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  1. Another Headphone option the semi close Fostex TH900. They are far less picky than the HD800 with amplification. They have really good bass and well extended treble- slight spike for younger people but if you’re 40 years plus no issues. This should work well with organ music. They come up on the second hand market usually around $900. They also like the HD800 (Though not as large) have a wide sound stage for a semi closed headphone. i have had both headphones and would suggest the TH900 were more enjoyable across a wider variety of amps including portable and the HD800 a better tec
  2. Great information and extremely good value here. very interesting Sony technology I always fancied a pair of the APM-4s. Your 181s look like excellent speakers and like many I was unaware of this model. The fact they are ES (exceptional standard) makes them very worthwhile.
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