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  1. Item: Black Apple iPod Video 5.5 Generation 80 GB Model A1136. Classic Wolfson DAC Generation. Location: Barwon Heads Price: $175 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal Extra Info: Black Apple iPod Video 5.5 Generation 80 GB Model A1136. Classic Wolfson DAC Generation. Everything works perfectly. The outer casing is original showing some wear, but overall it is clean and in very good condition, as it was always kept in the case included with the sale. Good battery life. It has been sitting unused for many years, as I have used mobile phones as music players once they got good audio quality. This 5.5 Generation model has "a 60 percent brighter and more vibrant 2.5-inch color display" than the prior 5th Generation model. 5th Gen iPod classic which has the best DAC of any iPod due to the legendary Scottish made Wolfson WM8758 DAC, (The Wolfson DAC is a unique Digital to Audio converter acclaimed by audiophiles for it's rich bass and top-notch acoustics.) This is the 5.5th Gen ‘Enhanced’ (hard to spot because it has exactly the same model number as the 5th Gen iPod. (A1136)). The only way to tell the ‘Enhanced’ apart is that it has a ‘Search’ option in the software. (See photo of my screen) Fantastic audio when paired with a good set of headphones and ALAC or FLAC!! Leather-look case and Apple genuine charging cable are included. Pictures:
  2. Note: I have made a mistake in my advert in that there are no 328/2 boards installed in the NAC102. My old memory let me down. They were installed in the NAC32 pre amp that preceded my NAC102. I will edit the advert if it lets me.
  3. PMC Fact.8. I am keeping the speakers to use with a integrated amp and an Airport Express streaming from iTunes or Spotify on our Macbook. It has the advantage of being simple to use for other family members.
  4. Item: Complete Naim System: Naim 250 CB Power Amp, Naim 102 Pre Amp, Naim CD3.5 CD Player, TeddyCap and all cables Location: Barwon Heads Price: $3,150 Item Condition:Very Good Reason for selling:No longer used enough Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Now in retirement, and with very ageing ears, I have finally decided to part company with my Naim system. I know I will regret this decision, but is just not getting enough use. My journey with Naim began with my first amp and pre in 1981. I acquired this 250 "Chrome Bumper" power amp in 1984, as the second owner, and added to and upgraded my Naim system over the next 15 years. I am the first and only owner of all the other equipment in this sale. My last upgrade was in 2012 to the DualTeddycap (from HiCap and Flatcap) and it provides power to all devices (essentially replacing two HiCaps and a NAPSC) and, in my view, better bass control. The units have been serviced by a well known Melbourne Naim expert. Last service to the Naim 250 and 102 was in December 2012. I am selling the system COMPLETE and I will NOT split, apart from the CD3.5, which I am willing to keep, for a $500 discount on the above sale price. Strictly PERSONAL pick up only. I will demonstrate the complete system working in my home to the successful purchaser. All items are in very good condition, working perfectly and sounding beautiful! I am fastidious about looking after my hifi, and only I am allowed to operate it. It is used in a separate " music room" where I also play my piano in our non-smoking home. Complete with all original boxes, manuals and invoices. I estimate that I would need to spend close to $15,000 today, for an equivalent Naim system! Items included in the purchase price are as follows: 1. Naim NAP 250 "Chrome Bumper" power amp. Serial #1535. Complete with original power chord and Naim 4 pin SNAIC interconnect cable to 250. Still seen by many as the best sounding Naim power amp. 2. Naim NAC 102 Pre Amp. Serial #155828. Complete with Naim remote control, Link Pin and Naim 5 pin SNAIC interconnect cable to Pre Amp. 3. Naim CD3.5 CD Player. Serial #156650. Complete with Naim remote control, power cable and Link Pin 4. Teddy Pardo DualTeddyCap power supply. Serial # 14308876. Complete with all Teddy cables to 250, 102 and CD3.5, and power cable. 5. Naim NACA5 speaker cables. 3.5m Pair BONUS: Arcam Delta 280 FM Tuner available to the successful purchaser for only $100! (value new $1200) Pictures:
  5. I am looking for a new Integrated Amplifier to go with my existing PMC Fact.8's I am considering replacing my very old Naim system (250 CB, 102, DualTeddyCap) with a simpler one box solution , for lots of reasons that I won't go into here. I am a pensioner and and have a much tighter budget than in my old audiophile days, and need to find an amp for no more than $3-3.5K. It has to be new, reliable brand (I live 1 1/2 hours out of Melbourne) and with a good warranty. I realise it will be a downgrade from my existing kit, but my old ears may not hear the difference and will adapt quickly. I listen exclusively to acoustic jazz and blues on CD's or Spotify streamed via a a Google Audio Chromecast via a AudioEngine DAC in a small 4x5 metre room. So I don't need an onboard DAC. Just a basic amp. The Melbourne dealer where I bought my PMC's suggested the Rega Elicit R would work well with PMC's and they have an equivalent PMC that I can audition them with. They also suggested I might try Cyrus 8.2 . Any thoughts on these or other suggestions? Musical Fidelity M5si?
  6. Black SNAIC is now SOLD. Grey SNAIC is still available.
  7. I sent you a message re payment and postage
  8. Item: Naim Audio 5-pin Din Interconnect PRICE REDUCED Location: Geelong area Price: $80 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Naim Audio SNAIC Grey 5-pin DIN interconnect. Excellent condition. Genuine Naim. The cable has five pin din connectors at both ends with latching Deltron DIN connectors. The cable is in perfect working order with no damage to plugs or cable. The primary use of this cable is carry both signal and power between a Naim Pre-Amp and power supply. Price: $80 Pictures:
  9. Quote Item: Naim Flatcap power supply, for powering a Naim pre-amp or CD player. Supplied with original Naim SNAIC 5-pin DIN interconnect, manual, and original box and packaging. Location: Barwon Heads, Victoria Price: $400 Item Condition: Perfect working condition & unmarked. Reason for selling: Upgrading to bigger power supply. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: One original owner from new (me). Manufactured 2003. Serial # 193517. Australian stock. Price new: $1295 (Original receipt available). Used by me as an upgrade power supply for a Naim CD3.5 CD player. Pictures:
  10. The right channel on my old chrome-bumper Naim 250 has failed. I live in Geelong, VIC and would probably need to go to Melbourne. Who would you recommend to check it out for me? I last had an upgrade/repair to the 250 at the Sound Craftsman, Melbourne (now defunct) in 2003 and that cost $1100. As a retiree, I can't afford that sort of money anymore. PS I have a Naim Hi Cap power supply for the 250, and a Naim 102 Pre Amp. Would another power amp work with the 102, or am I best to sell the lot and get a new, less costly set up?
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