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  1. I've actually got some plain clay pottery ones sitting in the shed. Are the glazed ones more heat resistant? I've got some of those too, but about to be used under a re-potted plant.
  2. I've set mine on a bamboo board to protect the refurbished table I got from you. All the moisture the bamboo board soaked up over winter is now burbling away... I couldn't work out for awhile what the hissing/burbling type sound was
  3. Haven’t used the Kamado over winter and it was full of mould. Thought I’d do a pyrolytic clean. How hot have you guys got yours? That’s just shy of 900f and got concerned it might crack so I’ve 3/4 closed the bottom vent to bring it back down slowly
  4. I think it is 12 2.4mx1.2m sheets. I had a Ford Territory at the time and they only just fit in the back. I cut all my share into 1200mmx600mm sheets and placed around my HT room. This time it will be for my living room and dodgy DIY window screens for some west facing windows, so I'll also be covering them. I believe you get flag material printed to cover them
  5. These IMG recliners are 2470 wide and our room is 3.9m wide. We specifically wanted something streamlined too, rather than the overly plush things most sell. Not cheap but also have ergonomically sculpted backs and tilting head rests. They feel more like a comfy car seat and can be placed close to walls.
  6. I'd also be interested. I did a group buy with 3 or 4 other members a few years ago and it worked out well. Luckily the organiser had a van and the room at his home for the bulk order. I'm after white this time round.
  7. I was looking in this < $3000 region and was told the Expobar Minore IV was the stand-out option by several people, including our resident coffee bean roster @joz. I've been very happy with mine and now around 4 years old and going strong.
  8. That wouldn't matter in my situation as my Moon integrated does Tidal and is a Roon endpoint. Anyway, I've discovered the Apple TV workaround which is fine for background music.
  9. Played around a little bit tonight and low an behold, I can now use Spotify Connect from my phone to the Apple TV app. I was sure in the past I never saw the Apple TV as a device to listen on...Thanks for all the great options everyone and I hope this thread may be of some value to others not so fortunate. Some may be asking how, there is no optical out of the Apple TV? Correct, I'm using HDMI to my TV and then optical out from the TV to my integrated's optical input. It causes the odd lip sync issue but all good on the audio front.
  10. It probably only happened a month ago. It doesn't bother me much at home during lockdown, as my laptop has a bookmark to my new activity page so I can still access it, but not from other devices or browsers
  11. Then a 2nd is not necessary. If money is burning a hole in your wallet, I suspect there are better ways to spend it, like going to a processor instead of the AVR. This would have a much more substantial bang for buck improvement IMHO. If you like full on meaty sound may I suggest one of the Marantz processors. I had room issues which made a second sub a necessity, 1 side of the room was getting way more base than the other. @Red Spade Audio measured my room and we found the 2 best workable positions. 1 sub is front right and the other is centred at the back wall. The hidden sub is nothing special but they work well enough for my neighbours to know when I have the house to myself and up the volume. I also get rattles of pictures in other parts of the house, and my main sub is a SVS PB2000, and my room is slightly bigger than yours at 6x4m
  12. I used to have a customised button in the SNA forums for new activity. Now that is gone and it just shows all activity. Can we have the customised buttons back?
  13. Thanks, I'll think about it. I had to place an ebay order for some other stuff so thought I 'd check on Chromecast's and nearly choked on the prices. I might just bite the bullet and grab one despite the profiteering going on. BTW the way, I went to eBay to buy this gravy mix, it is powdered gold this stuff https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/t18AAOSwPe1T88nP/s-l1600.jpg
  14. Yes and Yes. I can use Spotify connect on my Marantz processor in the HT room, but not on my Moon ACE integrated in the family room. My main 2ch system is the only place in the house I can't get a workable Spotify connection
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