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  1. I have foot in both camps here. Traditionally all industry awards (not just cars) have a level of self gratification going on... even my car which has won overall and best in category awards in the last 2 years. I feel the Tesla's will win an award though, purely as it would be looked at very suspiciously if a Model 3 didn't win it's category.
  2. from the guys at Mirboo North, Ridge Brewing I think they are called.
  3. Thought this was appropriate for our forum. Lots of caramel and quite strong at 6.9%
  4. Currently but not necessarily new; 1; Fairground Attraction- First of a Million Kisses 2; Big Pig- Bonk 3; Muse- The 2nd Law All three were played a recent small GTG All Time 1; INXS- Kick 2; Crowded House- Temple of Low Men 3; The Smiths- The Queen is Dead
  5. I'll grab this tonight. Bought the VR headset about a year ago and rarely use it. I also have a steering wheel set up so feedback on that would be awesome @Brisbane HiFi @Tweaky
  6. probably 2022 before the Rivian is available here, but not at sane $$$ I would expect. What's your vans ATM and towball mass? We are about to go to a ATM of just over 2 tonne and 160-180ish towball mass. The Volvo XC60 we expect to do a sterling job, and it's a lovely car to drive day to day without the van.
  7. But no boot space... Stupid thing is people buy SUV's with the misconception they can carry more. I always laugh seeing proud BMX X3 or X5 owners at the shopping centre diligently de-constructing their kids pram so they can fit it in the boot. My wife could just fold ours and throw it in the boot of her Golf GTI. Adaptive cruise is not exactly cutting edge these days, both our cars now have it, along with variations of self drive technology. I think you overestimate the ability for Joe public to make a rational or researched decision. People mostly buy what they see as cool or "in fashion". So many people want SUV's or dual cab utes despite the manufacturers and reviewers telling them a station wagon is a better bet. Now most manufacturers have given up and make what the great unwashed want. Going back 20 years how many Commodore owners thought of buying anything other than a new Commodore? We will need a critical mass of early adopters to show Joe public the advantages of day to day ownership, rather than looking at the cynical "what if" limitations.
  8. I own a white 1, awesome sub these, massively greater output than even the T9 model.
  9. You are a marketing teams wet dream. I’m driving a car I could not usually afford, which will end up being cheaper And cheaper to own than the Aussie wagon it replaced. I got over 10k off plus sunroof, heated seats, tow bar and roof racks added in for nix. they expect to bargain on ANY major purchase, if you don’t you are just throwing money away.
  10. If you ever want to move the topaz on... 👋
  11. So you now have 2 Westons you greedy bugger. Talk about stock piling gear. I know you sold some stuff to get those fabulous JBLs
  12. The Moon Neo Ace is quite punchy despite rated at only 50w per channel. A true all in 1 unit able to run Roon, MQA, MM phono, internet radio etc etc. I also highly rated the Naim in a home demo at my place but felt it was a tiny bit shouty in comparison to the Moon. Wasn't sure if I might tire of it over time despite being highly impressive on demo.
  13. Yeah I got charged somewhere around US$80 plus freight both ways, but the new battery had brilliant life, got a newer charger which told me when it was full, and IIRC it only took around 10 days there and back! US freight can be good. This was a few years back so my memory may not be too good.
  14. Looks 80's Kath & Kym to me... YMMV... You need something with a music slant...
  15. Have you tried transparency mode? This would be my main use.
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