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  1. Hey all, keen to move this on for anyone seeking a good eShift 2 Faux 4K projector
  2. Open to reasonable offers for this unit
  3. Location: Brisbane Price: $2,400 Delivered* Item Condition: Excellent, like new. Reason for selling: Have upgraded. Payment Method: Paypal, bank transfer or old fashioned COD Selling my JVC X500 eShift2 projector purely due to upgrade. Comes complete in original box along with manual, remote, power cord, etc basically as new. Lamp included in price above still runs fine and has about 1550hrs on it. Delivery included in price within greater CBD major city locations via standard freight using Toll or along those lines. Happy to up the price and include a new genuine JVC bulb if really desired. Unit runs fine and handles UHD inputs from blu-ray/UHD players, Apple TV etc. I had it running off my Oppo UDP-205 and it was happily accepting a 3840x2160 signal at 24p and 50hz I think the Oppo menu is... It is BLACK. Will update with pictures when possible. Thanks
  4. Hi @Whites @scottrichardson is the opp here with this equipment for sale. Hit him up
  5. Thanks Scott for your sale process. Looking forward to having it and wish you all the best too
  6. So to all who replied - thankyou. There is a work around with this particular firmware that worked for me if anyone else encounters this issue with the likes of my setup of the UDP-205 but an older faux 4K PJ... In Video Output in the Oppo menu is a more recent addition HDR Setting... Scroll to the bottom, select Dolby Vision. Now, my JVC X500 is far from it but the 4K output returned as did my nice clear picture and increased colour, as per seen over the previous near two years of use. Seems to possibly be something in the firmware as they keep adding HDR settings...
  7. PM sent re JVC. Neilsy
  8. No, no multi-region mod installed. I'll have to do some digging
  9. Thanks Quark.I did find the link on Oppo's site to previous firmware versions and, to be honest, I'm pretty keen if anyone knows how to force the device to load a previous version Having to pay to recoup or purchase another third party device in order to get back the functionality I paid nearly $2200 for and have been using since the first day they were stocked in the Aus market is morally wrong. Here's the link if anyone else runs into this problem: https://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-udp-203/blu-ray-UDP-20x-Firmware.aspx
  10. @Quark: is this it?
  11. Dang.. That's a bit of a short changed end user experience... I've had the X500 since they were first released and I was the first person to receive a UDP-205 from Video Pro - picked it up directly from their warehouse even. Been using this set-up for ages now. Hate how the firmware doesn't inform you what it's going to do... This is kind of B.S. Ping me if anyone finds out a way to roll back the firmware
  12. I know! But it offered an update and generally speaking they've always been positive. I do suspect it's something along the lines of what you're saying al - I suspect the firmware has updated something in relation to HDMI and sees the PJ now as 'incompatible' and downscales to 1080p. So definitely cannot roll back?
  13. My Oppo did a firmware update just the other day and now I've noticed it won't throw a 3840x2160 (4K) output to the projector - The projector says it's now only getting a 1080p input. The 205 is still set to 'UHD Auto' Video Output in the Video Settings menu. Nothing has been changed. Now when it is just at the menu screen (no media playing) the projector does receive a 3840x2160x60hz input. For whatever reason (I suspect since the firmware update) a UHD Bluray is being downscaled to 1080p The same with Bluray I think, which means the player isn't upscaling it to 4K and sending 4K to the PJ like it used to. Anyone else seen this??! And know how to roll back? My PJ is the JVC X500 - no changes made to it.
  14. Neilsy

    Trim level on a HT sub??

    What audessy may be doing is levelling every channel to be 75dB and EQ to smoothen. However, if you are setting a pink noise tone of reference to that level, individually the sub should be at 85dB at the same volume. Where I think Audessy struggles is when speakers are set to small (which 90% of most users it should be) of course the receiver crossover is passing the LFE on to the sub, and while it's meant to be run 10dB 'hotter' than the mains it is still trying to make the left or right channel, as a full range sound, flat. So just bump it up in gain after but do make sure there are not heavy sub EQs otherwise your sub may lack its character and punch
  15. No worries. If the budget is there, these are the two options I'd recommend which land you the front array inc two subs: $13995 http://www.krix.com.au/mx-20/ Or big brother: $19995 http://www.krix.com.au/mx-30/ With an XPA-5 or XPA-7 attached there is your 5.1 or 7.1 done