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  1. I have one pairs JBL-2045 Original diaphragms in really good condition PM me if you still wanted
  2. Luxman MB300 monoblock I have kept until now about 9 years
  3. Very good tonearm Perfect with FR-7 or Ikeada 9p cartridges (old model ) For my ear 64fx better than 64s
  4. if you want DIY the Wood horn perfect change your style horn like an exclusive TH-4001 or Altec 311-90 The horn with thick curve, sound's tone big difference if compare The solid timber sound better than plywood if you have direct to compare Smith horn not really good if compare with Altec 511b with 1" driver, If you don't have fund available or your budget not much please don't DIY horn system You'll need good budget, time and experience If you still to want to make your owner horn system you can looking some parts list as below and to think for you in the future Altec 515b horn, 802/806 1" driver, Altec 414A woofer ( make Petite Onken boxes ) and JBL 2405 for 3way system, perfect for jazz and classic Analog sound
  5. The tonearm is not a Dynavector look like Saec WE-308L is long tonearm
  6. You must know how to do the pack all the goods or do really well the packing by yourself first before you pass to their hand FedEx or DHL or post office is the same The pack and send can do packing service for the customer but I saw not really good as my experience the service charge is the same as FedEx and DHL Cheap way you looking the Air cargo service and ask them a price per kg and broker service, if need clear the goods at the custom if they have broker service, is perfect because is an easy and fast way for you don't need spend your time to find someone helps Near Tullamarine suburb have plenty of Air cargo service you can search on google or try to contact directly or agent service http://www.cargotransport.com.au/ https://www.icecargo.com.au/wp-content/cache/all//index.html https://www.truelocal.com.au/business/vivi-travel/st-albans hope is help
  7. which model of drivers have you used in your systems? in which enclosure? I perfect Onken cabinet
  8. Look on the table I saw most Vitavox drivers are not better than Altec 416A and 515B drivers Altec 416a and 515b cheap price and low frequency down to 20hz and high sensitivity, same type of paper’s cone For built-in the horn at the same time if you have both material MDF and Solid timber you’ll discard the MDF for the audio device in the future For the horn, Solid timber sound better than any other material I've heard Look on the market for the woofer hard to compare but low-frequency woofer I perfect use Altec 414a/416a or 515b http://www.greatplainsaudio.com/vintage_altec/416A_LF_Speakers.pdf
  9. Anyone can buy excellent plywood for build-in speaker boxes from at link below Plenty layer, Gap free, smooth face. Cheer http://www.awpanels.com.au/products/plywood.htm http://www.awpanels.com.au/store-locations/all-stores.htm
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