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  1. Eureka - The answer to the 2012 rechargable glasses and registration on a 2013 plasma, is to hold the top switch over to the "Mode" selector - hard right for 30 seconds and force the Glasses to register - phew.
  2. Cheers Guys thank you for the assistance. I have a 2012 60ST50 and do note the differenec with the 50ST60 settings and what is available - like no headphone. The recent 50ST60 I have was built in April 2013 - an ex display model at a price I couldn't refuse - she's run in - and the burn in of the Olympic torch (as is found on some display models) is non existant. I have run Blu-ray thru it and whilst the older ST50 would automatically set the picture to Cinema this ST60 will not, just detects the HDMI and not the cinema content dectect as would the ST50. Interesting Farrenheit - failed when I tried mine - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder? Wonder if anyone has 2012 glasses and a ST60 could let me know. I tried an unused set of glasses , fully charged, and tried to sync - the glasses swithced off - no icon showed on the screen.
  3. Have an 50ST60 and was wondering what the two display settings of H-size 1 and H-size 2 do, when over scan is switched off? Got me beat. What are the two supposed to do? Also could someone confirm that the ST50 3D glasses (2012) - the rechargeable ones - do not register or work with the ST60 (2013) panel - in the States they say they do - so in NZ they can't be used, only the ones supplied will work with this panel..
  4. I have ordered Queens A night at the Opera thru Amazon UK, I have it already on DVD-A so looking forward to it. I have the 2l: Nordic Sound - 2l Audiophile Reference Record [Hybrid SACD, SACD] blu-ray which I found really interesting - depth of sound rivalled vinyl.
  5. He bought the CBS SQ quad patent for next to nothing and adapted it to Dolby Home theatre AC3, etc.
  6. So when does the next HDMI come out to allow true 4k? let alone 8k? Its like the US only doing 760 instead of 1080 due to cost and calling it HD. Ah the folly of the US again - short change the world.
  7. Who remembers the Ngaruawahia rock concert of the 70's - listened to Sabbath on my radio I did - memories. Up until Sabath Bloody Sabath I enjoyed there work after that with line up changes things wern't the same.
  8. Graham your blood is worth bottling. Your skills are envied. You do wondrous things to bring life back to collectable and sort after items. I take my hat off to you, and regularly watch your progress and achievements.
  9. The SACD of wish you were here is miles better than the DVD-A that comes with the immersion set.
  10. Run out deals. At that price you cannot go wrong.
  11. Thought production had ceased on the DL160 - interesting.
  12. I have the same issue so I am interested to hear the suggestions also.
  13. Panasonic VT50 although there may be a few GT50's to look at. With the VT black is really black and with 24k shades of grey well what more could you ask for, except the GT50 which doesn't have the 1 pane of glass, but all the bells and whistles of the VT. Newer models in the plasma will have so called built in camera. Panasonic will still have a dual core processor. Still prefer a plasma, and the VT is world wide recognised as the top for Blu-ray and 3d reproduction, can't beat the 2500hz refresh. LCD comes close but why pay that extra when the plasma has it all for less, LCD still cannot give black is black. Some say 4k will be even quicker superseded by 8k. Do you think sky will broadcast in 4k let alone 8k, for that matter TVNZ?. Media Blu-ray or is 4k 8k equivalent - how far off is it? Will the 2013 ranges be same price or more of the 2012 at the same time of release? Decisions decisions not easy.
  14. 60ST50 at $2k included GST. Yes it was special deal - had I stopped there all would have been fine. Extra for warranty (not needed) but was so rapped in the deal - extra for wall bracket - extra for installation (so I had a guarantee if it fell off) put the price back up around $2399. The special deal well it was Indian new year , it was one off, don't question, accept the saving and be happy. So massive cheap deal and add in the extras. And at the appliance shed manukau 55GT50 - a second - $2100 - around end January, when they had there sale for one night. have patience - keep looking - the one you buy will be the one you want - when the time is right. Noel lemmings Botany had a 42ST50 for $1400, the appliance shed a second for $1399. right place right time and don't think twice. Still a lot of 60VT50's out there, not discounted that much though unfortunately.
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