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  1. C’mon buddy....don’t be bashful, let’s see em!
  2. +1 for the AT150mlx. It obliterated the 2m Black when a friend and myself tested both carts on his SL1200 mk2 with jelco tonearm and also my modded RP3 (with era gold v) Youd be be hard pressed to find a better MM, especially considering the price. Personally I would steer clear of the 2m black/Bronze etc, there are far better carts around.
  3. Hello again Ed. I would like Brian Eno - David Byrne please. What a score! Cheers....Shane
  4. Don’t wish your life away fellas....get the credit card out!
  5. I agree with the comments on the AT150mlx. It’s ridiculously good value. I started out with a 2m red and it was rubbish, poor tracking and sound wise it was average. After much painstaking research I purchased 150mlx and it lit up my system. Tracks beautifully. Just the other week I took my RP3 with 150mlx over to a mates place for a shootout against his 2m black. The 150mlx blew it away. My friend who has a decent set of ears (better than mine) sold his black the very next day. It wasn’t even close. Unfortunately AT has discontinued this model, but it is currently half the price that it used to be. Still available for around $500 think. Absolute bargain!
  6. Ah yes! I remember that thread with the old bloke and his B&Ws. It was hilarious. Is it still around? Can anyone find it? I would like to show a mate of mine. In no particular order, classifieds turntable & vinyl after a few beers I like to stalk politics Shane
  7. I believe one was listed for sale in the classifieds just yesterday! I say go buy it they are very well regarded. Cheers....Shane
  8. Simple Minds - New Gold Dream please Ed. Also Split Enz - Time & Tide Thanks...shane
  9. Get a Graeme Slee phono (second hand if possible) it will blow you away and give you tingles! Any money left over put towards a groovetracer sub platter or the like. I started this journey with a brand new stock RP3-2mred. In two years I have upgraded the following, Slee era gold v with power supply, groovetracer sub platter and acrylic platter, Rega TT psu, white belt and cart AT150mlx. I can can tell you the single biggest "WOW" factor was the phono pre (was using on board vintage Luxman prior). Highly recommend the Slee or reputable phono. The platter/sub platter was also a major sonic upgrade. I'm currently loving my setup and the journey has been interesting, expensive and loads of fun! I will also add I purchased nearly all of those upgrades from the sna classifieds. Patience pays off and when something is listed, be quick! Cheers....Shane
  10. +1 for the era gold, decibel hi fi in Brisbane currently has them for sale. Well within your budget. Excellent service and prompt postage. http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/graham-slee-era-gold-v-intro/
  11. I will take one please if still available. Pm sent. Cheers...Shane
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