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  1. I have the Primare Pre30. Has HT bypass but missing phono. Has served me well. You’d think HT bypass would be more common with pre’s.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion@PKay The guys at Audio Genesis did a great repair job & my turntable is sounding better than ever. I don’t think they advertise as repairers but they were happy to take it on. I’d highly recommend them if you’re looking for some audio equipment . Very genuine people. Once again thanks to@topshelf for taking the time out to investigate the issue. Looking forward to enjoying some quality.
  3. This sounds like my best option. Head into the city, and have wait while it’s repaired. There’s nothing worse than dropping off something and picking it up in Sydney. I’ll flick them an email. Cheers
  4. Going from a ‘sydney search repair’ on here I’m going to try Kimil Electronics at Croydon Park. Will give them a call shortly and explain the issue. Cheers @topshelf
  5. Thanks again to @topshelf for the troubleshooting. I did purchase the turntable with the Ortofon 2M Blue pre fitted. I suspect this is how they come out from the factory. I’m open-minded to either having the solder cleared or upgrading the tone arm. Whatever is an easiest and as long as it’s cost effective. Appreciate any responses.
  6. I'm restricted to a fully automatic as my turntable is on a sliding shelf inside a cabinet. Gauging from the responses I think I'm going to go black. Unless anyone can find a higher quality fully automatic turntable?
  7. I currently have a Thorens TD-240 It's time for me to replace my Ortofon 2M blue. I'm interested in upgrading to the 2M Bronze but I am open-minded to going all out for the 2M Black. It may be overkill though. Interested to hear any opinions. Cheers https://theaudiophileman.com/thorens-td-240-2-turntable-review/ https://www.ortofon.com/ortofon-2m-bronze-p-325 https://www.ortofon.com/stylus-2m-black-p-393
  8. What is the purpose of the weight on the component? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply guys. I’ll look into the running costs. This thing is heavy duty and able to have a component stacked on top, which is handy.
  10. Has anybody ever has experience with one of these units? I didn’t buy the thermometer attachment so is it just meant to run 24/7? Is that going to have a significant impact on my bill? I sent the company email but I haven’t responded. http://www.coolcomponents.com/Component-Cooling-System-_p_191.html
  11. Thanks so much for the in depth reply. I may just look into this. Are the benefits worth the effort though? Sorry for the late response. I forgot to check the app. Cheers
  12. I own a JVC 500x 4K E-shift proj and am wondering if I buy a UHD player will I be able to project UHD content? Probably a stupid question but searching the web for a straight answer was a pain.
  13. Seems like everyone has opted for the SSD to run Roon. My mate reckons I should try a standard drive first. I'm thinking I should just get the SSD & do it once properly rather than get him out again to configure the SSD. I've got no idea how to set it up. Anyway if anyone has a SSD recommendation for my NAS from mwave.com.au give me a shout. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I own a Pre32. Input 6 can be used as the HT Bypass. It's on Pg7 and listed under Fixed level/SSL. It's a great unit. Noticed an immediate improvement from my old Emotiva XSP-1. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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