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  1. Interesting to see the photos of the Glossy Black Cockatoos. The only part of Victoria I've seen them is East Gippsland, but I understand they've been forced as far west as Melbourne because of habitat destruction from last Summer's bush fires.
  2. I use a VST plugin called Morphit to equalise my Stax SR-009s. The plugin comes with a built-in curve for the SR-009s. Interesting to compare what they measured with yours:
  3. The Machine Girl https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1050160/ A teenage girl goes on a revenge rampage after having her severed arm replaced with a machine gun.
  4. Not specific to VNC as the link above should help. It's likely you'll be accessing your Ubuntu devices using an IP address, rather than name. Typically, IP assignment in a home network is done by DHCP from your router that then connects to the internet. If so, it's a good idea to set up an IP reservation in your router for your Ubuntu device to make sure it always gets the same IP address. You can do this by connecting to the web interface of the router and using the login credentials you were supplied (if you haven't changed them yourself). There will be somewhere in the interface to reserve an IP address for your Ubuntu device using its network MAC address.
  5. I followed the link in your article, which then links to: https://www.loewe.tv/ I don't know where you got the link with "au" in it.
  6. I used the store finder on the Loewe web site and entered "Melbourne, Australia". According to the result list, the nearest store was over 4,000km away in Surabaya, Indonesia. The Stereonet website can give local locations, but not Loewe. As a previous owner of one of their CRT TVs I'm sure they'll be great products, but competing effectively needs this stuff to be right.
  7. Not sure what your taste in music is, but you can download some demo tracks in different formats including DSD and hires PCM from the following site: http://www.2l.no/hires/
  8. I own B&W 803 D3s and use a Sanders Magtech solid state power amp. The Magtech is rated at 500W into 8 ohms, 900W into 4 ohms and is stable down to 1 ohm -- so plenty of power. I have no problem with bass, but room placement does have a huge influence. I find the 803s can be positioned quite close to the front wall without getting too boomy and this may help with bass. Agree that Bryston would be a good match. Also consider Electrocompaniet and I saw a Burmester 956 advertised in the classifieds that caught my eye.
  9. The quality of classical music metadata on Tidal was so bad I dropped the subscription.
  10. Thanks for sharing - very helpful as I'm considering upgrading to a new mac mini and anticipate the same problem.
  11. I'm a big fan of ATC loudspeakers. Nothing emphasized or lost, just everything done right. The ATC SCM19 is in your price range.
  12. I'm pretty sure the older Mac Pro computers had an optical out, via the headphone socket if you plug an optical cable into it. Could be interesting to see if this works with your CD5s, assuming it has an optical input.
  13. I wonder if you're having a problem with the number of characters in the location of the files. It sounds like you've created a multi-level hierarchy of folders to classify your music. This means that the location to access a file may be top-level directory/next-level/next-level/album-name/track-name. (I'm just guessing here but I know this kind of structure can end up with a very long "address" with classical music.) The number of characters used for the full location (all the folders and sub-folders plus the name of the actual music file) may exceed some in-built maximum in the device you're using to play. This could vary depending on the length of the name of the folders you've created to store your files -- leading to some working and others failing. You could test this by copying a folder containing music that doesn't play to a location at the top of the tree and see if it then plays. I'm not guaranteeing this is the solution, but suggesting something that could explain the sometimes works/sometimes doesn't work behaviour and which you may not have thought of. Good luck, David.
  14. I use Find HD Music as an indexer of sites: http://www.findhdmusic.com/
  15. The best speakers I've actually heard and would love to own are the Kyron Gaia:
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