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  1. blybo

    The Ashes

    You think this is a captain's decision these days? Bringing in Siddle in favour of Starc was just as big a mistake. We should have had Starc AND Pattinson in the 5th test. Why have 6 bowlers if you bowl 2 of them into the ground?
  2. @rantan ⬆️ makes things a bit difficult to photograph.
  3. Where do you need to go to? The Gardiners Creek trail can get you into the city and out Glen Waverley way if you want to keep off the roads initially. But there will the cycling commuter whacky races going on, it's a busy trail.
  4. blybo

    The Ashes

    That's what we don't want! As others have said, how many chances?
  5. Horses for courses. If you are riding in spring/summer only, your commute will be in daylight hours. This is where contrast is just as important as colour. For example, I only ever buy white helmets, I wear flouro or very light coloured jerseys or gillets (thin wind/rain resistent vests) and avoid black/grey or subdued coloured jerseys, black and white is good though. I use my lights day and night. Daylight lights need to be uber bright to be useful. When I used to commute in heavy traffic I also used a bright front and rear light on my helmet, as often cars approaching from the side may not notice you filtering past cars on the left or in a bike lane. The lights which are above your average sedan/wagon roof line are a great help in being spotted. At night reflectives are important in a busy environment, but lights are equally or more important. Bright clothing is of little use in the dark, this is where you need reflective sections to your clothing. When commuting all year round before my kids were born and stuffed everything up , I would often choose to stay back a little and ride in the dark. I always felt more visible in the dark with quality lights than at dusk or as you said, riding into a rising or setting sun.
  6. I have the same TT. Do you mind telling me which record clamp that is and where purchased? The plastic 1 that comes with the TT is totally at odds with the finish of the table. I have mine on an Ikea bamboo chopping block with 5 small squares of sorbothane supporting the chopping block. My Entertainment unit's top is also concrete, but it can't be solid concrete as it's not that heavy
  7. I'm no expert but 1 thing I did was turn off the wifi in my wifi modem/router (bridge mode?) and then put a separate wifi router in another central park of the house to deal with all our wifi devices. The streaming part of my network is all wired with cat 5 and due to NBN recently being installed in a less than ideal location my cable runs have almost doubled and I had to add another switch. I have not found a noticeable difference with the increase in runs. I can't say I could tell a big difference with isolating the wifi from my modem however the network has been more stable ever since and almost never requiring a re-boot. I use domestic linksys network gear.
  8. https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/footy-personality-dead-after-victorian-car-crash/news-story/16654639f9d07aa74fc092c70b078c26 I've never met the man, nor supported St.Kilda or Richmond, but his bubbly personality stood out like a beacon in the media and I feel like I've lost a friend. He had a public battle with mental health issues and I hope like hell for his family that his single car accident, the day after his birthday, doesn't have an even sadder/darker cause. If you have any friends you think may be doing it tough please contact them and ask if they are okay.
  9. I had the pleasure of visiting the church yesterday. Was there to partake in some SNA kindness in our shared BBQ'ing hobby but had to take the opportunity to listen to those big JBL's whilst there. What a joy, pure ease and non fatiguing sound with just the right balance of detail. Unbelievable that such huge speakers can sonically disappear. You should be very proud of your achievements Doug.
  10. I’ve posted this one before. A big fantasy
  11. blybo

    The Ashes

    Dukes vary year to year also. English cricket board asked for a new batch to be made to the same spec as last years. The 2019 model used early this season were not moving as much as last years production. I believe last years had extra lacquer applied for some reason. RE tonight; please play Starc and bat first if we win the toss. 1 thing I haven't heard mentioned yet is Starc will create rough for Lyon against right handers. When the English right arm bowlers are going around the wicket they are hitting the crease wide so the rough they create is not really in play. This pitch is also said to be the bounciest in England, a style of pitch that Lyon thrives on. Bowling last he may be a real handful, as he was in the 1st test.
  12. Not comparing to the Volvo. If I could have got cheaper with ability to tow I would have. I was looking to save as much money as possible but had slightly un-common needs. But as said, the boot space in the Mazda (and many other brands)SUV's are poor. The Volvo isn't massive, but at least just wide enough for my large sample bag. I'd say the original CX5 was only about 70% the boot capacity of the XC60. Otherwise, extremely happy with the Volvo. Repayments roughly the same as my Commodore it replaced. It averages around 6.5l diesel per 100kms on the open road with a bit over 1000km range for a max of about $90. My V8 commodore wagon would average 10.5l of 98 octane, about 600km range at cost of up to $120 per tank. Drove to SA 2 weeks ago and it used "pilot assist" to drive the car for me for about 20 minutes at 1 stage, usually it tells me to steer myself after 15 seconds or so!
  13. blybo

    The Ashes

    Current methodology is allow what is natural to the player as long as okay at point of contact, or release point for bowlers. Nobody would teach Smith's technique nor Bumrah's yet they are both the best in the world.
  14. I tried the 1st generation and thought them gutless and it wouldn't take my sample case without folding the rear seats down. The Volvo XC60 does despite being similar size. Perhaps the new CX5 is better but I now have a caravan and most medium SUV's won't tow it.
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