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  1. Very happy. I had a problem with mine at one stage, with one channel generating a lot of heat. Sent it back to McLeans and has been running perfectly since. Great service.
  2. I've got a Sanders Magtech cardboard box you can borrow. David
  3. davm

    StereoNET Kii Three Review

    I watched the Darko video review linked to previously in the thread and really enjoyed it. But, did I REALLY see digital cables connecting to the remote control? This seems counter intuitive to say the least. Once the cables are connected you couldn't move the remote. Am I missing something?
  4. Okay, did a bit more reading and reversing out of this. I assumed the ultrarendu is a DAC, but I don't think it is. I don't think i can help. Sorry
  5. Can you confirm that Ultrarendu is the selected audio device in Audirvana preferences: Audirvana Preferences Audio System Settings You should see what the active audio device is. You can use the Change button to select your Ultrarendu if it isn't Also, make sure you aren't forcing downsampling with Custom settings on the Audio Filters tab in the preferences (only visible when not playing music).
  6. I'm not sure how you've connected the iMac to the Ultrarendu. But what you should do is to connect the iMac USB to the USB input of the Ultrarendu (looking at photos it seems to have a USB input). In the Audirvana preferences you should see the Ultrarendu as a DAC to choose from. Make sure you select this in Audirvana rather than the standard Mac OS output.
  7. Recent article about a new way to hack digital assistants in phones or other smart devices. Create an audio or video file with sound that seems like noise to humans, but sounds like commands to the digital assistant device: http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2017/02/could-hidden-voice-commands-make-hacking-your-phone-easier/
  8. Interesting topic. I've noticed my perception of high frequencies seems more prominent after I've had my ears cleaned by flushing with water. However, I'm not sure this is an enduring experience. Personally I think my brain adjusts quite quickly and everything seems 'normal' again. It would be interesting to repeat the experiment a day or two later, to see if there's still a perceived improvement. Tricky part could be how good subject's 'audio memory' is. David.
  9. Hi. This suggestion won't fix the issue, but may help diagnose where the problem lies. Try forcing Firefox to use it's internal fonts, rather than web site fonts. Type about:config in the menu bar. Accept the warning. Look for browser.display.use_document_fonts in the list of config items. Double-click and change the value from 1 to 0. Try loading the Classifieds and see if it loads any better. If it does, there's something going on with fonts. You don't want yo keep the config above as it will mess with the appearance of most web sites.It's a simple matter of repeating the process above but changing the browser.display.use_document_fonts value back to 1. Another thing you can try is creating a new account on your iMac and log in. Try the site and see if the problem persists. Neither of these suggestions fix the issue, but do give some information on where to focus. Regards, David.
  10. This is not the case in the Senate. Quote from 'The Age': "Ater High Court-ordered upper house countbacks, Ms Nash is expected to be replaced by Liberal Hollie Hughes; Mr Roberts by Queensland publican Fraser Anning; Mr Ludlam by 22-year-old disability advocate Jordon Steele-John and Ms Waters by former Democrat Andrew Bartlett."
  11. No Labor or Liberal politicians got the boot. At least they seem to have taken this part of the constitution seriously and performed their checks before nomination. The Nationals have taken a beating and will lose senators to the Liberals. Completely unnecessary if they'd operated a professional party administration.
  12. Why not both? All the ads together when you enter the classifieds, with the option to select sub-categories if you wish?
  13. Love the dog photo bomb!
  14. Some great opportunities to save some serious money buying an amp second-hand, especially from this site. With solid state, my only caveat would be to exercise some caution with older, high powered class A amps that run at high temperature. Better off with a good quality class AB amp to start with.
  15. Black Rock, Melbourne with iPhone 7