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  1. I just soldered 6k8 and 3k9 resistors into a large RCA socket. Fiddly, but cheap. 9.5dB attenuation. (Active speakers with Minidsp crossovers and high gain amps.....)
  2. I'm not moving the Infinite Baffle manifolds! I had to choose those positions when the floor went in. The single Auxilliary subs positions are up for grabs. Within reason. There's only so much empty space in the room. I have enough drivers and amps to build up to 3 decent subs. 3 x Focal 13" drivers, and a 200w Rotel, and another 120w (180 bridged). Only one is running now, in a car audio box (junk - too small and flimsy). The intent is the 2 or 4 Auxilliary subs are for smoothing really. From about 30hz up. I got heaps of output below that, from the IB 15"e
  3. Sorry, it's minimise seat to seat variation, not sub to sub variation. But it seemed to have that effect.
  4. After a battle, I've achieved reasonable results with MSO. Setup: - 2 x Infinite Baffle subs with 2 x 15" Adire Tempests each, in manifolds in the front corners of the floor. 4 drivers, but two subs. - Additional smaller sub in one back corner. Decent Focal driver in a junk car audio box, more for testing the process. Will be 2 additional subs, once I get proper boxes built. So, 3 subs now, heading to 4 soon. The additional pair will probably be deliberated rolled off at about 30hz, as they can't do 15hz at a bazzillion dB like the Infinite Baffle subs. 3
  5. I just bought one recently from a forum member, and just ran the ARC tonight. I'm runnning the ARC on top of Multi Sub Optimizer via Minidsp, so the Anthem sees 3 subs as one. It's really easy to edit the target curves. Holy crap it's awesome! Somebody buy this thing, it's worth it for the ARC alone! Also, it sounds very smooth compared to the Rotel it replaced. Refined. Some
  6. You could try John at Aranmar acoustics in Mentone. I hear he is busy ATM though. Everyone is busy doing kitchens - massive pent up demand after lockdown.
  7. Are you certain it is the driver? The problem stays with the driver if you swap the cables? Can you pull the driver out and run it on the bench, you won't hurt it, it's not a tweeter. I've had similar issues from the speaker to cable connection. Or maybe internal cable to driver connection. If it is the driver, try the vacuum trick. (I have about 50 Focal drivers, in my DIY collection, but not the ones you want.)
  8. I've had two enquires. I will deal with them in order of contact. First in best dressed, but local pickup trumps shipping (I don't know where the interest parties are for either yet). But the first person is not responding to PMs. Email notification is broken for me, and didn't see his messages for a ~day, and now it appears he may not realise I've responded.
  9. I made the mount. A fibreglass hush box mounts on the ends of the long bits. Yes, it's ventilated, yes it has an alarm. No the fan has never failed. It never gets hotter than 27 in there...probably cooler than sitting on the ceiling cooking the whole room.
  10. Further information: JVC DLA-X5500BE Projector. Bought from Richard at Oztheatre screens. ~1000 hours on original lamp (887 hours in picture from a month ago). 4K e-shift, 40,000:1 Native Contrast, 400,000:1 with Auto Iris active. HDR capable. Working perfectly, no issues at all. Why would you buy this instead of an earlier generation but higher model JVC? I have a bat cave and an X9000 as well, for comparison. X5500 Pros: - Higher output. It is noticeably brighter than the X9000 which has a newer lamp. Why? Because it h
  11. My own design. Fully active with Minidsp (2 off 2x4s) and a 6 Channel Rotel amp. The box is a tad small for the 8" woofers, but they needed to fit on the desk. They are massive overkill for PC speakers. But once you start building...it's hard to stop. Step 1: Design CNC Router Step 2: Build CNC Router Step 3: Buy Mill and convert to CNC Step 4: Design speakers in MCAD and Speaker CAD (I like Vituix CAD now, I used to use Speaker Workshop. Bought and tried SoundEasy, but never got on top of it.) Step 5: Buy MDF...
  12. Just some little PC speakers. Focal, Minidsp, Rotel...and CNC. Working From Home setup.
  13. PRICE DROP. I can also throw in a Ceiling Mount and, if you want it, a 2.1m wide 16:9 fixed frame screen (DIY). Further information: JVC DLA-X35BE 1080p Projector Excellent condition, budget entry into a JVC high contrast projector. 170 hours on 2nd lamp (OEM lamp from MyProjectorLamps - it works perfectly). Old 2000hr lamp included for housing. Throws a fantastic image. It might not be 4k, but it does BLACK and has amazing colours. Now that I have a 4k e-shift model, the difference in sharpness is not huge (nothing like DVD to HD). This ge
  14. I just got pinged by the Moderator for responding here: To clarify: I was PM'ing Andrew's contact details to the seller so that the sale could be made, because Andrew can't PM. I wasn't trying to steal it from under his nose. That will learn me to do people favours..
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