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  1. All good! Thats not a great pic, as I had ambient lighting on and standing, angled from the side. Wall paint is matte and front on from the seated position there is minimal reflection, more a soft ‘glow’ if anything. Painting it black would be better but I don’t want make make it a black hole! As it’s the kids movie room, it’s all a bit of a compromise but haven’t had any complaint so far! There are plans to repaint whole room a dark colour when dad gets control of the room back!
  2. Thanks mate! The kids are a few movies in, I have streamed the TDF is all I’ve manage so far! I need to pick a decent movie and hand the kids over to the grandparents and give it the berries!
  3. Cabinets finished. Used all Blum soft close hinges, push to opens and upper cabinet lifters. Runs nice and smooth! For the investment, I’m very happy. Nothing exciting but for a discreet install- sounds great and most importantly keeps the kids happy without the equipment open to little fingers! Thanks for for all the input and feedback! image upload
  4. Aussie made screen, Aussie made speakers and (amateur) Aussie made cabinets! The only way to go
  5. Unfortunately on this amp the USB is powered even on standby. I use a Master/Slave power board. When amp is turned on, slave sockets become active. I have been using the Avico brand from Selbys with no issues.
  6. Yes cabinet closed. Cabinet has open back and running 2 AC infinity fans on a slave circuit. Have the same set up in my living room and runs cooler in the cabinet than my previous open TV bench!
  7. Nice! Thanks for the splitter EZY- working beautifully! Lower cabinet installed, will be putting a timber top on once my wife decides which timber she would like! Installed Krix Tryptix along with a Denon 1500H, Apple 4K TV, Sony Blu Ray player, EZYHD splitter and Harmony Companion to control the lot. Very happy with the Krix Tryptix and Seismix sub combo. I placed them on some foam eggshell and the shape means they naturally face upwards towards ear level. Despite the fronts being in a non ideal position, it is certainly enough for the purpose. Very crisp and full sound, even stereo is fantastic. I have picked up a another set and will be using them for surrounds, so 5 Tryptix and inceiling for Atmos. My young bloke is very excited!
  8. Screen Technics screen arrived and installed this week, along with a 65’ Samsung TV. Very happy with the ST quality, built like a tank. Hidden up behind the overhead cabinet well, I put a removable trim to hide the cainnister and looks very discrete. Happy days! Bottom cabinet finished and will install over the next few days
  9. Looks great. I think a sensible a compromise was made thanks to this forum. I have the bottom carcass almost done. Will get it together in the next few weeks and post back. Just need to choose a projector and TV that will keep the kids happy for a few years until I upgrade to something decent! Cheers
  10. After a 65 TV for the kids room. Have another thread in Screen section as I have ordered a 90 ST screen which will drop in front for movies. It will purely be for the kids and mostly FTA TV. Had a look in store today. Hisense 65R6 $920. LG UK6340 $1240. Samsung 7100 $1375. Have a cheap 65 Samsung in my living room and like the menu and responsiveness. Go cheap or stick with a Sammy or Sony? Any recommendations in the cheap department, budget is a little as possible so if the kids break it I’ll only be angry as little as possible. Cheers
  11. I wish I understood HDMI cables!! Top cabinet in. Waiting for screen to arrive to finish bottom cover panel. Bottom cabinet carcass job for the weekend!
  12. I have a newly built house with a small 4.8w x 4.2d theatre/playroom. Designing some custom cabinetry and would like to have an on wall 65' TV for the kids general FTA viewing and a drop down screen for movie nights. Seating position is 3.9m so would like an approx 100' screen. I'm limited with width due a recess in the room, so speakers will end up behind drop down screen. Im on the hunt for an approx 100' Acoustically transparent motorised tensioned screen, preferably in ceiling/recessed. Budget is on the lower end as it will only be to watch movies with the kids. Screenguys have their own branded screens but not recessed. The only screen i can find is the chinese brand XY Screens through Alibaba although would prefer to buy local. Any suggestions?
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