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  1. Another useless fact - seems like the apple airport express used the same Burr Brown/TI chip... and the spec sheet suggests that the headphone output is also spdif, which is in line with the specs on the airport express, so i presume the bitstream might also offer up spdif output. Untested as yet.
  2. No denying it does sound good... especially at the price. I just thought i was maybe missing out on something with the advertised resolutions.
  3. Perhaps answering my own question - i looked up the product id from usb info in system preferences identifying it as a Burr Brown by TI model PCM270xC (spec sheet attached) which states 16 bit 48khz max. sbfs036b.pdf
  4. Hi Everyone, Also got one of these. I also have a Dragon Fly Red. First thing I noticed is that on mine, despite the user instruction and marketing saying the unit is capable of 24/192 my unit only shows up as 16/48 max. I use Audivarna Plus on my Mac for playback - when using the Bitstream 16/48 is the highest resolution possible. Plug the Dragon Fly in and its 24/96. I also then loaded a 24/96 file and its the same thing. I notice that on the instructions it says choose 'Bitstream' in system Prefs/Sound. Mine is just simply USB AUDIO DAC. Before I contact the seller can anyone confirm that the unit is indeed capable of 24/192? Thanks
  5. I'm in. What is your poison? Regards David
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