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  1. you need how many pieces? one set? what size do you know 1,0 or 1,2 mm ?
  2. If you'd like vacuum preamp You may try Airtight ATC=-1 / ATC-2 Cat SL1 Tube preamp I have kept ATC-1 near 10 years ( current in use )
  3. for my personal, I'll take the FX version of FR-64 model if compare the sound between FX and S version just my opinion but I understand most people not do the same
  4. FR-7 great cartridge good for Fidelity research FR-66/64 and FX model tonearm if you want to try with another tonearm you can get balance with small lead if you don't want to spend money to buy a roll from a Bunnings warehouse you come over the roof you may cut off the small lead from these and try with double type stick out of counterweight same at the video clip My opinion I spend big money on Phono state first then the arm and the cartridge lasts for the turntable
  5. I have one pairs JBL-2045 Original diaphragms in really good condition PM me if you still wanted
  6. Luxman MB300 monoblock I have kept until now about 9 years
  7. Very good tonearm Perfect with FR-7 or Ikeada 9p cartridges (old model ) For my ear 64fx better than 64s
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