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  1. gmdb

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    Bhobba, don't worry, mate. He told me that as well a long while back. But if they are certified now, as I said before, that is good news. And I would hope to see the certifications documented on the website.
  2. gmdb

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    Or was that Robert Johnson?
  3. gmdb

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    There was also the Devil's Chord musos have talked about. I thin k even Linda Ronstadt mentioned it once. And I always just imagined Leadbelly standing at the crossroads with his guitar strapped on his back, looking down the forked path and deciding which one to take.
  4. gmdb

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    Bhobba, please see Marc's comment on this thread above. There are national and state databases that certifications should show on.
  5. gmdb

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    Bhobba it was reported on SNA some time back - as others have posted on this thread - that the KLEI power cables did not have certification at a certain point in time. When I sold them for KLEI I believe from what SNA members - with more knowledge than me about 240V issues - advised, and realised that I had sold the cables when there was no certification. I apologised for doing so and offered a refund to customers who had bought a cable from me. If certification now exists for the KLEI power cables that is great news and I expect that the certifications would be documented on the KLEI site. I will state what I have stated before: SNA has been very credible in educating people about power cable issues and the need for those certifications to be established. I have learnt a lot from what members have posted on these issues and stickies have been established for people new to this issue of power cords to learn quickly. All my previous comments have been based on advice from SNA members and I have no reason to doubt that advice.
  6. gmdb

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    I might be reading this thread wrong and the original post but I have picked up major criticism in the posts of Mike Lenehan. e.g. he couldn't develop a power cable. His speaker cables wouldn't work with Grandinote. The Curious USB cable which Mike has promoted probably isn't as good as the KLEI etc. And then suggesting all the issues with the Grandinote were somehow Mike Lenehan's fault, and not the makers for not offering full disclosure about how their amp works. Mike Lenehan from what I have seen offers full disclosure about his products as I do myself. Neither KLEI or Grandinote do this. Their websites are wrapped up in a pseudo-scientific gobbly-**** language that doesn't explain what they actually do. SNA has been very big on educating members about power cables and the Australian requirements that apply. I have learnt a lot from member posts and the stickies that have been presented. So much so that I have no interest in selling power cables. Truth in advertising is something that should apply to the audio world like any other market.
  7. gmdb

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    The KLEI power cables are simply CSY industrial cables that sell for around $10 per metre max. I've been told that he uses a 4-core and KLEI ties 3 of the cores to negative and uses the fragile screen for ground. I used to sell them before finding out that they were non-complying with Australian standards. As to the USB cable KLEI has little experience in this field and I suggest bhobba that you are advertising or easily impressed. Mods, please note that I sell neither power cords nor USB cables.
  8. gmdb

    Thicker Power cable?

    One of the most wonderful one-word posts I've ever seen on SNA. Lovely, mate!
  9. gmdb

    Thicker Power cable?

    Depends on how thick the conductor gauge is in the wire you are using now and how much current your components are wanting to draw. Going up to 2.5mm^2 as others suggested isn't a bad idea. That's around 13 awg and AFAIK a lot of the standard electrical cables that ship with electrical components are around 16 awg. I have always thought that primary advantage of expensive power cables was that the gauge of the conductors increased, getting closer or just exceeding the standard wiring inside our houses. I've had good results with 12 awg to amps and 14 awg to other components. This doesn't need to be expensive, but it is good if you know an electrician who can assist with conforming to the Australian standards for the wire used, the connectors, and the safety of the work.
  10. Probably not the shielding. The Chord C-1 has shielding as well. Van Damme - and Bill and I agree about this - make great cables at a certain price point. But what they put into their cables at that price point is better than what Chord does IMO, or Mogami and many others. Van Damme are simply a great cable company - with the rep behind them of having re-wired Abbey Road studios.
  11. Item: 2 sets of 300 matched pair valves for sale - EAT and Full Music Special Edition Location: Brisbane, Australia Price: EAT 300B = $650; Full Music SE = $550 Item Condition: Both valves would have around 100 hours on them. These are my special 300B valves that were only used for listening sessions with my favourite albums. Other valves were used for daily listening. Reason for selling: No longer needed - moving on from 300B Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Shipping will be at buyer's expense. Extra Info: Both sets of valves have original packaging and the certificates measuring their fresh from the factory performance. Both sets of valves have been tested today on my 300B amplifier and perform wonderfully. Pictures:
  12. Item: Audio-Origami PU7 Tonearm Location: Brisbane Price: $2,395 Item Condition: Mechanically condition is perfect. Plays records beautifully as would be expected from a tonearm of this calibre. There is some minor cosmetic wear on the wand where it is gripped by the arm rest. Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, or bank transfer can be arranged Extra Info: There have been lots of great reviews of the PU7 tonearm to give it the reputation of a modern classic. This tonearm is made in Scotland and was purchased from Audio-Origami (Australia) who have confirmed that the tonearm still has 3 months warranty left. It is a Rega mount and could be considered IMO as the ultimate upgrade for a Rega style turntable (plus others): more bass, more precision, just more of everything in its performance. I used this on a highly modified Rega P3-24 plinth and also on a modified Acoustic Research XA sprung chassis turntable. It performed brilliantly on both of them. The arm is medium mass, and plenty of information is available about it on the internet, including quite detailed set-up and adjustment videos on YouTube. I have the original foam-cushioned packaging which is included in the sale. The Scottish manufacturer's website can be accessed here: http://www.audioorigami.co.uk/pu7/ Pictures:
  13. For those of us trying to run a business out of selling cables, yep, it's tough at the moment.
  14. It's a limited edition. I'm overstocked on 24 awg UPOCC wire and Amphenol RCAs are the best way to to keep the cost down and still buy an Australian company's connectors, which I try to do for the most part, although this not always feasible for the cables I make. But I really can't say any more. I'm not a sponsor on this site, and I take care not to promote my business in any comments I make because of that. But I thank Bill for the promotion. God knows I need it.
  15. These use the genuine Swiss multi-contact z-plugs. They are fatter and more springy and have the the "z" teeth the correct distance apart. Take care with the Chinese copies as the ones I have seen don't use the correct copper alloy and as a result the teeth are too close together, and they don't have much spring. They don't fit some terminals very well. I have attached an image showing the difference. The genuine Swiss multi-contact is shown on the right.