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  1. Free postage within Australia Clearaudio High Precision Turntable Level Gauge (Dragonfly) When all your equipment is level, vibration is reduced and performance enhanced. If your turntable platter is not perfectly level it will affect the way the stylus sits in the groove, causing channel imbalance and possibly uneven wear to both the record and the stylus. Due to the substantial size, weight and ergonomic shape of this level, this doubles up as a record weight / stabiliser. Each precision vial is adjusted by hand on a calibrated leveling plate, thereby guaranteeing the highest possible precision. A central hole on the underside even enables flexible use as a plate clamp (material: aluminum). https://www.analogshop.de/de/produkte/produkte.php?mainCat=Zubehör&subCat=Weiteres Zubehör für Plattenspieler
  2. Free Postage with Australia Zavfino 1877 - The Fusion 1.5 m Interconnect Cable (PURE SILVER Ag - PC0CC HYBRID INTERCONNECT) with original box and all certificate included https://www.zavfino1877.com/the-fusion
  3. Price: $ 75 Item Condition: Brand New (bought from Japan) Shipping Options: Free postage Australia wide Suburb or Town: Stanmore State: NSW Payment Method: Bank Transfer or Paypal Reason for selling: never used yet (bought as an extra interconnect cable) silver 1.5m length RCA interconnect cable.
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