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  1. This appears to be a simple design. Don't be fooled. This turntable and this arm are both extraordinary examples of well considered design and exceptional engineering. The foundation provided by the turntable is sturdy and does not contaminate the sound quality. The arm facilitates the recovery of sound, which is both precise and methodical in its operation. This Kuzma turnable is not only an example of exceptional engineering but a work of art. GLWTS.
  2. Great pair of Headphones. These are built like a tank, but extremely comfortable. At a really good price, very reasonable. GLWTS
  3. HI I am considering purchasing the Gold Note PH-10, but on the other hand was also thinking perhaps the Chord Huei. I am aware that I should listen to both before making a decision, which I shall when I get time. I’ve got a Linn LP12 Sondek TT from the 1980’s in perfect condition, with a clearaudio virtuoso v2 cartridge MM (it was my father’s until very recently). So the point of this topic is to get some empirical views on these two Phono’s, or any others you might suggest. If suggestions are made, please let me know why you are making such a suggestion. Thank
  4. Hi All, I am curious, which cartridge alignment method do you use BAERWALD, LOEFGREN OR STEVENSON or something else and why? Please include: 1. Cartridge type, including brand and model; 2. Turntable; 3. Tonearm; 4. Phono stage; 5. Type of music you listen to; 6. If you have photos, please include; 7. Reason you use a particular method over another and why? I’m grateful for your contribution. Kind Regards
  5. Thanks muon, I’ll definitely take a look. Very much appreciated. regards
  6. Maybe, I’ve got a 20 year old amp that sounds awesome. Although companies that do their homework with thorough R and D are putting to market some amazing products. Companies like Pro-Ject, Schitt Audio,. First watt, Chord etc. Thanks for your contribution. regards
  7. Thanks Red, I’m optimistic mate, otherwise there is always a Pro-ject phono stage (which is a great brand) for the same money new. All good
  8. That’s all they’re worth mate. They’re 20 years old. Anything more is pie in the sky. regards
  9. Item:EAR 845P MM & MC PHONO STAGE (BLACK) Price Range: 400 (depending upon condition) Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a second hand unit in good working order EAR 845P (WITH BOTH MM & MC) Phono Stage black in colour.
  10. What are the amps in photograph 3? Thanking you in advance.
  11. What active speaker are you thinking of getting?
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