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  1. Maths rock masters Slint fits here
  2. Great thread idea @metal beat Rowland S Howard. While he was a member of bands and had collaborations, he only released two solo albums.
  3. For sale is a Kallax 2 X 4 cabinet. The colour according to the Ikea website is "white stained oak". The Kallax is a cost effective method of vinyl storage and can hold around 50 + records per cube. The unit is in good condition with some minor blemishes. Link Photos:
  4. For sale is an Expedit (discontinued line) 2 X 4 cabinet. The colour is a light woodgrain. The Expedit is a cost effective method of vinyl storage and can hold around 50 + records per cube. The unit is in good condition with some minor blemishes. Photos:
  5. This is a sturdy four rack Gecko stand weighing in at around 60kgs. I can't find specs on this model on the Gecko site, and don't remember the shelf ratings, but as a guide I had a Musical Fidelity power and pre amp weighing 19kg and 20.5kg respectively and a Kenwood Turntable weighing 14.5kg. I believe the shelves can handle heavier components. It's hard to capture in a photo, however the top of the unit has scratches, hence the price. Apart from this cosmetic damage, the unit is in good condition. Dimensions: H: 84cm W: 69cm 😧 57cm Top two shelves are 22cm in height and the bottom shelf is 28cm. Due to the weight of this unit it is pick up only. And as I value my back, please bring a friend to help you lift it. Photos:
  6. 40th Anniversary of Joy Division's Closer is out soon. There's also rereleases of the 12"s: Atmosphere, Transmission and Love Will Tear Us Apart. Warners are offering a package buy on the four discs. Or, you can grab them cheaper from Juno Records in the UK.
  7. I have a pair of C2s. Amazing speakers and these look to be in impeccable condition and are priced to sell.
  8. Far be it from me to interpret Fremer, but what I understood is that the mastering process (and with respect to digital the choice and quality of DAC), and all it involves is a lot more complex than 'transfer the CD to vinyl'. FWIW I remember doing a shootout between the CD of BIA and the MOFI LP at a friend's house. At that stage he'd invested around 13K in his digital rig and about 5k in his vinyl setup. We both thought the vinyl sounded better, but only just.
  9. When Michael Fremer reviewed Mobile Fidelity's 2LP release of Brothers In Arms, he addressed the topic of a digital recording on vinyl: "Now while cynics might say "why not just get the CD"? It's not that simple. "Get the CD" and use what to decode the digits? Your CD player or DAC? Is it as good as the one Mobile Fidelity uses? Or do you think all DACs sound the same? When listening to this double 45 you are hearing a combination of Mo-Fi's D/A converter, the mastering engineer's EQ choices and what the analog cutting process does or does not do to the resulting analog signal, just as when you listen to the original CD or LP you are listening to the gear used for those back "in the day" and the EQ choices made by Bob Ludwig."
  10. Looks great and glad it’s given you the upgrade you were looking for. I’m also contemplating a new cart and Dynavector is a possibility. I checked the specs on your phono stage and I believe the maximum MC gain was 60db. Assuming by your write - up that this was enough ?
  11. Frank Black and the Catholics S/T '98 European pressing
  12. Beatdisc Records is my local store and are doing most of their current business online. They have an online spreadsheet detailing all their stock - new and 2nd hand. They also cap postage at $15. Their Instagram feed lists new arrivals - the link has their most recent 2nd hand stock. I've found their grading accurate and the guys are easy to deal with.
  13. Given the Rega P8 is currently selling for the same price as the MOFI, perhaps that's a better comparison than the P6 ?
  14. Unless it's a rare pressing, I've paid between $15 - 25 for the 2nd hand vinyl I've purchased in the last few months. My local record store post their latest 2nd hand offerings a few times a week and most of the titles are around $20 for VG+ media. Of course there are plenty of vendors who are more than happy to charge oil rigs for a clapped out copy of Sgt Peppers that looks like it's gone a few rounds with the family terrier, and the Australian peso's current buying power doesn't help on Discogs where most sellers (and some locals) price in USD.
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