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  1. Didn't know he was member. I have 1 and it works a treat. He even has wireless meat probes now which would be awesome for the rotisserie.
  2. If I have to chose only 1... then it has to be 1 album. Just play it loud okay!
  3. Used Herbies Gliders under my speakers when the kids were little so I could slide them out for use (I had self adhesive dots on the floor to locate the feet). Now the kids are older I use Isoacustic Gaia and sound has definitely improved, although the Gaia grip the floor instead of sliding.
  4. Hey, As I now have a food temp gauge which also controls the pit temp of my Kamado, I have an iChef temp monitor surplus to requirements. It has a temp display you plug into but will also send temps to your phone if in bluetooth range. From memory it has 4 probes (at least 2 and 1 for the pit temp)... I'll have to dig it out. https://www.thebbqstore.com.au/p/maverick-bluetooth-bbq-thermometer-w-extended-rang/BT-600
  5. I'd be disappointed if any half decent car's interior couldn't stand up to 10+ years of daily use. It's still not a great indicator of the level of luxury/quality for what is a $130k car in base spec. When I first viewed a Model X in my local shopping centre the doors and seats looked pretty cool and space saving. I got close and the god awful smell of the "vegan" leather was enough to drive me out of the car and they were quoting over $150k for that!
  6. Since getting over the initial WOW, look how cool/different these Tesla cars are a few years ago, I think most would agree the interiors are pretty poor. It's fine to go for a minimalist theme, but the plastics and feel just cry penny pinching to me, which is a shame. There are many novel ideas in the Tesla interiors but they feel poorly executed. The interior of my Volvo was a big selling feature for me and hence we will be looking closely at the Polestar 2 when my wife needs to replace her current company car. As you mentioned our use case would not require huge range or fast cha
  7. With all due respect, you aren't going to sell them without honest photos of the cosmetic damage.
  8. I know it's a few days on now but testing was streamed live on YouTube. It may not have been all sessions but I'm not keen enough to watch testing live anyway so didn't check, but did watch highlights on youtube
  9. Same. I got rid of Foxtel about 2 years ago. Still love watching F1, Test cricket, AFL etc on the big screen and picture quality has never been a concern, despite being 4K capable. My screen is 103" in 16:9 format and I sit 3.5m from the screen, you'd have to sit pretty close to the avg 55"-65" screen to get that immersion.
  10. NLR = Not as desirable as the thing I just spent too much on I really don't have a problem with it. Say if you've gone from $2000 ish integrated to something $5000 or more, it doesn't mean the $2000 amp is crap, in fact it's probably a bargains priced at $1000 on our classifieds with not a mark on it!
  11. So they rushed an unfinished product to market. Sounds like the Tesla playbook.
  12. So, compared with the Mazda 3 less attractive, uses more fuel, higher centre of gravity, heavier, more expensive ... I don't see how it wins personally, but I'm sure the market will lap it up. What I can say is almost any car in the current Mazda Red looks good. I think it's the nicest colour in the automotive industry right now
  13. I asked the question specifically because the Model S can not tow anything. Seems weird in the world of Elon, where they regularly release new features for existing models, that the compliance testing still hasn't been carried out. Perhaps it is a engineering decision to save the weight of beefing up the chassis for a tow bar, based on an EV already being significantly heavier than a similarly spec'd ICE car.
  14. Great to hear @joz . Did you have them off the back wall and toed in previously? I remember them against the rear wall and straight into the room
  15. Just get the active version and your done!
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