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  1. blybo

    nbn to “kill off top fixed wireless products”

    pfft. We live and work in mid to outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. None of our work or home 5 locations have access or likely to have it this year...
  2. blybo

    Off the grog!!

    I'm the opposite, once I start, I don't stop till I decide to go to bed, and with neat Scotch, that can get messy. I wish I could get into drinking tea, I've tried Jasmine, black, herbal, fruity... nope.
  3. blybo

    Off the grog!!

    Well there’s the rub. I have a perfectly good bike many people would die for, but I just don’t love it so don’t ride it enough. Only around 5000km in 4 years. I bought it in a rush when my old bike died unexpectedly and needed a replacement for a cycling holiday. Before kids I’d ride 8-9000km a year. They are 7&8 now so we are coming out the other side and starting to look to ride more. I’ve just bought a new chain, cassette, bar tape and gum wall tyres to try and make the current bike more appealing but can’t even motivate myself to install the stuff... maybe this weekend. This is the current steed, (not my bike though) but I have aero bars and all black bar tape and saddle
  4. blybo

    Off the grog!!

    Well that frame but hopefully with SRAM etap and Zipp 303’s... or a Ti framed road disc bike. Okay, it’s been around 6/7 weeks now and I’m rarely even think about alcohol, but did weaken last weekend and knock off a bottle of scotch over 3 nights as part of a little family celebration. Apart from that only 3 or 4 drinks over the whole stretch. The exercise was going quite well but winter cold has set in and riding buddies wife has some health issues so he cant get out. Certainly feeling somewhat fitter and better overall and REALLY sleeping well, except for tonight 😡... Was planning on riding my indoor bike trainer this morning but I’ve been awake since 3am. Not riding as much as I’d like but walking most days, even if only for 30 minutes Weight loss has been negligible but have changed shape a little and for the better. I’m tending to eat more crap and have late night snacks in replacement of the alcohol calories. Still, must be healthier for it I guess. I really need to focus being really strict on getting my diet right for a 4/5 day stretch and then new habits should hopefully look after themselves. I have pretty poor self control in regard to food generally and eat poorly well it’s cold or I’m bored.
  5. blybo

    Wireless Speaker options

    Was this done on reputation or after demo? Bose are industry leaders in this field as well as noise cancelling headphones, I wouldn't consider the brand for any other sectors. I have a Bose Soundlink Mini which is excellent for my travel needs. If you also want radio options look at some of the Tivoli Audio speakers. If you are looking at Sonos which is not really wireless, what is the budget and what will the source be? I personally really like Sonos because of the UI of their smartphone apps, but if more for computer audio on a budget, also consider Audioengine active speakers and a stand alone dac. I use Audioengine 5+ in my office and love them for what they are, the newer HD6 has bluetooth and optical in, but I have not heard this particular model. https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Speakers/2.0/61472-HD6-WAL
  6. @Sime If still going ahead with the new model that's fine. Not trying to twist your arm
  7. blybo

    Giro d'Italia 2018

    I've been watching as much of this as my body can take, which aint much these days. The Giro it the best stage racing of the year IMHO. Riders are not betting their whole year on it and are prepared to take bigger risks. This year has been fantastic to see someone "fresh" take it to Froome and leave him in his wake. Admittedly, Froome looks like a battered man with all the off bike stuff going on. Still, far more exciting than watching Team Sky ride to their power meter readouts like robots. On a personal note, I go to the region the TT will be in tonight every 6 months for work, and stay in the town stage 17 will depart from Riva del Garda. A beautiful spot I love going to, just wish I could stay longer each time. Check out the scenery tomorrow night, particularly early in the stage, you won't be disappointed.
  8. Mine too as a business owner I can't justify the 3x the $$$ of business class. OT but Qantas now only fly direct to London in Europe so if going to continental Europe I have to fly Emirates with Qantas code share. This means I can no longer use my wifes Qantas FF points to upgrade between Melbourne and Dubai... F%^&ers 😡😡. Once you've enjoyed Business it's hard to turn right. I now just pay a premium for exit rows.
  9. I long haul to Europe twice a year, and will be going again in a few weeks. I started with Sure sound isolating earbuds. Extremely effective but like many here, I found them irritating, especially if I fell asleep with them in as I would turn my head and press them further into my ear. I then went to Bose QC15's which were great but couldn't be used without battery power or being able to turn noise cancelling off. Now have Sennheiser PXC550 and the increase in noise isolation and overall practicality is fantastic. I love the wireless use of them for bluetooth music but tend to swap over to disposable ear plugs for sleeping. I still travel with my Apple Air Pods too, as incredibly convenient to carry, can hear PA announcements in the airport or hear traffic when out walking.
  10. blybo

    Naim Uniti Core

    Yeah certainly is great stuff. If it had not been for continual delays with the Uniti Star last year, I may have bought that instead of the Moon Neo Ace.
  11. blybo

    Off The Rails Cinema

    with scope screen and a JVC you will not need vertical masking. The projector can do it for you. I have panels to mask my scope screen when watching 16:9 material. I don't bother using it as I don't notice the side bars
  12. blybo

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    Unfortunately it is reserved for RS models 😢 Still also considering another Golf R as they have some extras the Audi doesn't have like like power seat with memory
  13. blybo

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    I’ve looked at the 140i and as a Collingwood 6 footer, it leaves no room for growing kids in the back. Even at 7&8 year old it looks cramped and I couldn’t get my size 9 hoofs in the back. Also think interior is a little low rent compared to other cars in the price point. Wolfsburg was given back weeks ago. We have verbal agreement for a full refund. Very relived and hopefully processed tomorrow. Audi S3 is front runner right now with eofy deals being done
  14. blybo

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    I can't afford the RS3 but love the solid grey colour, the more sophisticated looks, bark of the that engine note. I've sat in a couple of A45's and they scream look at me. I can see why so many young affluent Chinese guys buy them.
  15. blybo

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    It's a bit cringe worthy but here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf0-VSNQcBU