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  1. Sampras had the best serve of his generation, but he was also a supreme all court player. He didn't need to serve and volley to win, Pat did and that is why he was the best. It wasn't always classical or pretty. Often his reflex volleys were almost top spin, but he got so close to the net it still worked. I agree. Everything about him is to appeal to the Gen Z crowd. He could and probably should be #1 by now, he has supreme talent as he shows now and again. From Wiki about Gen Z Hence they connect with him and Nike and Beats pay him a fortune to be the bad boy. There is so much money in the game today that he will probably soon earn more than Novak, purely because of the marketability of him to a generation who will soon be the biggest spenders in the world economy.
  2. Exactly, I'm just getting comfortable when it's time to change sides
  3. See it's all personal perspective, we aren't right or wrong, just our opinion. I feel Novak takes too big a swipe at this forehand for the reward he gets from it. That has always annoyed me, whereas Roger has countless variations he makes, which to me, appear more efficient. I loved Rafter too and actually cried when he lost his 2nd Wimbledon final. Although was more about his total package of great bloke, Aussie and pretty special tennis player who played to his strengths. He wasn't overly gifted from the baseline yet he was able to mask over weaknesses with his net game
  4. I saw him live in the final against Murray... I was barracking for Murray. The Aus open has become more of an event to go to than watching particular matches. Unless you have the money and time to book multiple sessions months in advance, your chance of seeing your player of choice is pretty low.
  5. In the final highlights I saw him face down on the court several times. Federer wasn't shown to have fallen, I assume it would have been in there if he did. I'll always prefer an attacking player over a defensive one. I'm not trying to criticism Novak, he's obviously #1 for a reason, it's just not my preference of game style.
  6. I was only talking about game style and creativity, not personality. Neither of them give away much by their antics or expression. I watched the Kayo "mini" highlights package last night... It went for about 40 minutes and gave a good feel for how the game was being played, but unfortunately without the tension. The only winners I saw Novak hit were mid court short balls which were begging to be put away. To me this just highlights his defensive nature, it was always Roger making the play and that is why I love watching him. Unfortunately I've never seen Federer live, but hope to at next year Aus Open.
  7. I think I was taken out of context. I said I find his style is purely about power and ability to run down more balls. It is not a classic style and probably why I don't like it. It is VERY effective against right handers though as his huge spin makes the ball bounce high and hard to counter. I've always said his career would be cut short by injury due to the style of play. Well he's still going but has missed big chunks of time. Novak hits a pretty flat ball 90% of the time or just bunts back defensive balls, Roger hits all styles of spin and angles that most mere mortals couldn't even imagine. So yes he will always mis-hit more balls than a flat hitter. Rafa also frames balls into the crowd because of the spin he hits with.
  8. just heard on SEN1116 that as Stokes had not made his ground when the ball hit is bat, it should have been awarded 5 runs, not 6. Seems lots of little things went against NZ and England had the rub of the green, including the LBW against Taylor.
  9. How long till the Stokes overthrows are known as "The bat of God"? I'm not suggesting he meant it at all, but that good fortune makes Smiths nutmeg run out in our Semi look ho hum
  10. I wonder if the host nation gets any say in this rule? England have built their team around hitting the boundary more than others so would usually go in their favour, or is it just some attempt to create more exciting cricket. Amazingly we were talking about a possibility of a score of 500 in the world cup. The 2 best games I saw (NZ semi and final) were both low scoring but intriguing to watch.
  11. Got nothing to do with heritage for me. It's game style. There is a grace and creativity to Federer's his shot making that we have never seen before. It almost appears that Novak was taught to play smart efficient tennis, Roger was simply BORN to play. He is the GOAT, Novak may end up with a better record but will never be Rogers equal IMHO. Perhaps this view comes from my playing comp for over 20 years. Tennis should be a game of skill. Rafa and Novak have turned it into a power and athleticism game which I no longer connect with.
  12. @Nigel Novak's game is built around defence and athleticism. He is the best defender in the business, no doubt about it, but it's boring to watch IMHO. I'd rather see Roger go down swinging than playing %'s like Novak does, it's like somebody has done a "moneyball" type of study on tennis for him and taught him to be effective rather than pretty. Roger has always made bad errors, it's the flawed genius at work, but what a joy to watch. I don't know who I'd follow once he hangs up the racquet. I may just give up on tennis till another wonder boy comes along... or Kyrious grows up.
  13. Naim Uniti Atom. Only 40w IIRC but class A/B, plus streaming and Dac. I demo'ed 1 and it had no problem driving my Spatial Hologram M3's. If you really want to go something small there is also the new PS Audio Sprout 100. I haven't heard it but it sounds intriguing for a 2nd system
  14. July's will be great once I'm retired... I don't know how people stay up and then get to work. As a cycling fan I have 3 weeks of this every year and only watch a couple of stages to the finish.
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