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  1. Looks great. I think a sensible a compromise was made thanks to this forum. I have the bottom carcass almost done. Will get it together in the next few weeks and post back. Just need to choose a projector and TV that will keep the kids happy for a few years until I upgrade to something decent! Cheers
  2. After a 65 TV for the kids room. Have another thread in Screen section as I have ordered a 90 ST screen which will drop in front for movies. It will purely be for the kids and mostly FTA TV. Had a look in store today. Hisense 65R6 $920. LG UK6340 $1240. Samsung 7100 $1375. Have a cheap 65 Samsung in my living room and like the menu and responsiveness. Go cheap or stick with a Sammy or Sony? Any recommendations in the cheap department, budget is a little as possible so if the kids break it I’ll only be angry as little as possible. Cheers
  3. I wish I understood HDMI cables!! Top cabinet in. Waiting for screen to arrive to finish bottom cover panel. Bottom cabinet carcass job for the weekend!
  4. Thanks to all that replied to this topic. Great to have some input to come up with a workable and wife approved solution! I have started some work on the sketch from above and have decided the Krix speakers horizontal and hidden in cabinet will be a good compromise for keeping things neat and negating the need for a acoustic screen. I spoke with Screen Technics who will make me a custom screen to fit the recess. Ends up approx 90’ viewing size which will be enough for kids movies!! I have started making up the speaker cloth doors to make sure wife is happy and will get some black melamine ripped up for the carcass. cheers
  5. Looks great mate! Love everything neat and mostly hidden- great to keep the kids out of it!
  6. Thanks Micheal, I already have the Tryptix from a previous set up and keen to use them again? Would they still be suitable to lay horizontal as sketched? Any benefit in running 3x Sonix over the Trytix in cabinet? I could use 2 of the Tryptix as rear surrounds?
  7. Very neat, l like it. How did the speakers work being below the screen?
  8. Try this on..... a compromise but workable? The Tryptix are a LCR and can be mounted horizontally as the center speaker is the same as the L/R as far as I can see. I know there are arguments against this but if he MTM are equi distance and with a ring tweeter would I lose much, considering it will be mostly kids movies! I was concerned with speakers against the back corner walls of the recess and the possibility of having reflections within the recess. Could laying all 3 on there side, tilted up and L/R in toward the viewer work? I would have plenty of play to move speakers angles and cover openings with custom speaker cloth grill. Cabinetry will be black so should blend in. It would then remove the acoustic screen requirement. I could live with a 96’ screen, hidden behind overhead cabinet. Im a stickler for neat, discrete installations. Move the couch towards screen as suggested by Betty to suit and increase the rear speaker distance as a benefit? Thoughts??
  9. Box them out. You're an ideas man. That could well be a goer! I'll stew on a few things. My wife can't work out why I sit in the room and stare at the wall with the TV off! Cheers
  10. brick walls, bloody hard for inwalls! Pillars are structural more than looks. Holds up a large open hallway concrete suspended slab- not fond of cutting too much out!
  11. Owner built, know every nook and cranny! Bulk head is empty but furring channels are front to back so would have to take down part ceiling to redo or may build an additional small 150x150 bulkhead to house screen. When I designed the house, the recess was to house a fixed 100' screen with 3 decent speakers behind. Now I know the damage a 3yo can do, i have changed course! I have considered wall mounting speakers on the pillars (both empty btw) but wifey is not happy with aesthetics as they are right there as you walk in door. I may position them in situ and see how they look again or buy a slimmer white wall mount speaker?? Better sound stage too. Light switches are a pain though! Couch is just a temp cheapie for now, happy to pull it off the wall- probably easier to get the toys out behind it! Thanks for you time to reply. Definitely gives me some things to play with, my wifes eye glaze over when i try discuss options!!
  12. Ignore the mighty 42 LCD and the toy mess! . Custom built in cabinetry and new TV to come!
  13. I’ll take some photos when I’m home. As its predominately a play room, the room is less user friendly than I’d like but I enjoy the challenge! Had a 5m x 8m theatre in my last house pre kids but the days of fixed screens, floorstanders and open AV equipment are gone 😀 Room is 4830 wide and 4190 deep not including recess (recess 500 deep). Not being a big room, couch will be against back wall so head sitting approx 3.9m from front of recess. A 100’ screen top case is at least 2600 so will have to mount in front. Considered tapping into cavity either side of recess but being brick, not easy to do. Speakers will have to be within recess to keep them away from the kids and limited space elsewhere. Wall mounted Krix Tryptix along side the wall mounted 65
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