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  1. Not that I'm aware of. Had another look at the manual and didn't see anything mentioned.
  2. Item: Exposure 3010 Stereo Power Amplifier Location: Blue Mountains NSW Price: $680 $590 Item Condition: Very good (perfectly functional, minor cosmetic wear) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this amp from the forums in 2017, and it has mainly done HT duties as well as spinning 10 hours or so of vinyl each week. The amp has performed flawlessly and presents as warm and emotive, ie. the Exposure house sound. The amp is rated at 100w / channel into 8 Ohms, and has the capability to run as a mono amp, as well as the option to biwire. Note: the amp only takes banana plugs. Cosmetically, there are minor blemishes and some light scratches on the top of the unit. I have the original box, and happy to post. https://www.exposurehifi.com/images/quickstart/3010_Power_Amplifier_QS_Manual_web.pdf Specs: Power Output (Stereo): 100 Watts per channel at 1KHz into 8 Ohms Power output (bridged mono): 110 Watts at 1KHz into 8 Ohms Input Impedance: 18K ohms Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 KHz ±0.5dB Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.015% at rated output ref 1 KHz Signal to noise: >100 dB ref rated output Channel Separation: >60dB, 20Hz - 20KHz Mains Supply: 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (factory set) Power Consumption: <350VA, 8 ohm load both channels driven Dimensions (H x W x D): 115mmx440mmx300mm Net Weight (unpacked): 11kg Gross Weight (packed): 13kg Pictures:
  3. Intervention Records is a newish label (2015) and their pressings so far have great reviews. I picked up these two, and they sound pretty fine.
  4. Wow. All songs hit their mark, and guest vocals by Danish soprano Else Torp are haunting.
  5. I’ve had a few minor SNAFUs with these guys, but definitely not impressed with my latest ccmusic transaction. I ordered several records and one of the albums I wanted was no longer available. However I was billed for it, and notified later that it wouldn’t be shipped. This was a month or so ago, and upon checking my PayPal account no refund was issued. I emailed them, and their response was ambiguous but along the lines of “now you’ve requested a refund, we’ll process it”, as opposed to actually refunding items they took money for, but can’t supply. With the lack of discount codes as well, it’s a hard pass from me on any future business.
  6. Ahhh...! Few weeks ago bought the standard SM ! GLWTS
  7. I’ll take: Miles Davis - Cookin' Prestige ‎LPR-88004  $40 Keith Jarrett ‎– Fort Yawuh Impulse! ‎– YP-8538-AI$42 The John Coltrane Quartet ‎– Coltrane Impulse! ‎– YP-8572-AI $45 Cheers 👍
  8. I'll grab Supertramp Crime Of The Century Beatles Hey Jude 1974 Cure Tops 1984 (assume it's The Top ?) Thanks !
  9. I auditioned speakers the other day, and when the sales guy asked about music preferences I told him alt, prog and rock. He then inferred there was no point paying for good quality speakers, just for rock ! I did enlighten him on what prog rock was, which settled him down a little. Zeus knows how he would have reacted if you’d told him metal was your thing !
  10. @Gav67 on the subject of interesting speakers they also had a traded pair of Apogees. These things looked about 7’ tall and as wide as Schwarzenegger. Apparently they were about 25yo and cost $300k back in the day.
  11. Even at $60k they’re well out of my price range ! The store has some interesting speakers to check out, and I would be curious to hear the Alexandrias when I head back.
  12. Visited Audi Connection in Leichhardt today and they have a 2nd hand pair of Alexandrias for $60k. Didn’t listen to them but they looked glorious.
  13. Left feedback last week for a seller. All seemed normal.
  14. The Rega RP1 is in your budget and includes a fitted cartridge. https://www.apollohifi.com.au/rega-planar-1-turntable-2016-gloss-black.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkoLSheaN4QIV1I-PCh1Kzg34EAYYAiABEgLD-_D_BwE
  15. The three Stranglers and The Clash please 👍
  16. It’s a while since I’ve listened to Mick Thomas, and he still deliver great tunes. The sonics on this new vinyl release aren’t bad either.
  17. Both Townshend albums and Joe Jackson please
  18. A few titles I'm keen on. My eyes are on the Frank Black repressings, originals being pricey. And I'll probably go for the Bingo Hand Job (REM) album as well.
  19. @metal beat that makes sense. I don't pay a lot of attention to which site I order from, but the item arrived quickly so Amazon AU sounds right. As you say, regardless of which country it's from, they should standardise returns.
  20. Co-incidentally I sent another package back today to Amazon. This time there was a PO Box for Melbourne for the return, so all I had to do was label the box and toss it into a mail box. Much simpler than messing around with refunds.
  21. Last week I returned a faulty blu ray boxset to Amazon. They quoted a $15 return postage allowance. I sent it back economy, but with tracking and the cost was $50. I opened a webchat with Amazon to request reimbursement. They simply had me email a photo of the receipt and approved the refund on the spot.
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