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  1. Hi All. For a while now I've been using a Stax SR-3030 set-up with my home office PC using normal audio out. The SR-3030 is a combination of the SRM-313 amp and the SR-303 earspeakers. I recently purchased an Audioquest Dragonfly Black second-hand from the for sale section here at Stereonet to get better sound than the standard audio out jack. When I plugged the Dragonfly in I thought it was a nice improvement so I've been experimenting a bit more. I downloaded the demo version of Audirvana for Windows to give it a test. The combination sounded great -- far better than I expected. Then I started reading about VST plugins with Audirvana and came across a plugin from ToneBoosters that offered equalisation for different headphones, including some Stax models. They don't have a profile for the SR-303s but do have one for the SR-404s which are very similar (in fact there was a lot of discussion whether they were different at all when they were released). I must say, the combination sounds impressive for what is a fairly modest set-up. Very impressed with the sound of vocals, remarkable clarity and naturalness. The Stax headphones are doing their magic, but they need a good input to really sing and this combination is doing that: Dell PC > Audirvana for Windows > ToneBoosters Morphit VST plugin > Audioquest Dragonfly Black > Stax SR-3030 headphones The Stax headphones aren't necessarily modest, but I did buy second hand so not hugely expensive. The Morphit plugin has profiles for a lot of other headphones as well. Very happy indeed 🙂 David.
  2. I'm not sure that foam-based treatments like your mattresses will have much effect at 105 Hz to 120 Hz. David.
  3. I don't do anything else on my mac mini but play music, so also able to allocate a fairly large amount of memory for track pre-load (4GB) which maybe helps, but also using attached storage for music files, rather than network stored.
  4. You said you were hearing distortion playing a CD afterwards. If any damage has occurred and your hearing it when playing CDs, you're not sending the signal through the phono section of your preamp. I suggest you try testing using headphones and listen for the same distortion. If it's there, then it can't be your speakers. It also means it won't be the power amp. If you can't hear it with headphones, then the most likely starting point is the speakers. One thing you can do is gently push the drivers in and listen and feel for any 'scratchiness'. This may be an indication of voice coil damage.
  5. I use Audirvana on a Mac to play digital files, including dsf format without problems. It's recently been released for Windows 10 and may be an option. I know more recent development of Audirvana has focused on working well with networked storage of music files. I can't offer any personal experience of it on Windows, but you can download and test a fully working version as a trial. Regards, David.
  6. Matching cartridges has always been a 'dark art' in my mind. One of the key matching elements is to find a cartridge and tone arm combination that have a resonant frequency in the 8 to 12Hz range. Have a look at: https://www.theanalogdept.com/cartridge___arm_matching.htm
  7. Hi Owen. Count me in as well if there's still any available. Send me a PM to work through the details. Regards, David.
  8. Yes, using it with an Ortofon Cadenza Black. Love the combination.
  9. I've seen the RCM Sensor Prelude phono sell on here second hand for under $2K (not the Sensor 2, which is newer). I own one and can highly recommend it. It's an excellent MM/MC phono stage with a lot of flexibility, great sound and super quiet. Regards, David.
  10. I've used this quite successfully to keep my cartridge stylus clean: https://sonicpurity.com.au/store/vinyl-care-accessories/onzow-zerodust
  11. Thanks all to those who responded to my query re the Technics turntable -- greatly appreciated. Regards, David.
  12. Hi Marc. Is there a calibration microphone that comes with the unit? Regards, David.
  13. You can fit an SSD to the 2011 Mac Mini yourself if you're up for it. I fitted a 500GB SSD and it made a big difference. If you haven't already, you should also max out the RAM. Doing those two things makes the 2011 Mac Mini a great platform for Audirvana (still). I've looked at the specs for the 2018 models and they're a significant step forward, but they come at a much bigger price (I wouldn't consider the base model with the i3 processor).
  14. I've use an ME550-II with these speakers and the combination works beautifully. The amp is definitely a high current design and has more than enough power to make them sing.
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