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  1. I think you should have a look at the Van Damme pro audio cables. They should be a very good improvement from stock cables and are not expensive. SNA member Bill does them for members at cost price. Here's the thread: @Bill125812 cheers Geoff
  2. A big thank thank you to everybody who replied to this thread. Technical expertise and personal experience have both been interesting. And it's given me a better insight into why some people tell me that they get a good result with a decent analogue cable. I personally remain in the camp of using a properly spec'd 75 Ohm cable for a 75 Ohm connection, but the argument about using RCA connectors on a 75 Ohm cable - that is you stuff it up - is persuasive. (So if a 75 Ohm cable doesn't accurately work as 75 Ohm because of the RCA connector then it does make sense that a non-75 Ohm cable could still give an accurate response by comparison. Both are inaccurate to some degree.) Which suggests that the RCA connector itself is an issue for 75 Ohm, and leads to the question as to why BNC connectors aren't more widely used in audio? Which is a question I don't really expect anybody on SNA to have an answer for. .
  3. And now a message massage from the Swedish Prime Minster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gbiqj1skGkk From Monty Python's "Previous Record".
  4. Thanks Dave Very interesting: So it's possible if the DAC and let's say a USB to spdif converter are doing a good job ( with reclocking), then they'll remedy issues in the cable? So is it possible that the better DAC you have the less important it is to have a 75 ohm cable? It just doesn't seem right but feedback I've been getting suggests it might be the case. Up to now I've been firmly saying that a 75 Ohm cable must be used.
  5. I had always heard that 1.5 m was a minimum for 75 Ohm but I have had lots of people tells me they get great results with 0.5 m.
  6. Hi Dave Yes, it is obviously very robust, because it still delivers music even when the 75 Ohm protocol is totally neglected, and I do find that odd. But if timing is out should we expect to hear it in the sound quality? I would have always said yes. But I am getting examples where that appears not be the case, and I'm genuinely puzzled at the moment. And I should stress that this is a genuine enquiry wrt to people's experiences. I'm not arguing one way or the other or trying to be controversial.
  7. And I would agree, and have always done so, but recent experience is revealing some odd stuff.
  8. I need to start by saying I am talking about a spdif to spdif connection (coax to coax) e.g. coax out from CDP to coax in on a DAC. The protocol is that it must be a 75 Ohm cable - which is a coaxial cable rate at 75 Ohms. Recently, I have come across a few people who use a standard analogue RCA to RCA cable and get good results. And even when they have tried a decent quality 75 Ohm casble, they still prefer the analogue cable they are using. I was asked today to make up a cable using a specific wire as a twisted pair for a 75 Ohm digital connection. I advised that it wouldn't meet the 75 Ohm digital protocol but it would still work, but there may be loss of timing, imagining and dynamics. I made the cable up and I'm testing it tonight. I'm finding it hard to pick the difference between it and a 75 Ohm cable of similar high quality wire. Perhaps, the 75 Ohm cable has a bit more spaciousness and a touch more high end, but there's next to nothing in it. cheers Geoff
  9. gmdb

    FS: Aurealis Step Up Transformer

    I am surprised this hasn't sold yet. Just saw another SUT that sold in the Classifieds that was in a wooden box, with all wiring from the transformers completely unshielded. Not good when dealing with such low level signals. I'm the maker of this SUT and it's in a fully enclosed aluminium box. In many of these boxes I also included copper foil for extra shielding.
  10. gmdb

    SUT Upgrade

    Yes, I'd like to know that as well.
  11. gmdb

    SUT Upgrade

    Good question. I think in audio we don't ask enough of those questions:) It would be good to know if the Hashimoto 7 are actually silver-plated copper. It is so hard finding the specifications for these and other obscure (in Australia) Japanese components. So if there is a link to the specs on the windings I'd love to have it. I have heard the Hashitmoto 7s and they are wonderful - so open and spacious, definition and imagining were excellent IMO. I re-wired a pair for a customer and they certainly benefited from having high quality hook-up wiring (Neotech UPOCC copper) to the RCA sockets (compared to the original wiring that had been DIY done). I would love to try the H3s but funds don't quite permit that at the moment. The Cinemag 1254s (and the 3440AH with a good burn in time) are high quality and sound great, but the H7s are a step up (no pun intended). And they should be as they are so much more expensive. But this is a case IMO where "you get what you pay for" is true.
  12. gmdb

    Remove surface noise with WD40!

    wet-playing vinyl. It's a thing: https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=22360 Dual turntables use to include instructions on wet playing records in their manuals for their old 1200 series. No, I haven't tried it. I always wondered what you did with a wet record after you'd played it. You couldn't just slip it back into the anti-static sleeve.
  13. Well Duelund 20 awg was used by Bill for these but I didn't mean he should give them away 😁 But @Scumbag is right - great for a lower watt valve amp, and more generally should be a good match for up to 30 watts per channel.
  14. gmdb

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    Bhobba, don't worry, mate. He told me that as well a long while back. But if they are certified now, as I said before, that is good news. And I would hope to see the certifications documented on the website.
  15. gmdb

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    Or was that Robert Johnson?