life and pushed to the limits therefore drivers worn out. You mentioned Dali before - these are up for sale everywhere here in Aus (Gumtree, etc) because they're basically the top brand Wow Site & Sound and JB Hi-Fi carried. You can score a full Dali Concept 5.1 set anywhere from $600-$1200 depending on the front L & R. I had a set for years and they were a great brand, never failed. And if you need, I still have 2x Concept 1 in Cherry finish if you want to purchase for surrounds. They're bookshelf Overall best to match the front sound stage. And if you are a movies person, don't scrimp on the centre channel - - 80+% of all movie material comes out of there
  13. Neilsy

    New sounds with your home HT?

    Dead right. Just like certain screen refresh rates on a PowerPoint preso will tire the eyes, such is sound. In professional audio lectures or seminars there is a sweet spot the speaker must be projected at, and that's about 77dB. Mixed well of course. It excited the rat's senses and locks our attention, we engage more. It's never just the visual Coincidently reference level puts dialogue about 72-75dB in movies. So there you go!!
  14. Neilsy

    Mixing Speaker Brands

    I would stand behind aiming to keep the same LCR. Easiest compromise I would say is subwoofer, then perhaps surrounds and Atmos/DTSX channels. The last thing you want with a camera pan is the same train sounding different!
  15. Neilsy

    Upgrading my existing set up

    That's not a bad amount to get a potentially significant upgrade, and with it presents many options. One approach I might throw my two cents worth is getting bang for buck in the form of ex-demo or purchasing from a user here of a product they're upgrading. You could potentially land a JVC X7000 for that money and very likely an X5000 with money to spare... Particularly in things like receivers /amp I do agree with the latest technology - IF that is your requirement. Ex demo from a store may serve well as vendor warranty will still apply. The Oppo is a great choice. And they hardly discount ever. Screens are also quite often found second hand really cheap - I know I did for my 133" (in the hundreds) because they're just a large awkward object. Happy shopping though! Hit me with any Qs