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  1. I strongly disagree. Riding with kids, dirt roads, gravel or paved cycling paths, rail trails, or simply an adventure ride where you don't know what to expect, a gravel bike is the perfect choice. If I had to only have 1 bike, it would be a Gravel bike. It's efficient in most circumstances where people chose a bike as a method of transport. Proper MTB bikes are now adrenaline toys, not transport and are so over spec'ed that you really have to drive to a dedicated MTB park and have a big set of Kahunas to find a challenge. I hated the fact I had to pack my old dually in the car and
  2. If you look closely at the photo above and below , that gravel bike is more dirty than most mtb’s. And cyclocross bikes were around for many decades before mtb’s even existed. The only marketing is changing the thoughts of what cyclocross bikes are capable of by offering wider tyres than UCI sanctions. The true marketing in the industry is convincing occasional mtb riders (which is the vast majority of them) they need a 150mm dually to ride the local fire roads or diy single track.
  3. If it's just basic single track mtb courses and gravel/rail trails etc I personally think a hardtail or gravel bike makes more sense. A dually will be more comfortable as @Whites has said, however I found my dually was complete overkill and offered zero challenge on basic to even medium difficulty trails, it was just like a lounge chair. The dually I owned was a 2014 model and was a great bike for it's time, but in recent years duallys have become even more laid back and designed to just plough through.
  4. Agreed. I zoom movies out on my scope screen to make the most of the width available to me and then have images projected to parts of the wall I've made a concerted effort to avoid reflections with... I think Nolan is the 1 who seems to do this mostly.
  5. Great advice. I really don't like 29'ers, too much flex in the OEM wheels, even on some high level Carbon jobs I've hired when travelling OS. I'd also take some time to critically judge your own level of confidence or fear factor. Be honest rather than hopeful of gaining confidence. Several years ago I bought an "all mountain" bike thinking I'd still have the balls to jump gaps etc like I did as a teen on my bmx. I recently sold the dually as it was way too much bike for my style of riding. In fact I now ride a gravel bike instead of a mtb but still enjoy single track. I find most
  6. not a great photo of the bike... but what a place to ride Here's the photo if you just want to check the bike out
  7. I use Airpods pro which I know are outside the budget, but I love the transparency mode which is like active noise cancellation in reverse, it amplifies outside sounds in the IEM so you can easily hear traffic and even talk with others when playback is paused. The issue of wind noise when cycling can be greatly reduced by using https://www.cat-ears.com/ . Not exactly pro looking, but I use them on solo rides in conjunction with my airpods and wind noise is almost entirely eliminated.
  8. What you really need is a budget for more accurate advice. As it appears you may not be familiar with the terms, I'm providing the "for dummies" explanation below, so please don't be offended. I run sound from my Macbook Pro via usb to an outboard digital to analogue converter (DAC). This then connects to my active (amp built in) speakers which sit on the desk. You can get great sound this way for under $1000 I'm sure you could also use bluetooth to enabled active speakers which would be wireless, but not sound significantly better than your laptop speakers, just louder
  9. Lewis is worth a great deal to Mercedes and F1 in general. Love him or loath him, he attracts the young fans and those who may otherwise not care for F1 or Mercedes. I could see Russell replacing Bottas, but not Hamilton. The pace Russell was able to get out of a car he didn't even fit in will make Mercedes bargaining position on Hamilton's contract very strong.
  10. I haven't watched it as yet, but this just reiterates my point that Hamilton is not necessarily the best driver on the grid, let alone the best of all time. He's just been the best driver at Mercedes through an incredibly dominant period of 7 years. Can't wait for the new regs and fingers crossed there will not be any stand out team.
  11. if you want to get the hiking bug or just chill/unwind, just watch this. Scotty uses a Weschel Exogen 1 on the rare occasion he uses a tent. He's also working with Alton on a lightweight hiking swag concept, which will be interesting to see. Personally I'm more of a camping/caravaner type, but love this channel none the less.
  12. I agree with @Snoopy8. Many multi room speakers are glitchy or not much better than little portable speakers sound wise. Your mate would soon wish he'd invested a few more dollars for a foolproof set up when things go pear shaped. Sonos is the best brand for ease of use and set up, whereas Bluesound probably has slightly better sound quality, but not quite as easy to use. I have a Sonos Play 3 in a decent sized kids retreat up stairs and the wake up playlist it plays each weekday wakes up the whole house. I also use a Sonos amp to run Krix outdoor speakers in my alfresco area, and a Sonos Play
  13. I'll tell you in 4 hours. I've used a fairly generic rub as I'm serving up tonight as kids party food. I've just put em back in the fridge to marinate. Does the mayo work in a similar way as buttermilk does with chicken to keep it super juicy? Or it just a way to hold the rub in?
  14. My new ride. look mum, no cables
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