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  1. I've used Shipito a bunch of times and saved on postage. If the seller doesn't ship a decent volume, the freight forwarding companies can beat them. Also, I've dealt with sellers who refuse to use anything but DHL and FedEx, which can be insanely pricey, so using a freight forwarder with a range of discounted options becomes a no - brainer.
  2. I have them on order from my local record store. I was impressed with the MOFI treatment of BIA and keen to hear 45rpm versions of these. They’re expensive, but the four albums are classics IMO, and Love Over Gold is for me a desert island record. I just saw the first comments on sound quality on the Hoffman forums, which were positive. My record store are expecting stock at month’s end.
  3. At least you’re putting in the effort to actually grade your albums for sale. As other members have said, poorly graded records are rife. Now I get nervous buying VG+. Lol.
  4. Ouch. Might be worthwhile listing some of the more expensive albums from your collection so we can keep an eye out for them.
  5. Deluxe edition of the new Pixies album ‘Beneath the Eyrie’. Contains studio album, an LP of demo tracks, CD, booklet and a 7” single. Impressed with the quality of this boxset.
  6. Received the replacement record. In the end my RCM was able to clear up LP2 and there is no audible damage. The replacement vinyl wasn’t pristine, but it plays fine. Now awaiting new sleeves. I wasn’t asked to send anything back and MOFI are eating the shipping costs. From comments across forums these issues aren’t rare, so it must be eating into MOFI’s profitability.
  7. Looks like one hell of a cartridge. Hope it sings for you.
  8. I've used an osage brush for a while and it does the trick
  9. Just yesterday I received a shipping notice from Music Direct for the replacements. Only recently realised there’s a business connection between MOFI and Music Direct. Apparently Music Direct bought MOFI’s assets in 2001 post bankruptcy.
  10. Lately I’ve purchased more original pressings than reissues, and in the last six months I’ve struck out a lot on Discogs. Seeking VG+ or better, I’ve experienced more than a 50% failure rate. I only choose sellers with great feedback, and more importantly (IMO) those that provide detailed descriptions. For example, today I received a record described as NM, which had lead - in damage on all four sides, and a split cover. This could just be the odds balancing (my early Discogs experiences were positive), or the vinyl craze causing more sellers to be careless.
  11. Speakers Corner pressing of The Alan Parsons Project ‘Turn of a Friendly Card’. Stunning dynamics and easily trounces my original pressing. https://www.discogs.com/The-Alan-Parsons-Project-The-Turn-Of-A-Friendly-Card/release/2989200
  12. At my local record store last week grabbing some orders, and the owner had the unenviable job of calling customers and letting them know, that as their entire allocation of Fear Inoculum was cancelled, they couldn't fulfil orders. Ouch. Lucky he wasn't lynched !
  13. @furtherpale - thanks. I’ve spun the undamaged vinyl and it sounds fantastic and beats out the 33 1/3 MOFI pressing.
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