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  1. I have one of these and run 4 Ohm 85db/2.83v/1m speakers off it. I think it does a fine job.
  2. My current setup is a real hodgepodge of different speakers. I'm sure something matched across the board would be better but it is still very enjoyable. Just 5.1 and 1080P for the moment. I'm waiting for Atmos/DTS-X, HDR, 4K etc to settle down a touch before making jumps in that direction.
  3. As a musician I love 2-channel as well, but the greatest joy for me at present is immersing in sights and sounds.
  4. I'm not entirely new but I've been a reader rather than a poster. My interest is primarily in Home Theatre and particularly getting good results affordably through 2nd hand purchases!
  5. I think he did, yes. You can certainly still buy them at Rio at the very least.
  6. I'm using the centre in a motley crew of speakers. Bought it from Rio recently. Hoping to grab 2 pairs of the floor-standers soon for an Atmos setup. I think that at the discounted prices they're a pretty good buy. I like the concentric mid-tweeter - it seems to have a wide sweet spot. As far as I know they are the Andrew Jones Elite speakers, but without the Elite branding.
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