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  1. Beautiful DS-3000s I have their big brothers the DS-5000s both series were cost no object speakers. Hifipassion what fluid did you use to soften the surrounds? i think the DS3000s are easily in the class of the NS-2000s. GLWTS.
  2. Hi Andrew - no I’ve been working away from home since that add it’s been in storage. Cheers, Tim
  3. I have the same amp in silver, absolute bargain at this price.
  4. I have same unit they sound fantastic in balanced mode - real quality. GLWTS
  5. I own the same unit and agree with Hdrology - fantastic unit well worth the price. Once you have your music transferred sit back and enjoy trouble free organic music.
  6. I own the NS-2000 and this beauty has a similar (superior to the NS-1000 series) carbon woofer. Doubt you can buy better sound at this price. GLWTS
  7. Excellent amp I have in silver I won’t be selling mine! BTW - I got a 10 year warranty with mine from Yamaha. Any reason why they gave you 7 year warranty? I’m pretty sure Yamaha gave all Australian customers a 10 year warranty on this amp & the matching SACD/dac.
  8. Exciting times fellas - my Sony TA-N7 VFET amp is a great match with my NS-2000s The pre-amp is another stellar Sony pre espirt TA-E88 beautifully made too. Here are some nudies:
  9. Hi Max which APM model is it? Is it for a pair of speakers? cheers Tim
  10. I have this in silver and would agree one of the best (for the price here the best) sounding headphone amps. Really good with most headphones. Love the balance options. GLWTS
  11. Endgame speakers - Yamaha man did you like the new NS-5000s?
  12. Hi Callil, I own both of these speakers. My first question to you would be what size room & what is the main purpose for using for these speakers? If it’s a smaller / medium room, then the Yamaha NS-2000 will easily fill those rooms. if it’s a larger room (e.g. a living room) and you intend to use the Speakers for Audio & Visual duties the Diatone DS-5000 would be hard to beat. In in terms of musical prowess, both are superb, with 1st place going to the Diatones. Not by a country mile, but in my mind & one of my audiophile mates mind the Diatones are more musical. Also is speaker size an issue? I can carry my NS-2000s 48kg each. The Diatones are 87kg, so you need a safe way to move them around. Cabinet build quality is very similar, both are furniture grade quality - in fact they put my furniture to shame. To give you an idea of the DS-5000 ability with movies. I previously owned a very decent Jamo 5.1 system - costing around $5000 in 2007. I watched Interstellar in 5.1 and it was very decent (pretty good movie too). I was watching Interstellar the flashback flight scene where Joseph Cooper (McConaughey) a NASA pilot is flying in the earths atmosphere. With the Jamos it sounded really convincing. With the Diatones I was on board! Serious brown trouser time for real. It was sooooo realistic in hifi I’m glad I sold the Jamos! The NS-2000 are far more common than the DS5000 in Japan. In terms of shipping Hifido shipped both of my speakers, and more recently my Yamaha GT-2000X. Their packaging is second to none. The NS-2000 were shipped double boxed - including original Yamaha NS-2000 cardboard packaging boxes. The Diatones were shipped in a wooden crate with bubble wrap, & crossbeams to hold them in place. Shipping from Hifido is expensive, however 3 sets speakers, 1 turntable and an original GT-2000 wooden rack all arrived Japan - Sydney without any issues. Regarding the Diatone woofer surrounds maintenance, you can purchase via buyee direct from Japan an oil for around $12. I hope this helps and best of luck!
  13. As an owner of the big brother to this series the DS-5000, I can vouch that the boron drivers are remarkable. I personally prefer my DS-5000 speakers to my Yamaha NS-2000 speakers which I also love. Diatone were certainly making excellent speakers including the DS-1000 during the early to mid eighties. In fact a Russian collector of Japanese exotic hifi gear told me the earlier Diatones from the 1980s were slightly better made than their younger cousins from the 1990s. if I didn’t own the DS-5000s these would be high on my list. The price seems reasonable too as I can tell you from experience importing from Japan is an expensive excerise.
  14. Hi Sam I’m using the Sony TA-N7 to my Yamaha NS-2000 For the Diatones DS-5000 I’m using the underrated superb Yamaha A-S3000 integrated. I reckon in the future will become quite legendary in the right system.
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