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  1. I’m finding the module inside the right ear cup can press on my ear. It becomes really uncomfortable. I’m a slim guy with a standard head and ears btw haha. Has anyone else experienced discomfort and how long can you comfortably wear them?
  2. Some cool articles to browse here https://www.scanyourentirelife.com/category/organizing_digitals/
  3. Can anyone comment on the Fiio 11/pro and Roon stability? Gapless playback on Roon & Tidal? Debating between going all out with a Fiio or an Earmen Sparrow and just using my iphone. I believe that the Fiio will be superseded by a new device next year so I’m mindful of that too. Thanks
  4. I was about to pull the trigger on a Fiio 11 pro but I noticed they posted on the head fi forum detailing newer models that are due to be released next year. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fiio’s-next-plan-for-players.948053/ I also noticed something about Google blocking updates to the software. "I need to know if my Fiio M11 Pro will be supported for at least 2 years, I just got one and it is still stuck with old version of Android? The version of Android will not update due to a Google-side decision which excludes a bunch of devices from getting later versions. This is
  5. I’m returning my pair. The left channel was significantly louder than the right. I gave it to someone to do a blind test and they confirmed my suspicions. I turned off all the audio enhancements and doublechecked my phone L/R balance. Very disappointing. Not sure if I will go for another pair or try something else.
  6. Return it. Google for similar issues and attach it with your return.
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