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  1. I ordered three 4k titles and postage was $25. So not cheap, but at least postage didn't scale for each item.
  2. No I’ve got Oz Prime. But it looks like it doesn’t qualify for Prime shipping. Oh well, now I’ll be forced to buy a few things to justify shipping 😃
  3. Thanks Al. I suspected as much... I have Prime so if I order a couple of things I can avoid postage. And thanks for the heads- up on the film. Owning it on 4K is a no - brainer 👍
  4. @betty boop - did you grab this in Australia ? I see it on US Amazon but couldn’t find it locally.
  5. Further information: For sale is an Exposure 2010S2 integrated amplifier which I purchased from another SNA member in 2014. I used the Exposure as my main amplifier for several years before shifting to a pre and power amp. Since then it has sat in its box and it’s time for a new home. This is a well regarded amp with many glowing reviews. It drove my Orpheus Apollos with ease and was a great performer until the upgrade bug came along. It’s rated at 75w / channel, has plenty of inputs and the option for an MM phono card. Note the amp only accepts banana plugs.
  6. Beatdisc Records in Parramatta, NSW
  7. Thank you. I was wondering how user - friendly it was, but that sounds as easy as you could hope for. And while I’ve never dealt with David, I’ve heard good things about his service.
  8. I'm considering the Gatti region - free modded Panasonic. Has anyone tried one of these, and if so how's the region free function ? https://www.gattiweb.com/product/panasonic-dp-ub9000-multi-region-/21?cp=true&sa=true&sbp=true&q=false
  9. If you're thinking of the 2011 Hoffman mastered pressing, it's been reissued and can be bought new. I ordered one from my local record store, I believe it was $85 https://www.discogs.com/Fleetwood-Mac-Rumours/release/16313475
  10. I've also had largely positive experiences here. However... recently I PM'ed to buy from the classifieds and received radio silence. Seller then marked the item sold and couldn't be bothered replying. I also had a heavy item for sale and specified pick - up only, bring an extra person, I'm not messing up my back for a few bucks etc... Happily sold to the first inquiry, who later messaged asking if I could just deliver it instead. Canned the sale to him and went with someone else.
  11. I can't point you towards a service manual, but this thread discusses tonearm issues with the Kenwoods, and also mentions someone in Mittagong who services them. Good luck and hope it works out.
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