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  1. Correct. Easy mistake to make - A&R Cambridge Ltd (Arcam) vs Cambridge Audio Research Ltd (Cambridge Audio). Both with original connections to Cambridge. I'm a fan and collector of both brands.
  2. I can highly recommend Phil as a seller, enthusiast and all-round good guy!
  3. That's a lot of very fine Aussie speaker for $140. I still have my pair of Richter Wizard Mk IIs bought new in that era and never had a problem, only many years of enjoyment...
  4. If I had the budget, that Nintendo Switch would be getting a real workout on the 803s...
  5. I'm afraid poor pressings have been with us always. I recall buying UK import Punk and New Wave 45s in late 70s that due to the genre, the oil crisis and general economic conditions were sometimes restamped over unsold discs, even so far as to have the original label still evident! Definitely not virgin vinyl.
  6. Very nice - these sold for 200,000Y back in 1976, according to The Vintage Knob, which is over $2,500AUD at current exchange rates - GLWS
  7. It is the sound of the future... https://worldradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Audio/Archive-Stereo-Review-IDX/IDX/80s/HiFI-Stereo-Review-1980-11-OCR-Page-0087.pdf
  8. I have the Alpha 10 integrated and the 10 P and use them to drive bi-amped speakers (Jamo Concert 8s or 11s), they sound great...
  9. From the Owner's Manual: Caution Sound pressure levels produced by the 4331A or 4333A may cause permanent hearing loss. The suggested maximum exposure is 115 dBA for no more than 15 minutes. (Department of Labor Bulletin #334)
  10. Arcam's Alpha series amps are very robust, well designed and sound great. I found bi-amping (with Arcam Alpha 10 Int and power combo which are very similarly rated to these 9s) made a significant improvement used with the original Monitor Audio Studio and Jamo Concert series speakers. I also have the Arcam Alpha 6 which is a great little amp.
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