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  1. Thanks to everyone in charge of putting on the exhibition. It's hard work, takes lots of coordination and always challenges around the environment and various imposing factors that come into it. Well done. Due to work changes I didn't get to use my 3 day pass and flew in just for 5hrs Sunday, but having said that I felt able to get across everything that took my interest from boutique 2 channel vinyl listening, headphones, modern and vintage styled speakers and amps through to headphones, acoustics and ofcourse the Krix cinema. Based on that I wonder if there's opportunity for break out sessions that may run on the hour each day that enable us all with a little education and learning. I saw that because what he experience and hear activates the emotion of a want or potential purchase but often logic to back it up helps turn that into a comfortable transaction and hopefully positive dealings for seller and buyer. For example, some people may feel their current setup is too harsh, toppy or perhaps lacking in something... What if there were some classes Selby did to educate us how to identify room problems and which products of absorbsion, diffusion or scattering would best fit and why? Like a 101 of acoustics. As this plays a huge part of our sound, much like diet is to our bodies, it's not just fixed by exercise. I think of ideas like what the Trinnov gentleman mentioned how he explained object based audio and why it's better - this is very practical and helps people buy in and perhaps a breakout room is better poised for questions.... Other ideas like, here's a real demo we will show you how to tune to reference level and explain it.... How to set up proper gain structure and not just boost or gut everything... Bass management and how to use it properly, etc... Even some consultancy areas where one can take those demo's off line to skilled people to discuss your needs at a high level... This all helps the commitment process for anyone who wants to further We'll done though team, especially loved the Krix cinema and it's given me a couple thoughts [emoji6]
  2. Sorry denist I didn't see this post come through. I will come back to you with some. Likely I'll drop the price a bit too, just need it gone [emoji106]
  3. Neilsy

    Are Emotiva Any Good

    I have an XPA-5 Gen 1 and Gen 2 in my environment and have never faulted. When they did it was helpful in that it identified somewhere I had a cabling issue and clearing up my connections resolved it. For me it's been solid, reliable and given me the power I need, affordably, in my HT for a class A/B
  4. But where is the analogue RCA out??! (7.1 or more)
  5. No worries. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled...
  6. Neilsy

    I've been 'HDMI'd'...

    Kordz PRS3 is all I used (see attached)
  7. Neilsy

    I've been 'HDMI'd'...

    Great points Al! I'll give it a go dialling back to 4:2:2 on the Oppo and let the JVC take it up from there just to see if that makes any changes. I'll post up the brand when I'm next in my HT. Think it was Kordz
  8. Over many articles we've all read, experiences had or not, opinions expressed whether agreed to or not, I did want to drop a quick note of a recent experience of my own in, and hopefully it helps anyone else solve the problems I had. Yes, I was 'HDMI'd'...and it is a thing. The cables are not the same. Whether cheap or expensive there are certainly differences which may be reducing your visual experience in colour, HDR, frame rate and resolution - even getting an actual picture. I had a JVC X500 paired with a Oppo BDP-105D. Things were great. 4K came out and I waited until that UDP-205 was released and I jumped on it and ensured I had an included "4K capable" HDMI cable (10m and $500..discounted) Wow, 4K goes well. Very nice. All is good. I then upgrade to the JVC X9500 Projector. It supports HDR, 12-bit colour and everything greater. So I plug it in. Result : no picture. OK.. Change settings.. No picture. After a lot of playing around I finally get a picture of 3840x2160@24hz. Yay And it does look nicer than the previous projector. Do I receive a HDR signal? No.. Can I get above 24hz, such as 50 or 60hz? No.. Oh wait, yes if I run Source Direct and then I get 50hz @ 1080p on the Oppo menu and therefore 1080p@24hz on blurays. So now a $2.2k up scaling Oppo is a giant blu ray player.... Forums endlessly state it's not HDMI cables, it can't be!! Etc etc I get my projector professionally calibrated... I quiz him about it. "never encountered this" he says. My patience wore out and did some research between specs.... Long short is check your bandwidth specs. Whenever a HDMI cable goes over 5m or so watch the brands don't advertise the throughput in Gbps. Because often they drop it, to retain latency, or something along those lines. So I bailed up any supplier I could and finally found stock locally of a 18Gbps 10m HDMI cable. I plug it in. Instant fix. For $171. 3840x2160@24hz, 50hz, etc Full 12-bit colour, 4:4:4 chroma output, HDR10 logo pops up and projector clicks into HDR mode, blurays up scaled again and it's never looked so smooth! So after many frustrations it was my gut feeling I should have trusted and the HDMI was a bottleneck. It obviously was only 10Gbps and couldn't handle all the data and simply failed to give the projector a signal. I just wanted to post this not to rule it out, particularly for those running 4k content and over longer runs, such as projectors. Most 1-5m cables are 18Gbps to 27Gbps, so hardly getting caught out. It's the longer runs that suffer so just be vigilant (#channelninesfavouriteword) and diligent to ask and ensure your cable is at least 18Gbps when looking for everything 4K and UHD can offer when making that cable investment
  9. Hey kc01, where did you score the DTS UHD demo disc from? I tried eBay and finds nada.... Wouldn't mind finding out where to purchase one from Thanks
  10. Hey all, keen to move this on for anyone seeking a good eShift 2 Faux 4K projector
  11. Open to reasonable offers for this unit
  12. Location: Brisbane Price: Now $1,980. Down from $2,400 Item Condition: Excellent, like new. Reason for selling: Have upgraded. Payment Method: Paypal, bank transfer or old fashioned COD Selling my JVC X500 eShift2 projector purely due to upgrade. Comes complete in original box along with manual, remote, power cord, etc basically as new. Lamp included in price above still runs fine and has about 1550hrs on it. Happy to ship and can give estimate of shipping and add into price. Happy to up the price and include a new genuine JVC bulb if really desired. Unit runs fine and handles UHD inputs from blu-ray/UHD players, Apple TV etc. I had it running off my Oppo UDP-205 and it was happily accepting a 3840x2160 signal at 24p and 50hz I think the Oppo menu is... It is BLACK. Will update with pictures when possible. Thanks
  13. Hi @Whites @scottrichardson is the opp here with this equipment for sale. Hit him up
  14. Thanks Scott for your sale process. Looking forward to having it and wish you all the best too