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  1. I think it's just the start up screen: 20th Anniversary Edition DILA Banner
  2. Efficiency plus Mr.OZ!..........keen to jump in myself, however will wait for a review or two first. But really I think these will be excellent units. Do you intend to have start - finish dates for your group buys?..........running several perhaps? Thanks much.....these group buys are a great chance to save more than a few $$$!
  3. Hi Folks!.....whose is going to organize a group buy for the revised crop of X5500/X7500/X9500 series projectors!....these could be the last of the 1080p projectors, the final polished revision. Appears the native 4K chip has some major contrast issues....no doubt will be solved over time. So perhaps the current crop may be the ticket till the 4K issues are resolved and prices drop to 'affordable' levels. UHD material with E-Shift from my viewing distance the difference would be more than adequate. I'm in, if the pricing is right!. Prior organized a Group Buy in 2009....but he doesn't seem active. He negotiated an excellent price back then via a local retailer!. OZ perhaps?!
  4. Looks fantastic.....to be expected coming from the creative mind of 709er!
  5. Hello Voona....16:9 will give you more versatility....but it is a personal choice. See the links in my sig, this is what I did to suit my viewing preferences.
  6. Finally got a chance to watch this, amazing 3D, excellent film...loved it!
  7. In my install the lightness of the wall behind the screen makes no difference, the screen is a meter or so away from the wall, when an image is projected on the screen the light grey wall behind it appears totally black. The wall behind the viewer the ceiling and side walls required darkning...even so stand at the screen and view the darkened wallls/ceiling and sure enough light reflected still gets back to the screen......
  8. Check C4H site...there should be some detailed charts. The beam spot needs to be smaller the further the projector is away from a given screen size, thus the lens aperture is smaller...less light...etc.
  9. That's not correct, as the iris within the zoom lens closes down the further away the the projector is away from a given image size. Unless the zoom lens is a constant aperture design(not on consumer projectors) Further away dimmer but more on/Off CR, closer brighter but less on/off CR.
  10. 92' is perfect for the best image quality from that distance with 1080 and 20/20......immersion well that's another thing.....but then again UHD is not too far away.
  11. http://www.twice.com/articletype/news/inventor-paul-darbee-dead-66/108636 Inventor Paul Darbee Dead At 66 By Greg Tarr On Oct 4 2013 - 3:14pm DarbeeVision founder Paul Darbee Anaheim, Calif. – Paul Darbee, 66, longtime CE industry veteran and founder of DarbeeVision, which sells video-enhancement technologies, died suddenly Sept. 23, as his company was making preparations for its appearance at CEDIA Expo. Born Feb. 3, 1947, Darbee was a visionary inventor and entrepreneur who helped found remote-control resource Universal Electronics, and developed the preprogrammed universal remote control. For the past several years he had steered DarbeeVision, a company he founded, to market digital video-enhancement technology, including the Darblet, an add-on device that brings 3D-like visual depth cues into video images, using Darbee Visual Presence (DVP) technology. This year the company introduced the Cobalt, a cellphone-sized video-enhancement device targeting gamers. His company has been working to have manufacturers of TVs and peripheral devices embed his technology into their products. At the recent CEDIA Expo, the company showed its latest system that adds video enhancement to video surveillance footage, to help clean up images for security and law enforcement purposes. Darbee used his love of physics and math to create ways to enhance lives through electronics. He was also a baseball enthusiast who could be found umpiring youth games in his spare time. He is survived by his wife, Rochelle, and son, Adam. A remembrance celebration will take place at 2 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 10, in Orange Park Acres, Calif. Family and friends in the company said they are deeply determined to continue Darbee’s goal of having his technology in homes all over the globe.
  12. Transfer the laser disk data to a PC, zoom/crop transfer to a Media player/USB....
  13. http://www.ezyhd-cables.com.au/hdmi-splitter.html this HDMI splitter will do the job.
  14. My guess as a default setting, they will maintain the ratio between the user adjustable iris area vs the DI 's minimum area setting, irespective of the user iris setting, this ratio will be maintained, perhaps with options for user tweaking. The best CR position won't change, -15/long throw will still yeild the best results....imo....we'll see!
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