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  1. consider natural fiber socks/slippers or bare feet as synthetic fiber socks or shoes can increase static. Static is also worse in winter when air is usually drier.
  2. The Smiths. The remasters are a revelation but on the black stuff, too rich for me. I do thoroughly enjoy the remixes via Tidal or Spotify though.
  3. blybo

    Spotify simultaneously through different systems

    Both Sonos devices should be able to be connected to your single spotify account and be grouped to play simultaneously. 1 sonos device does not send to the other, they are just both streaming simultaneously from the same app. I guess with an outside DAC you may have to adjust delay if possible, as I'd expect the spotify thru your dac may be slightly out of sync. This happens to me when I have foxtel going in two rooms, the 1 going thru a HT processor is slightly behind.
  4. blybo

    Spotify simultaneously through different systems

    Spotify is native to Sonos gear, your phone will simply be a controller.
  5. blybo

    Spotify simultaneously through different systems

    No. Spotify knocked back Roon's request for integration. Maybe in the future they may play nicely together.
  6. blybo

    Marantz 8802A firmware upgrade issue

    Different models get their feature upgrades at massively differing times. I believe the update that has effected mine was updated on your processor way over a year ago, before the 4k Apple TV came out. Obviously this upgrade has allowed my Apple TV to now see thru the processor to the projector... and yes as you suspected, it has changed to 4k HDR output. I've swapped back to 1080p SDR 60hz and all is fine in the world. Thanks. Wondering if I should use 4k SDR, as internet speeds are now usually over 10mb/sec. HDR on the Apple TV will confuse wife and kids too much.
  7. blybo

    Marantz 8802A firmware upgrade issue

    You misunderstand me, when I select my HDR profile, I also have to manually select the calibrated gamma curve for that profile, the JVC will always default back to it's standard gamma in this profile. At leasts that's how it was explained to me. Rach is watching Foxtel in there now, I'll check when she's ready for bed... Perhaps I've confused myself, but I always thought it was the other way around on my $k player.
  8. blybo

    Marantz 8802A firmware upgrade issue

    Only change has been the update. Apple would have been seeing the projector was 4k capable from day 1 of owning the Apple TV. If the Apple TV was outputting HDR it should look overly bright and oversaturated on THX profile, not washed out. My projector has been calibrated now, I only change gamma setting on HDR profile, as apparently according to the calibrator, the JVC will not default to a calibrated gamma setting.
  9. blybo

    Spotify simultaneously through different systems

    I have a 10m optical cable sitting in a draw at the office
  10. blybo

    Spotify simultaneously through different systems

    HDMI to the TV and optical out of tv to Dac. That’s how I use the Apple TV in my 2 ch system
  11. blybo

    Marantz 8802A firmware upgrade issue

    It’s not that. Something else. I use 1080p output on ATV as we don’t have nbn yet. I tried my 4K user profile and it was then really dark and still washed out. The update was a lot later coming thru for my model than yours
  12. blybo

    Lose It !

    No problem. Btw, you’ve got issues. 🤪
  13. blybo

    Lose It !

    Ouch. In cycling that's called bonking. I've had it a few times but not to the point of vision issues. Just so we are clear, I'm not criticising your diet at all, or trying to push you into something other than you wish to do. I've learnt a lot about fasting/keto in the last few weeks and find how the body reacts to it fascinating. Your "bonk" probably happened because you were fasted but your body wasn't used to training whilst fasted and probably going too hard. Perhaps by coincidence you didn't have much carbs or sugar the previous evening. High intensity aerobic or anerobic workouts are not recommended whilst fasted for anybody, steady cardio is the goal, no heavy weights or flat chat sprints etc. When I ride fasted I don't feel as strong as usual and a bit sluggish, but was surprised that a few 100 minute rides have been handled without fatigue like I would normally feel. Your body was, and probably still is, always looking to use glucose as its fuel system, this would be the case for 90+% of the population eating even moderate carbs or sugar. Once you do semi regular fasting and/or Keto, your body is able to quickly switch to using fat for fuel once there is no glucose/glycogen left, and recent studies are suggesting the body of someone "fat adapted" can create glycogen from fat to fuel muscles. I first learnt about fasted training watching a cycling channel on you tube (GCN) and it's starting to be used widely as a way for elite athletes efficiently increase endurance and to reduce instances or severity of bonks. At that stage I thought it had nothing to do with weight loss or the atothogy, which is the regeneration of cells.
  14. blybo

    Lose It !

    Monkey Barrell. Just a cheapish blend for quaffing