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  1. blybo

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    Did a 2kg pork shoulder roast w/ crackle in the Kamado on Sunday, sorry no photos so this may not have actually happened 😜. High temp (600f) for first 45 minutes then a bit of work venting hot air out every 5 minutes to bring temps back down to 350f for around another hour. Used a probe and aimed for 160f internal temp which is well done but not over cooked. Roast was ready 30 min ahead of planned time probably as I couldn't quickly reduce temps in the Kamado. I just cut off the crackling and wrapped the meat in foil, then an old towel and into the esky. Bringing it out after resting for 45 minutes probably helped. Was still plenty hot enough and juicy. So how'd it taste?... Twas superb, probably the nicest pork roast I've ever tasted although there was a slight issue with the crackling... I was worried letting just the crackling sit for 45 minutes before serving it would go chewy so decided to crank the Kamado back up to just give it another 5 minutes at high temps... Beware though that crackling is basically pure fat... which is a fuel... and it will ignite if you don't watch it... and then burn/melt away in a matter of seconds 😫. Was a bit of a shock to see 30cm of flame escaping from the lid of the Kamado from my kitchen... by the time I got to it, it was too late to do anything about it... Family thought it was hilarious but I was so disappointed... until I tasted the meat
  2. @FAP911 Sorry these are now spoken for.
  3. Hi Cafad, I have definitely considered this but unfortunately my cabinet prevents me from moving up the line due to the height and space for cooling. If it wasn't for that I would have a lot more options and I would probably be looking at the luxman range of gear. Luxman will roll off sooner than your Peachtree. I demo’ed a class A Luxman and didn’t even bother bringing it home for a proper demo. Lovely for soft Muzak etc but not a rock amp. As @Luc has mentioned it’s my room that makes my treble harsh at high volume and it’s been that way regardless of speaker or amp. Being a family room I’ve just done things like soft furnishings, rug etc to try and tame it.
  4. I'd suggest the Parasound Halo will not be to your liking as I found a bit uncivilised and harsh, but it's certainly forward. I never got to try the Hegel (really wanted to) but was assured $ for $ the Moon Neo Ace was more powerful and also better at low volume, apparently to the zero negative feedback design in all Moon amps. Some other manufacturers including Accuphase I believe, use this design principle/topology (is that the right use of the word?).
  5. Just like these... but free... Pick up only, Box Hill North/East Doncaster/Mitcham area https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/accessories/audioengine/audioengine-ds2-desktop-speaker-stands-a5/473386/
  6. blybo

    Signed CD raffle

    Sure, count me in. 👍
  7. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/elac-debuts-navis-wireless-speakers
  8. The New Sprout 100 is much gutsier than the original. Great form factor for a bedroom set up. I haven't heard 1 but considering for a 2nd system.
  9. Pfft, this is a red herring IMHO as the OP only wants it for Apple Music to discover content, and the Node is still twice the price. The vast majority of people can't reliably tell the difference between a 128kbs MP3 and CD quality anyway... But very few are willing to admit that are they?
  10. blybo

    Show us your Ride

    Quite possibly the marketing is, but my bum gauge is pretty accurate, and these tyres rock.
  11. blybo

    Show us your Ride

    We are quite different weights which may be a reason but if your pressures and tyres widths are identical, I've never known anyone (myself included) to prefer the Conti's for feel, however they used to have superior puncture protection to the Vittorias (not sure if these new Corsas have caught up), but GP4000s also square off on the rear tyre quite early in their life cycle. I used a few sets of GP4000s back when riding much bigger miles than currently, but found them squirmy in corners so swapped to Vittorias some time ago and these Graphene ones are the best yet for feel. It was riding the coarse Kew Boulevard surface 3 weeks back that confirmed how much better these were. Being honest, I fitted them for aesthetics, not because my old Corsa tyres were worn out, but glad I did
  12. blybo

    I-tunes Album Cover Missing Help !

    You are hearing confirmation bias, this is a real effect your mind can have over your hearing. Unless your alac rips were done using a different transport/computer or NOT using error correction there should be no difference. A basic google search will confirm this for you a hundred times over. Usually, as I understand it, if there are differences to be heard between codecs, it is in the upper registers, not the bass. There is no difference between FLAC, ALAC, WAV or AIFF. They are ALL lossless, just FLAC and ALAC are clever enough to use compression in the storage of the files, not the reading of them. WAV is mostly not used these days because of the difficulties of not being able to edit/add tags.
  13. Nah, you need Gaia III's, which you can pick up for $600 (2 sets of 4). Your GS60's weigh 27.1kg, the Gaia III's work on speakers up to 32kg's each.
  14. blybo

    Single malt whisky

    Popped into my local Dans the other day to grab some beer and noticed Nicks is across the road! Never been in but only 2km from my shop and a slight detour on the way home... Dangerous.
  15. blybo

    Show us your Ride

    I've just put a set of these tan wall tyres on my Roubaix in 25's. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/au/en/vittoria-corsa-g-road-tyre/rp-prod144350?gs=1&sku=sku522856&pgrid=52284969117&ptaid=pla-429625192005&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=PLA+All+Products&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mkwid|svqxNBWoy_dc|pcrid|253617492381|pkw||pmt||prd|522856AU Best tyre I've used this side of a Vittoria tub. These 25's replaced a 25 front 27 rear Corsa "Roubaix" set and even with the narrower rear, this Clydesdale is happy. The tan side wall looks cool too.