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  1. Happy to report that the Roksan is work ng extremely well. I drew up various templates and made an armboard from MDF. I had to route out the unerside to accommodate the 32mm AF mounting nut as it fouled on edges of SME cut out. Also had to remove the plastic surround int the turntable arm "recess". The Bias control sits 45mm out and just clears the top plate. I will get some photos. I tidied up the turntable; level, foam in the springs, earth tags, bearing oil, motor rubber mounts and made sure it was isolated. I will get some pics later. Needless to say it sounds fantastic. STD turntable, Roksan arm, Goldring G1042 cartridge (properly aligned), Cambridge Audio preamp, Yamaha RX-AS710 amp and Spendor Prelude speakers (old but still fab) The arm was a bargain and immaculate.
  2. Well I managed to snag a bargain on fleabay yesterday. Ive got a Roksan Tabriz coming that should do the job. Is there any tips on installation? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/264487261387
  3. I can get an Infinity Black Widow at reasonable price and I have a Goldring G1040, would this work or is the arm effective mass to light? Can I add mass?
  4. The length and position of the tube rest/anti skate knob limits how much movement I have because it is down in the recess of the arm mount. This is nearly 100mm from pivot.
  5. Seems the SME Series III was often fitted to these. These have an effective length of 233.2 and Pivot to Spindle 215.4 mm which seems about right, might be a bit short but then my measurements and calcs might be out too.
  6. Looks like 9 1/2 with effective length of 235-245 ish would be good. Mine ends up about 5mm too far right. It’s a particular problem with the recess for the armboard so I can’t easily move it.
  7. I did some turntable measurements of the position of the SME mount relative to the spindle and overlapped the arm template. I came up with the diagram attached. For the Linn with a Spindle to mount distance of 211mm it looks like the position of the armboard is too far away OR the arm is too short for this turntable. I have positioned the Linn mount as far left as I can but it is still not correct. The arm and Board sit in a well so not easy to resolve. Any thoughts? Might be time for a new arm with a more appropriate effective length.
  8. Hi All, new here. I have a STD 305M turntable and want to fit a Linn Basik LVX+. What armboard would suit? Is it a custom job? If so who makes them. Ive got the arm template. Im in Adelaide. Cheers Hugh
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