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  1. I want to get my wife tickets to The Killers in May (as a Xmas present) but they sold out in minutes, as seems to always be the case these days... I really hate the idea of these re-selling sites, particularly those who are obviously legalised scalping. Which sites can I trust? These guys? Will I find out my ticket won't scan etc etc https://www.viagogo.com/au/Concert-Tickets/Alternative-and-Indie/The-Killers-Tickets?AffiliateID=49&adposition=1t1&PCID=PSAUGOOCONTHEK69EF7BC8157-000000&AdID=227835126673&MetroRegionID=843&psc=&psc=&ps=mr-843&ps_p=0&ps_c=926146043&ps_ag=44978535805&ps_tg=kwd-361697277553&ps_ad=227835126673&ps_adp=1t1&ps_fi=&ps_fi=&ps_li=&ps_li=&ps_lp=9071443&ps_n=g&ps_d=c&gclid=Cj0KCQiAi7XQBRDnARIsANeLIeuzlpyQ2W2QTRymStcEVX5I03LZZUYjpB2eViXmAWDCgS-aNOO8fugaAisnEALw_wcB ???
  2. Talking .....Paul Kelly

    Now this would be a cool present. https://www.paulkelly.com.au/record-club/
  3. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Even tube pre amps? All arthurs pre amps are tube based and the power amps are SS. I think it best you qualify your "blanket" statements
  4. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Are you suggesting Arthur's pre amp designs are sloppy?
  5. Audio myths and misconceptions

    I had an Elektra pre and power combo. The Pre got relatively hot, the power amp never got more than lukewarm even when pushing 80+dB from Maggies.
  6. Cooling setup for AVR

    I've simply got a usb exhaust fan sucking air out of my processor (using a rear usb port) and out the back of my cabinet. Bought years ago off Amazon but similar looking unit to this, but mine is not speed controlled. Cost me around $45 delivered
  7. AI: yes but no, but....

    Off topic, but have you seen Morgan? Another AI movie well worth seeing. I need to watch again as I was on a plane when I saw it.
  8. I run Krix Tropix and find them great, but rarely crank up for pi55ing contests . Decent enough bass for background listening, which lets face it, is what you are after or else you'd be in front of your main rig... I'm with @Jventer, Zone 2 of AVR's suck in real life situations. So many times I've thought I had turned off my Zone 2 in our previous home, only to find it had been playing all night, luckily at a low enough volume to not piss anybody off. I swore I'd never run a zone 2 again when we moved. Use those extra channels for extra surround channels or assign them to bi-amp your mains. Either get yourself a cheap 2nd hand integrated to run the outdoor speakers or do what I'm about to do and buy a Sonos Connect Amp (not sure if Bluesound or Heos do equivalent) to run my outside speakers so I've got streaming control and access to internet radio. I'm going Sonos as we already have 2 other Sonos zones in the house so it can all be controlled from the 1 phone app from anywhere in the house if we have a party... or from bed if I've forgotten to turn it off
  9. Hot Hatch !

    She is the boss, that's the problem. Constantly gets the usual stuff about putting out kids through private school educations, paying off our mortgage...
  10. That would need to be done by Marc more than likely, so more investment for him. A distributor is extremely unlikely to put his gear up against classic vintage gear unless he/she can select the vintage gear displayed so his/hers clearly beats it, so not really a fair test.
  11. 1st off I wasn't able to attend this year so going mainly off 2016 thoughts. 1 of the issues with HT demonstrations is sound leakage. Although HiFi can easily be demo'ed at around 70dB, a HT demo will be significantly louder as demo's usually want to show off system dynamics with action/explosions etc. @Marc Could you make it a requirement that every room have a source capable to stream your currated playlist via Tidal/Roon or Spotify? Then no excuses for not playing tracks we could all select from prior to the show and compare same version of a track in multiple rooms (if time permits in each/any room). I gather this was your intention last year with the SNA playlist but many rooms last year had no streaming capability. Now that streaming is such a massive source of music these days for so many of us, exhibitors should be paying more attention to quality streaming sources. It is only a 10 minute walk to Fitzroy St in St.Kilda which is a hive of food and music activity, as well as quite a few pubs and accommodation.
  12. Hot Hatch !

    Rule #1 for my wife’s vehicle purchases. No “prestige” brands in her work carpark. Clients already whine about Vet charges without having a clue of wholesale costs. Usually the ones driving large European SUVs [emoji45]. All things being equal, we prefer a well sorted all wheel drive. We both owned several Subaru’s in the past
  13. Fair point. Although they have the Just superseded Apple TV, but still unlikely to be updating their 55” ST Panasonic plasma so a mute point for them. 5.1 was difficult enough in their room, Atmos ain’t ever going to happen. I haven’t gone Atmos yet!
  14. iPhone 8 and X

    Lucky you. Still bad customer service as should be first in first served