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  1. I understand, it's a lot of money for a car. Maybe you should go all in; http://youtu.be/kI42CLpM2Yw
  2. BMW R1100RSL '94, Cabot Trail Canada
  3. Here is an exemple of a society that believes in the futur of electric cars. "The Parliament of Norway set the goal to reach 50,000 zero emission vehicles by 2018. Among the existing incentives, all-electric cars are exempt in Norway from all non-recurring vehicle fees, including purchase taxes, which are extremely high for ordinary cars, and 25% VAT on purchase, together making electric car purchase price competitive with conventional cars.[14] As an example, by early 2013 the price of the top selling Nissan Leaf is 240,690 krone (around US$42,500) while the purchase price of the 1.3-lt Volkswagen Golf is 238,000 Krone (aboutUS$42,000).[7] Electric vehicles are also exempt from the annual road tax, all public parking fees, and toll payments, as well as being able to use bus lanes.[14][15] These incentives are in effect until 2018 or until the 50,000 EV target is achieved" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plug-in_electric_vehicles_in_Norway
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSifCF8k27A
  5. Just watch the first episode of hit and miss, can't believe you would compare it to True Detective.
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