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  1. Considering a power regenerator. What are the current views on this? Any comments would be helpful. Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. I've ordered a Project Box S2 DAC. I will check out Qobuz as well as Audirvarna. Have any of you guys used Audacity? and If so what are your thoughts on it? I will in due course look to digitizing my record collection, which consists of only about 50 records or so. Looked at pure vinyl looks great but I don't particularly want to spend another 500 odd dollars at moment.
  3. Hi All, For the last 12 months or so I have been really getting into vinyl. However recently, i.e. last 80 hours or so, I have really gotten into Roon and Tidal hifi (masters) etc. I have an old Cambridge DacMagic Plus (bought in about 2013 or thereabouts) but very unimpressive with Roon and Tidal no MQA etc. I have set up Roon on an old mac (i7) works perfectly. Thoughts on project Box S2 Digital Dac? or any other DACS under $500 that run Roon in MQA. Is there a big difference between say the project Box s2 Digital Dac and the PS Audio Directstream DAC? Ones like just over 500 bucks and the other one is well over 8k. Is there really that much difference to warrant the extra 8 plus k? Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this. Thanks
  4. Thoughts on RCA or Balance inputs/outputs on an Amp. I'm using RCA's on my amp not experienced Balanced. I want to derive a real world experience from people who have lived with both at one point or another. IS one different to the other? and if so, why? IS one better (subjective) than the other? and if so, why? Looking forward to your input, if you pardon the pun.
  5. Nice power cable. Here's a link to the specs on these: https://nordost.com/odin-supreme-reference/odin/power-cord.php GLWTS
  6. Hi All, An update speaker adjustments HF +75dB LF 00 dB Go figure, would have thought that turning up bass would of helped. It didn't, it made sound muddy.
  7. Hi All, thanks for the suggestions. Just an update. I went back to basics and read the manuals in relation to all the equipment. Problem now solved. Speaker cables plugged in + to + - to - There is an adjustment at the rear of the speakers for LF and HF, I changed both. Speakers on one side about 2 m from one wall on other side about 1.5 away and about 3.5 m away from each other. Both speakers about 1.2m from rear wall. Placed cork under speakers (feet) floor is tiled. All sounds awesome. Bass pumping and clear sharp highs. Thanks again for everyone's input very much appreciate it.
  8. Hi All, haven't tried yet, will go it later this evening and will advise.
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