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  1. I also run one of these in my 4k set-up still using the HDMI connection to route the audio. It is an exceptional unit with very extensive and advanced customisable configurations for the value. Good luck with the sale. Great deal for anyone given they neared a $8k RRP on today's exchange rates...
  2. Did for me. From last years show following the Krix demo room... After finally being able to hear their Series X subs in person, well set up, I replaced my four Velodyne Digital Dries with 2x Cyclonix. More sensitive, more dynamics for less watts and pair better with the mains. Which also resulted in by-product of replacing my processor with an Anthem AVM50 ex demo at the same time...
  3. Good call. I run various acoustic treatment and bass definitely needs the attention. Generally start with the opposing corners to the Subwoofer and go from there. If right, what you mainly notice is a slight tightening of your bass response. That's when you know you're controlling runaway frequency resonances....
  4. +1 to all of the comments above. EQing to a single spot will likely cost you watts and dynamics and potentially degrade other positions. Averages across say 3-5 seating positions is always good. Mixing two different subs my opinion is play each to their strengths. Don't try and make them mimic each others capability if they are different. Why? You need to assess each brand and model of sub for their SPL and sensitivity specs. Then you need to level match. Then again post EQ. I'd suggest going 2way if two different branded subs... And cross them over at different settings based on what your room lacks. E.g. LFE crossover @ 80hz to Sub A, then high pass @ maybe 45hz, 12dB per octave to Sub B Sub B low pass 50hz 12dB per octave, low pass usual 15hz or something. This example would be if you wanted more low bass below the 50hz region, or if you have uneven nodes. It gets complex with different brands and types. Having said that, it depends how meticulous you are...... [emoji51] [emoji56]
  5. Correct Jerome. However in the above mentioned case your TV would sending an input to the AV receiver, which would be plugging into an input port, not a HDMI output port. I don't know how many TV's out there a pushing HDMI out, most just take inputs and then have an optical audio output.
  6. Some are directional and some are not. Mainly this is whether the cable has dedicated Ethernet or Audio Return Channel going on from what I understand. If it does have the directional arrow, best to plug it into whatever you want to receive it. E.g. Blu ray player to projector (so an output to an input) the arrow should put into the projector input. Follow this methodology for audio, ARC, Ethernet etc from your various sources
  7. It doesn't look like there's a page yet established for this so here's a thread dedicated to Krix Series X and MX range. It's open to the discussion for any current owners around configurations of how we run them, set-up and experiences so we can share knowledge between our fellow Krix users and also for anyone interested to know more about them or fire any questions. Let's keep this topic to Series X and MX, as there's already another Krix thread, which is probably better to discuss their other range of products. Their range can be viewed via www.krix.com.au > Products > Series MX or Series X
  8. I think, Dave, that PoE+ speaker via that link isn't necessarily the majority of what we are discussing here which is home theatre, pro audio and maybe cinema level. Yes, it's achievable but even that little speaker also has a 12V power supply inlet. And you're right there are some active speakers with Dante built in but I'd say that's minimal and for good reason. By putting more electronics in a speaker and converting it from a passive device to an active device more problems are introduced... Power supplies, fuses, is it 'on', maintainenace and accessibility is a massive oversight in that theory. There are (good) reasons Dante (or any other protocol) ceases no later than the amplifier sound stage. Picture a PA, hung 10 or metres in the air - the last thing you need is to have a point of failure be introduced there. Say it drops out mid show, you can't just lower it. Or a cinema where the speakers are behind a screen, high up on walls, etc. By design, keeping speakers as passive and 'dumb' as possible means less points of failure, less maintenance and less access required. And lets the components stay as components. The other thing, we know technology ages whereas speakers generally do not. They have a much, much longer shelf life. Alter that and now the speakers go out of date too
  9. Yeah I saw that post. Very cool. Over time it would be good to see market demand bring other manufacturers to introduce it thus driving costs down so it's able to be acquired from all tiers of budgets
  10. I think aiming for speakers to be powered by Ethernet is a bit too much to ask. Technically the cable probably doesn't allow it. When I mean interconnects, just meaning between components like processor /receiver to amp. I definitely would not introduce Dante all the way to the speaker, which require they have some form of power or PoE capability. Basically the same flow as pro audio.. From the patch bay of instruments or hardware into a Core that has Dante. Dante then goes to your audio mixer(s) and other components like processors. Then out to amps, then the amps still amplify the old fashioned way [emoji106] What Dante has the capability of doing is completely eradicating nuances or 'this is better than that cable' when it comes to interconnects, as the audio stays in the digital realm. It will just come down to the DCAs on the output stage (or amp) that dictate the signal integrity
  11. Dave is on the money there... I work partly in pro audio space and use Dante between a building with a Yamaha mixing console and AV room. However pretty limited domestic AV products use it, which almost renders it unusable or maybe a good feature to tuck away until needed perhaps later in life. It's great in that we could save all the RCA or XLR interconnects and their costs (depending how much one buys into the quality of cables or not) by using standard cat 5 or 6 Ethernet and transmitting the audio digitally. I know Trinnov and maybe a couple other processors offer Dante but I'm not too up to speed which amps, or other elements, receive it. I think it would be a positive step forward in the industry if a technology like this did progress in the consumer market.
  12. Hi Simon, I don't see how this can be a cable issue as the playback would still occur and the disk playback counter would begin to clock up you just would drop video if it were a HDMI / bandwidth issue. I say that because I had this issue just over a year ago when I transitioned projectors and I'd get a black screen from the PJ but the disk would play. I just got no picture. I had to drop to 1080p or force the UHD but drop specs like colour bit rate, etc. Until I changed the HDMI cable and hey presto, finally my Oppo lit up the HDR signal and I got full 4k up to my 60hz or 50hz. I have most of the titles you list below and never have I had an issue with my UDP-205. It plays every disk and hasn't locked up in probably 9 months... It's running a dream and was the very first 205 Video Pro sold in QLD. I have let it download firmware but I must admit it has been a little while since... Happy to check the version for you and compare to what mine is on? I have seen the error message you've seen on mine but not for a long, long time and I can play any and every disk first shot.
  13. Congrats on the purchase. And I think you're following the right thinking there by giving your most commonly used channels the greater amplification available for their dynamics [emoji106]
  14. These are also very frequently available on Gumtree and the like. The Dali were quite popular when Wow and JB sold them...
  15. All good! I do remember this thread now, reading back through. I did keep taps on it as I had JTR triple 12s before as mentioned... The consulting company I'm using is SCP consulting. I'm one of their 'trial', for better word, clients in the home space. They mostly do commercial, schools, etc but are keen to get into this higher end home space. Might be worth hitting them up though.. Did you visit the Hifi show last year in Melb and check out the Krix room? That had 7x Cinematix across the front alone and would have given you better context as to what the 3 way, managed range sound like. It was running via Trinnov with a stack of Elektra amps. I think the JBL for $10k might be a good medium. I also read over the Monoprice but beware, I queried them and their 'assignable speaker' capability is not capable of crossover network capability like you would need with say Krix Theatrix or Cinematix, so that rules that out for me.
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