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  1. Spotify want nothing to do with them, at least that was the last response I saw on Roons community boards. I suspect the streaming service must have to open up too much of their IP to Roon for their liking. Without a streaming service linking with Roon, I don’t see the point of it except as a remote covering multiple branded devices id much prefer Spotify lossless over Tidal as much new local content is not on Tidal.
  2. Retailer margins

    You are forgetting that margin over cost does not mean profit. Does he have a lease to pay? Wages? Business insurance? Electricity at the leased premises? He may need the imaginary 15% profit an every item sold just to break even, probably quite a bit more % actually.
  3. Retailer margins

    I’d suggest Eastwood HiFi would be the exception to the rule. That business is largely online and takes advantage of distributor run out stock to achieve good prices at margins that could well be higher than another store at RRP. We don’t know, but this model can really only work for 1 or 2 select stores Australia wide.
  4. Retailer margins

    Pfft, Great knowledge and expertise is all part of customer service, and it comes at a cost so it can’t match the box mover store or online sales who employ uni students to take your money. You pay a bit more but get a better experience and a big fat chance that the product suits your needs/wants better. Online knowledge has its place but can’t be relied upon and can’t replace in store demos or suggestions of something left of Centre you may not have considered or known about. In my recent hunt for a all in one integrated I could have spent lots of money on products that have been widely praised here and in other online reviews. on paper they met my criteria, but not after home demo. I must of demo’ed 6-7 integrateds from 5 Melbourne retailers and some only lasted a few minutes in my system before packed up and returned. How can online sales or big discounters offer that service?
  5. It’s a bargain. Ship it for roughly $40 and still a bargain...
  6. Retailer margins

    Australia Tax as you are describing it is purely to do with the cost of doing business here not retailers or distributors price gouging, although there may be isolated examples of that they are most likely a tiny%. Do you want to work for $6 an hour or less? They do in markets you are comparing us to. I am a distributor and retailer, but gladly in a niche industry where people appreciate the knowledge and expertise of my staff, and will pay a premium for that. My prices are fair but not the cheapest, as my costs are far higher than some bloke selling on Amazon from his garage at home or a self storage unit. if you really knew how wholesale and retail work, you not hold the views you do. You do realize that it’s mostly small importer/retailers at the hifi show right? Push them to their knees and there won’t be a hifi show.
  7. Retailer margins

    So where is Amazon’s store again? I want to ask some experts advice and spend an hour or 2 comparing amplifiers. Your link talked about large multinationals ripping us off in the IT industry, that has nothing to do with this discussion Be very careful what you wish for Btw, I believe you were one of the first to criticize the pricing on Amazon.com.au Have you ever worked in the nuts and bolts of retail or wholesale?
  8. Retailer margins

    More members here should look at how many store fronts change hands on a semi regular basis or just sit empty. Those tenants who have closed up have probably lost everything. Retail in this country is incredibly competitive and hard to make a living out of. There seems to be a mentality here that we are being ripped off. You do not realize distributors locally don’t have the same clout as in Europe or US as they can’t shift anywhere near the same volumes so don’t get the same “first cost” price, then there is the freight of course and maintaining a parts warehouse... Sometimes having to place larger stock orders than you want to just to get the product produced. It goes on and on and on. I’m at an international trade fair right now (different industry) and somehow my business will have to cover the $5k it’s costing to be here for 5 days (35 hours in cattle class/bus transfers each way & 3 star hotel) by my self and I can tell you, it’s not a lot of fun. It is the first few times you do it but the “glamour” of self funded business trips is far from what most think it is. I’ve been to Europe over 40 times but probably seen less of it than someone who’s done a 3-4 week holiday here once. You don’t feel like sight seeing on your rest day when you are jet lagged and by yourself If we were being ripped off someone would see an opportunity to under cut, but she ain’t all roses in the wholesale/retail sector
  9. Retailer margins

    So where are you going to go to demo/touch/feel your next purchase if all you care about is price. Race to bottom will leave us with online sales only for most products and only hi-end niche retailers left, selling gear most us could only dream of. People here forget the cost of doing business in Aus/NZ. Why not put yourself in the retailers perspective and wonder if it’s really worth all the investment of Purchasing and holding stock, paying some of the highest rents and wages in the world, super, over the top electrical bills, keeping a technician on site who might not even turn over enough repairs to cover his wages, just to scrape by to make a living most of your customers would laugh at if their boss offered them the same income. Most retailers in our industry do it because of their passion for the industry, not to make 100k + annual salaries.
  10. If you get the opportunity, try an open baffle design. I went from Maggie 1.7’s to Spatial M3’s. Better WAF, better bass, just as good, if not better, imaging and 3D soundstage, and much better if you like to belt out a bit of rock now and then.
  11. Size 43 converts to a 8.5 uk (aus default scale) or 9.5 us Companies are notorious for getting their size conversions wrong on boxes, which is just another reason why buying shoes on line can be problematic
  12. Bloody Tonearm Wires

    She can but I think a technician might be cheaper She used to dabble in lead light windows before we meet so I inherited her iron.
  13. Bloody Tonearm Wires

    My wife is a surgeon. I will never touch another tone arm wire again. I’ve broken two and seen experienced TT experts break them too. When I sold my previous TT a few weeks back I made my wife remove the wires as the buyer didn’t want the cart... and I didn’t trust myself
  14. I use Svs 2000pb for movies in my ht room and very happy with it, however I found a Rel S3 integrated better with my stereo speakers just by ear. I really only notice the sub when it’s not on, it does not draw undue attention to its self, but also doesn’t plumb the depths of the SVS
  15. I’ve had no experience with that model but had multiple issues with Arcam avr 360’s my parents had. Menu navigation is also very different to Marantz/Denon/Integras I’ve owned. Parents now have a mid range Marantz and prefer to mid range Arcam