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  1. M51 came back today. All inputs are working I could not be happier! I
  2. Hi Spark, thanks for your reply. I was listening to music and pressed the input selector button and found it stopped locking onto digital signals. I always run my gear through power conditioners and practice good connection and disconnection of components ensuring all power is turned off. I just heard back from the repairer and was notified that the AES, Coaxial and Optical inputs stopped working because of a short inside the IC that operates all these inputs. Of course it is the first M51 that the repairer has seen to exhibit this fault. A replacement IC has been sourced and should be installed by 1 week. If the replacement IC fails to work, I am left with a USB DAC with volume control. Not all doom and gloom I guess. It will be moved to my PC setup and I will be on the hunt for a multiple input DAC with electronic volume and preamp capabilities.
  3. My NAD M51 decided to stop clocking onto every signal except the USB input last week [emoji24] I swapped digital cables, sources, power points, reinstalled firmware from 1.39 to 1.50 with no success. It has been sent off to a preferred service agent and I am music-less until it's return. By looking at the modifications posted above, there doesn't seem to be much user serviceable parts?
  4. Beats Headphones - I cannot believe how many people rate these headphones as being a high end headphone. They are terrible.
  5. Post some pics thread...

    We went to Australia Zoo (2 years ago) and I have only just had a chance to go through some of the photos
  6. WTB CROWN XLS1500

    All sorted. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Post some pics thread...

    This guy or gal was in my garden and it was a perfect opportunity to try out my new macro lens. I found it challenging to keep focus with such a narrow depth of field while hand holding.
  8. WTB CROWN XLS1500

    Thanks for your reply Peter Gillespie. Yes, I already have 2 and I'm looking for a third. My OCD wouldn't allow 3 different amps in my rack.
  9. WTB CROWN XLS1500

    Looking for a CROWN XLS1500 amplifier to complete my speaker setup. Let me know if you can help out. Located in Brisbane, willing to have amp posted to me if original shipping carton is available.
  10. I have purchased the HD650 cable for my HD600's. The cable does seem thicker and better built. One thing to note is the 650 cable comes with the 6mm connector as standard, and the plugs that go into the headphones are black. The standard 600 cables are red and black at the connectors and are terminated with a 3.5mm plug.