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  1. I'm a big fan of ATC loudspeakers. Nothing emphasized or lost, just everything done right. The ATC SCM19 is in your price range.
  2. I'm pretty sure the older Mac Pro computers had an optical out, via the headphone socket if you plug an optical cable into it. Could be interesting to see if this works with your CD5s, assuming it has an optical input.
  3. I wonder if you're having a problem with the number of characters in the location of the files. It sounds like you've created a multi-level hierarchy of folders to classify your music. This means that the location to access a file may be top-level directory/next-level/next-level/album-name/track-name. (I'm just guessing here but I know this kind of structure can end up with a very long "address" with classical music.) The number of characters used for the full location (all the folders and sub-folders plus the name of the actual music file) may exceed some in-built maximum in the device you're using to play. This could vary depending on the length of the name of the folders you've created to store your files -- leading to some working and others failing. You could test this by copying a folder containing music that doesn't play to a location at the top of the tree and see if it then plays. I'm not guaranteeing this is the solution, but suggesting something that could explain the sometimes works/sometimes doesn't work behaviour and which you may not have thought of. Good luck, David.
  4. I use Find HD Music as an indexer of sites: http://www.findhdmusic.com/
  5. The best speakers I've actually heard and would love to own are the Kyron Gaia:
  6. Maybe a bit of a left-field suggestion, but I wonder if setting DNS to use Google might help... I think the Google DNS settings are and
  7. Hi lonewolf. No, the RT-AC87U doesn't support the aiMesh feature. It can: operate in Media Bridge mode where it connects to an existing wireless router. It will then behave as a media bridge where multiple devices such as Smart TVs and gaming consoles can be connected to it via its local ethernet ports. operate in Access Point mode where the router creates a new wireless network on an existing network. The second mode is closest to what you are asking, but doesn't use the aiMesh feature to enable it.
  8. Item: ASUS RT-AC87U Dual Band 802.11ac and 802.11n Wireless router Location: Bayside, Melbourne Price: $95 + postage Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, or Bank transfer Extra Info: Bought new by me, this ASUS wireless router is very highly regarded combining excellent functionality with class-leading performance. The router is dual band, operating at 2.4GHz and 5GHz and supports 802.11ac, 802.11n and 802.11bg with a separate high-gain antenna for each of the four spatial data streams. It features a 4x4 MIMO antenna design with beamforming for high network performance and wide coverage. I will perform a factory reset before shipping, but will make sure the firmware is the latest release. Full details can be found at https://www.asus.com/au/Networking/RTAC87U/ This router will work effectively with NBN providers who allow customers to supply their own router having a WAN port suitable for connection to the NBN-supplied connection box. It can also be used as a wireless range extender in an existing wireless setup. I don't have the original box, but I will package well for posting. It will be supplied with all the original box contents: ASUS RT-AC87U router 240V ASUS power adapter Quick Start Guide (please note I have written notes on one page as shown below) Ethernet cable Please don't be concerned with the red light showing in the first photograph. This light indicates internet status, and the router wasn't connected to the internet. Photos:
  9. I think you probably have answers now, but just in case. My understanding is: The existing Telstra broadband cable from the street to your house will be used if it's serviceable (and yes it's called an HFC connection). Your existing Telstra cable modem can't be used. The cabling inside your house to the wall point can be re-used if you're happy with the location and was installed by Telstra. This is your chance to get a new cable run to a different location in your house if you insist. If you choose Telstra or Optus, they'll send you a new modem ahead of the date the NBN technician arrives to connect you. Some other ISPs will support modems from Netgear, ASUS, etc. if you already have one. When the NBN technician arrives, they'll install a new NBN connection box to the wall point. Your modem connects to this new NBN connection box. If you choose a phone service, this will need to connect to an outlet on the modem. I'm guessing this is one of the reasons Telstra and Optus provide a new modem. Their modems come pre-configured to work with their VoIP solutions and the phone is pretty much plug-and-play when connected to their modems. A friend chose TPG and his experience was exactly the same. He received a modem from TPG ahead of time and then just plugged his exiting phone into the phone point on the modem. BTW, I've been an Optus cable modem customer for a long time and decided to move to Optus HFC NBN. My experience was very smooth and have been consistently measuring 47/18 day or night on their NBN 50 plan. I did experience an issue with the phone service, but their support was timely and effective in resolving it -- so not all horror stories with Optus.
  10. I haven't played around with Morphit very much, just used the built-in EQ for the Stax headphones, but at a quick glance it does look like you could create your own custom curve if you wanted. It has a 'custom' mode where you can play around:
  11. Yes, the latest update has resolved my key issues with the remote app. Now: navigation works properly album thumbnails load quickly connects to the server quickly I'm happy.
  12. One major flaw I've found with the new remote app. The issue occurs when your browsing a large play list of albums. If you click on an album to see the details then return back to the play list, you are positioned back at the beginning the list, rather than where you where previously. In a long play list this becomes very frustrating quite quickly. I wish I hadn't taken the update ☹️
  13. Following on from pete_mac. Something needs to perform the RIAA phono equalisation. In the diagram pete_mac posted, the input is always going into a phono input on the amp or receiver. This is where the RIAA phono equalisation is applied. This must be done or the sound from the turntable will sound terrible with low bass and too much treble.
  14. One thing that relates to this topic I've wondered relates to the final steps used to produce different versions of the same download. For example, 2L offers the HiRes Download - test bench to compare downloads in different formats and bit depths. On this page they say, " All resolutions and encodings are derived from the same original DXD source files." This means the source files are being transformed to produce different music file formats. I'd imagine this is generally how music download files are produced -- transform your final mix into different formats for distribution and sale. Is it possible these transformations are introducing audible variations that may account for the differences some people are saying they hear?
  15. Price guess? A new luxury benchmark might be to cost it per kg... Maybe $1k per kg = $126K?
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