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  1. The recording that got me interested in classical music was: Beethoven Symphony No. 5 and No. 7, Karlos Kleiber and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on Deutsche Grammophon 1975. This is, rightly, regarded as a landmark recording of both symphonies and rates in most 'must have' collections of classical music recordings. I have the original vinyl release in Australia from all those years ago. There's better sounding recordings, but this remains my all time favourite.
  2. An ultrasonic cleaner is definitely the way to go. I put together the kit using the parts from Owen and an US machine from Ebay. I was happy with the results, but then I started using TergiKleen and the results have been amazing.
  3. The curve of the speaker cables make it look like your system is smiling 🙂
  4. I started a Qobuz trial just over a month ago. I knew my free trial period was coming to an end but still wanted to test a few more things, so I thought I'd pay for a month to buy a bit more time To my surprise, I've found that Qobuz charged me for a full 12 months up front ($229), rather than billing me month by month. I haven't seen this before -- other streaming services I've trialled start charging month by month, once the trial finishes. Personally, I'm very unimpressed and now want to cancel and get a refund, apart from the month I expected
  5. Looks like Addicted to Audio have a shop in Adelaide. They carry a large range of headphones, so could be worth a visit.
  6. I've looked at two classical music only streaming services: Idagio Primephonic They both claim to have superior meta data required to make the most of searching for classical music. My experience is that this is true and does make a big difference. They also both have a lot of editorial content that provides useful information about the pieces and their composers. However, they don't integrate with my mac-based music software, Audirvana. This is more the problem with Audirvana than these services, but I like the idea of consolidating my digital music
  7. Also advertised on Gumtree but with an asking price of $8000
  8. Yeah, yeah Luxman 5l15 integrated amplifier (wish I'd kept that one ?) Nottingham Analogue Ace Space turntable (the best turntables you've probably never heard of) Terminator linear tonearm Accuphase DC-37 DAC Gryphon Prelude preamplifier (wish I could afford to move up their line) Audiolab 8000T tuner (superb, especially on ABC Classic FM) Ortofon Cadenza Black (best tracking cartridge I've owned) Equinox Audio Apogee loudspeakers (gone to a good home, but I miss them) DIY ultrasonic record cleaner (thanks Owen Y) Nah
  9. Article in 'The Age' today about Starlink: https://www.theage.com.au/business/companies/elon-musk-s-starlink-poised-to-shake-up-australia-s-broadband-20210325-p57e07.html Not much new there but a couple of things caught my eye: So far SpaceX has placed 1200 Starlink satellites into orbit, but they have approval for up to 12,000. According to the article, NBN's satellite service has latency between 200 to 800 milliseconds. In contrast, Starlink ranges between 20 to 40 milliseconds, with plans to bring that down to between 16 to 19 milliseconds by mid
  10. I tried to activate the free trial for Qobuz but received an error about using a VPN, saying they're not allowed. I use a VPN for privacy requirements more than getting around geo-blocks, so it looks like Qobuz is a fail for me.
  11. Not all, but some Magico loudspeakers look beautiful, e.g. Magico M6
  12. Curious about the T-106 imported from Japan. I thought tuners made for the Japanese market used a different FM tuning range (76-95 Mhz) that doesn't overlap the Australian FM band very well. Did you have to have the tuner modified to cover the Australian FM band (88-108 MHz)?
  13. You do have a statutory warranty under Australian consumer law. You have a right for a fault to be remedied for a reasonable amount of time after the purchase, depending on the cost and quality of the item. For an expensive television, it's certainly more than 12 months (probably more like 5 years which is the typical extended warranty period). See: https://www.accc.gov.au/system/files/Warranties and refunds - a guide for consumers and business.pdf
  14. Maybe this could help: https://www.decibelhifi.com.au/antistatic-record-cleaning-arm/ It cleans the record as it's played, but also has a cable to connect to a grounding point to help with static.
  15. Perhaps you could consider a water circulation and filtering system. The idea would be something that takes in water as it becomes dirty through the cleaning process, filter it and then return it to the top of the tank.
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