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  1. Sorry guys MX151 now sold - I still have the MC452 power amp
  2. Still available chaps - pm for a special, it's-gotta-go price
  3. Talking with another SNA'er but as of right now - still available Jim
  4. Hi Juicester Yes I believe so - so a sub would make for awesome 2 channel output; i use them (my other pair) as rear surrounds so not an issue for me Jim
  5. Item: McIntosh MX151 AV Control Centre Location: Sydney Price: $4,900 Item Condition: Used, flawless Reason for selling: Upgraded to the MX160 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Served as my AV Control/processor for several years - it never once let me down. The MX151 is a software upgraded version from the MX150, to include HDMI 3D passthrough. It's essentially the same as the MX160 ($24,000) but doesn't do ATMOS, 4K etc., but pretty much everything else. Still have original packaging as well as manuals and all gear associated with Mac's stunning Room Perfect implementation. While McIntosh refers to the MX150 as a control center, it is first and foremost an A/V processor. The look of the MX150 is classic McIntosh with a glass front panel and symmetric controls surrounding a bright blue fluorescent display. The MX150 is a great-looking piece of equipment and it is especially beautiful in a darkened room. The glass panel is illuminated by LEDs paired with fiber optic light diffusers. All of the controls on the front panel have a very precise feel and the volume knob is wonderfully smooth in operation. Under the display are a series of yellow indicators which show the channels received in the input audio stream and the channels that are output from the processor. The other four indicators under the display show whether the MX150 is receiving an analog signal, a digital signal, a high resolution audio signal, and whether the RoomPerfect system is engaged. The rear panel of the MX150 supports an amazing array of components and connections. The processor supports two zones and references to “ZA” and “ZB” refer to Zone A and Zone B, respectively. The MX150 receiver supports five HDMI 1.3 inputs and one HDMI 1.3 output. This is enough to handle a satellite or cable receiver / DVR, a Blu-ray player and a gaming system with two inputs to spare. The MX150 supports a full complement of analog audio and video inputs with five component video inputs, two composite video inputs, two S-Video inputs, 9 sets of stereo analog RCA inputs including one with a precision phono preamplifier, and a 7.1 multi-channel input. The MX150 supports nine digital audio inputs (four coaxial, four optical and one balanced AES/EBU). For balanced analog audio, the MX150 includes two sets of XLR stereo inputs. http://www.ultrahighendreview.com/mcintosh-mx151-av-control-center/ Pictures: (Note picture is of my MX160 - the 151 is boxed in the garage, but looks identical)
  6. Item: Revel GEM2 Speakers Location: Sydney Price: $9,900 Item Condition: As new, still in original packaging Reason for selling: Purchased for a second system, which I'm not proceeding with Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Never used, flawless and indistinguishable from new. $20,000 new at Audio Connection The Revel Gem2 Loudspeaker is, as the name implies, a design with a multifaceted nature. Optimized for a range of applications and equipped to face any room placement, it’s versatile in the extreme yet sonically uncompromising. For example, the Gem2 can be used as a high-quality front loudspeaker, either on available pedestals or wall-mounted using the included bracket. In two-channel or multi-channel applications, the Gem2 is the loudspeaker for solutions. And thanks to their low profile wall-mounting, the Gem2 makes them especially attractive for use with the wide range of state-of-the-art flat-panel televisions. The Gem2 is equally optimized for use as a surround loudspeaker, offering ideal timbre matching with other Revel Ultima2 series loudspeakers for a seamless and immersive multichannel performance. Whether the respective owner is inclined towards intimate stereo listening or wants to employ Gem2 in a sophisticated side- and back-channel ultimate Ultima2 array, Gem2 will exceed all expectations. And since Gem2 is built to the same exacting standards of the entire Ultima2 family, you can be confident that any combination of mixing and matching will yield the same rich tonal balance and timbre-matched dispersion characteristics for which Revel Ultima2 loudspeakers are renowned. Beautiful full range speaker, finished in piano gloss black, which can be stand or wall mounted; well rounded as a full range speaker absolutely slamming with a complementary sub. I'm also selling my beloved McIntosh MX151 at $4,900 ($21,500 new) as well as a McIntosh MC452 at $11,900 Reviews http://revelspeakers.com/productdetail/~/product/gem_2.html http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/revel-gem2-loudspeaker/ Pictures:
  7. Item: McIntosh MC452 Quad balanced power amplifier Location: Sydney, NSW Price: $11,900 Item Condition: As NEW, never used, still in original packaging Reason for selling: Kept for a second system, which my apartment doesn't accommodate, so surplus to needs as I have two Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used once to test, still in original packaging with all manuals.documentation Having a bit of a clean out, with some seriously high end gear going at a fraction of RRP. The MC452 at 450W X 2 at all ohms is McIntosh's current model, most powerful 2 channel power amp. The unit is flawless and indistinguishable from new. Was purchased 3 years ago along with another MC452 as well as an MC303 and MX151. I use the MC452 for two channel music and the L/R in my 5.2 setup. At 450 watts per channel, the MC452 is the most powerful McIntosh stereo amplifier and utilizes the latest advancements in circuit and cosmetic design. With the MC452, the latest circuit components are deployed in the classic McIntosh Quad Balanced design that cancels noise for impeccable audio performance. It features the world famous McIntosh Autoformer, which guarantees your speakers will always receive the full 450 watts regardless of their impedance, while Power Guard® will prevent clipping that could damage your speakers. Your speaker cables are easily but securely attached with our patented Solid Cinch™ speaker binding posts that are gold-plated to prevent corrosion. "Lacking any discernible flaws it struck me just how good of an amplifier this was. When a piece of equipment does not call attention to itself but rather gets out of music’s way to let it express its very nature you know it is on to something good. Song after song that was how it was with the McIntosh MC452." - Enjoy The Music "The McIntosh C2500 and MC452 excel at spectacular dynamic expression, beautiful and accurate tonality, satisfying detail retrieval, and the recreation of a generous sound field." - Audio Esoterica I'm also selling the accompanying McIntosh MX151 at $4,900 ($21,500 new) as well as a pair of brand new REVEL GEM 2's at $9,900 ($19,250 new), for the pair without stands. Be quick, this is seriously good value, ultra high end gear. Reviews http://www.audioaficionado.org/showthread.php?t=7928 http://www.ultraaudio.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=210:McIntosh http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/0812/mcintosh_mc452_review.htm Pictures:
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