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  1. You may find more in the Other Discussions > Speakers They're fairly popular otherwise I would highly recommend visiting Living Sound and Vision and seeing Damian anyway. They have MX5 and an MX40 set-up.
  2. Working on a new amp stack too, @superaaaa Just two more that are stuck in customs then I will have pro QSC Cinema processor/monitor and amps. Lot more juice than Emotiva or Elektra 200w/channel stuff. 😁
  3. Further information: ** Expression of Interest ** -- Considering to sell 1 x Anthem M1 amp. This is a mono, 2,000 watt @ 4-ohm / 1,000W @ 8-ohm unit. Considering to sell to fund a full QSC Amp stack. It works great, not scratched, damaged or any other issues. Note I would only be considering selling this if my other listing for an Emotiva XPA-5 Gen2 goes ahead and I go down the QSC amp path. This is EOI. If anyone has QSC DCA 1622 or 3022 amps feel free to reach out to trade. RRP is over $5,200+ They have XLR or RCA input with 12V trigger.
  4. Hi Mark! It would be but this has passed unfortunately. It doesn't hold any issues with any of my use. When I can I'll be able to go back to site and get photos to upload, per moderator's notes.
  5. Further information: ** Expression of Interest ** -- Considering to sell 1 x Emotiva XPA-5 Gen 2 5-channel Amp in addition to an Anthem M1 amp also listed currently. Considering to sell to fund a full QSC Amp stack. It works great, not scratched, damaged or any other issues. Note I would only be considering selling this if the Anthem M1 amp also has interest. This is EOI. If anyone has QSC DCA 1622 or 3022 amps feel free to reach out to trade. These are well known as a cost effective way for quite decent power; 200W / channel @ 8-ohms, with all channels d
  6. @Davewantsmore is correct here. Before we get carried away on the hurling of "you'll go deaf you lot" posts, we need to make into account this is not just measurable acoustic sound level in the playback experience here.... 95dB of 200hz is not experienced the same to our ears as 95dB of 2khz, 10khz or 40hz -- they are experienced vastly different. It is a C weighted calibration to 500-2000hz (typically) in a cinema targeting vocal accuracy, @ 80dB. Next factor, the sound stage engineers and mixers spent days and weeks producing this - typically
  7. Hi all, Thanks for the vast amount of interest in this - this is now sold with payment made. It is a good deal and I am pleased to let someone else enjoy these units after using them for years. They are such a clean sound. I just transitioned to the Krix units to pair with my mains.
  8. That's really good. I checked up on their site too; $275 USD:
  9. Hey @betty boop I didn't know of them - and my work does international shipping constantly so that's possibly a good option. A big thanks for the tip! I also haven't been able to determine it is the amp, as it doesn't seem to fail in any other way. Doesn't appear to be a physical input failed either.
  10. Further information: RRP $7,999 when new Labeling the unit as 'fair' condition as it tends to require the volume to be set louder than others of the same model (I used to own 4 of these). It otherwise functions per normal. It just needs the volume turned up a little more to be as effective but still operates fine but I can't rule out it may not have any possible issues that may need tending to one day or for repair. It's otherwise in great condition for their period and includes the full accessories kit, the built-in Texas instruments software all functions for complete/n
  11. Thanks Peter. And hope you're able to stay sane in lock down. That's really is a bummer for everyone in Vic and what it means beyond that too. The acoustic link is appreciated. I might have to take a look at that further for my acoustic absorption that I'll be installing... Good that you have some PEQ on hand too - and key word being quality. Most DSP based stuff can sure degrade the source material through too many conversions, every time reducing fidelity, dynamics and increasing noise. Hopefully in six months or less I will be able to display real
  12. Hi Peter, Could be because it's only a new feature in the latest REW version. I have REW installed on a laptop not even with wi-fi on so never saw the Room Sim tool till recently either. It's been very helpful. I'm constructing a house and a HT build as part of that. My big queries have come to what is the best listening position to achieve most even bass response at all octaves. It was able to predict per attached. It's great guidance and is a very reasonable seating spot once I install a riser. Can't wait to try real world results once construction complete
  13. Typically not the best suit for HT or Hifi use. Higher level of total harmonic distortion as the drivers are more sensitive. Other thing, note the -10dB frequency response is 40hz which isn't very low. You'd have to see if the amp has ability for altering the processing and adjusting the rolloff to more like 15 or 20hz. But with these high SPL pro audio subs they often struggle below 35hz, cabinetry isn't well designed for it and their distortion and possibly FR becomes uneven
  14. From what I know it does depend on the room and I think it's use. Hifi inclined might steer towards retaining a certain reverb or 'hall' sound to the room. For home theatre the more absorbed the better. Ultrafonic will likely get back to you, often they are on jobs or out and about. The scatter blocks in Living Sound and Vision are cool, I have seen them, and may throw a few of those in my room too. They just help break up sound waves. Yes, I do love the Theatrix. Their dynamic range is, well, cinema! Vocal intelligibility is exceptional. The Megaphonix will serve reall
  15. Exciting stuff Ian! Whilst I'm not the most technical I have my home being built now with framing going up from tomorrow. My Media room dimensions were set out 4.2m W x 5990 D x 2.75m H. I had advice and consultancy paid by ATP consulting and apparently this was an ideal usable measurement within the home dimensions to achieve a Bonello Graph. Depending on what could be done with the adjoining walls, here is the stud and gyprock layout; The ceiling is double gyprock too with 88mm insulation as well. I'll be asking the plasterers to squeeze on green glue between t
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