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  1. Darker colour looks great Joe. With the rug it gives a more homely feel and makes the floorboards a real highlight too. The big boy's will look great when they return.
  2. Yup. Will still have to source a larger bamboo ply piece as the cover doesn't have sufficient height to go over that too.
  3. Guy has these pre made so picking 1 up this arvo, nothing better to do anyway.
  4. That will do nicely. Order placed.
  5. Not chewed. The black Slinky Malinkey one is the 1 that chews. However they are great time vacuums in this era of self isolation.
  6. Canterbury used office furniture often have 2nd hand Herman Miller chairs. Pretty sure I picked mine up for $400 a few years ago. They're around $2k new which I could never justify. Absolutely love it and will probably be with me for my entire working life.
  7. As already mentioned, yes they are Aperta 100 Isoacoustic stands. There is also a pro model which I believe is a little cheaper but just as effective. They made a huge difference. Previously I was using the Audioengine tilted rubber stands on concrete pavers.
  8. These 2 Mean this box is now required... Thursday night the little ginger kitty jump on the platter and proceeded to do a full spin. I now know why my platter belt fell off a week ago. I need to find an acrylic manufacturer to make a nice dust cover before lockdown. And look what I woke to this morning... Was going to buy the new Foiltek cables, but perhaps not now though
  9. This used to be my pain cave/cardio room before I had to close my dedicated warehouse and run the business from home at the end of January. I have a macbook pro under the desk (on my sub) connected to the 4k, 32" USB-C monitor. The monitor has a hub that runs USB from the macbook to my Audioengine D1 DAC/Headphone amp. That then runs standard RCA's to the Audioengine A5+ powered monitors. The imac to the side has my roon core on it and it "usually" sees my DAC as a Roon end point but I often have to re-boot the laptop for Roon to see the DAC. Don't know what the issue is there but Macbooks pro reboots pretty quick.
  10. Is it just the camera lens, or is the front right (as you look at them) spike or footer thread bent?
  11. Mine are too. I'd drop Tidal in an instant. The supposedly obvious SQ difference between these services is simply not there to my ears. And that's on multiple systems with speakers and headphones. I've done the bitrate blind test online and usually get around 75% correct so my ears can't be that bad, but often it's a bit of a guess and 320kps compressed MP3's are fine by me. Can we get a free trial of Qubuz without the need for a vpn etc?
  12. Give me a spell... I've sold my fair share of stuff here too at very fair prices. Bargaining is different to low balling. Sellers can always reject any offers I make. Occassionally they do, but my offers are usually considered fair and accepted by sellers. I don't have any negative feedback either, and don't ask for positive feedback from sellers or purchasers.
  13. I have occasionally followed FS threads anonymously. 1, because I'm vaguely interested in the sale and 2, why would you flag your interest to everybody if you are keen? Just negates your bargaining power if/when you do make an offer.
  14. I binge watched The Test. Brilliant 8 episode doco on the rebuilding of the Aussie cricket team after sandpaper gate. Well worth a look if you are even a moderate cricket fan... @Luc
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