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  1. My in-laws farm house is heated by wood heater. They won’t use the Cypress as too much ash escapes into the house
  2. We just got the final load of Cypress pine from the inlaws farm. When that runs out we'll need a good source too, although ours is only for the Chiminea and a portable fire pit I have on backorder. Cypress pine burns really hot but it's messy with lots of ash and not much coals, so no good for cooking on.
  3. Looks like they are going with my suggestion... and possibly further relaxing in regional areas soon. Still not many active cases in eastern suburbs or regional areas. But yes time to bunker down and get ready for homeschooling again
  4. I also did this in our current home. You will also find that a screen size looks enormous initially but after several hours/days of viewing you become accustomed to it. My wife didn't want to sit in our front row initially but does now.
  5. Don't think you'll find many cars where the passenger seat folds flat. The Jazz was designed to have awesome storage in a small car package... probably for the Japanese domestic market where a small car is preferred.
  6. In my case I now have Isoacoustics Gaia feet under my speakers but the Whites pads are a quick, cheap and simple proof of how isolation works. However, when I had floor standing speakers with a smaller footprint I placed Sorbothane hemispheres rounded side to the floor, then a Bamboo chopping board on top of them and speakers coupled to the board with their supplied spikes. People should also be aware that lower softness rating (Duro) Sorbothane has a greasy finish which could stain some surfaces, so keep the plastic film on if using 30 Duro Sorbothane, which is better suited for lighter components.
  7. I agree if going under a bamboo board. If going directly under a speaker, I'd go the Whites. I'm about to put some Whites pads under 2 different subs, 1 in my family room and one in the office as both are on floating interlocking floorboards.
  8. Once you've sorted out speaker isolation and position, I'd just put up a WTB add here for a budget DAC @ $100 and see what gets offered. After that I'd go to your nearest Ikea and grab one (or 3)of these for putting under your amp (and maybe between isolation pads and speakers if you feel they aren't stable enough). Bamboo is a great material for stopping vibration transference. I've got 1 under my amp with some Sorbothane pads between it and my entertainment unit. My speakers have Isaccoustic feet on them. https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/aptitlig-butchers-block-bamboo-60233431/
  9. Yes, more than worrying about $50 differences in DACs. If any speaker has to be put on a desk or entertainment/storage unit you want to isolate the speaker's vibration from the unit. I'd also suggest having the speakers as far forward as possible on the unit, as wide as possible (unless up against a wall), and aiming 1m behind your ears in your main seating position.
  10. @Ollie_H_. Seriously the best bang for buck you can get right now is a pack of these from Bunnings I'd suggest these placed under each corner of each speaker will give you a better result than building stands or fancy cables. The idea is to isolate the speakers from the cabinet they are placed on rather than couple it as spikes would. I've got some of the Isoacoustic desktop stands others have mentioned, and they are awesome, but they are over 50% of what you paid for the speakers themselves. I've just bought some of these Whites pads to go under my office subwoofer... they work Yes a good budget DAC will also help greatly but don't get too carried away with new gear. Get you fundamentals right first.
  11. I'm the same. We only use the projector in the HT when we are watching movies, sport or something particularly keen on. We've found as we watch more and more streamed content we are happy with our 55" tv in the family room and through the 2ch system. We have a 130" scope screen and our default setting is the 16:9 aspect ratio but our Harmony Elite remote has screen buttons for scope and 16:9. Our 16:9 siz is 103" I believe and looks ordinary on less than 1080p material, but spectacular in 4k .
  12. Depends which circles you ride in. Of my 4-5 usual ride buddies, my bike is the only 1 valued under 10k, and 2 of them ride bikes closer to $20k. 1 bloke owns a pharma business and just spent over $450k renovating his kitchen/familyroom so it's all relative... yett he doesn't have a proper HiFi.
  13. How tall? I'm 5'11" and it's technically too small for me. You'll see in the photos below I have a 110mm stem and saddle as far back as it will go. I just didn't want the massively taller front end of the next size up. To anybody else, the only non carbon components on this bike are the saddle and the stem. In the 4th photo down you'll notice the Italian Road bike mirror installed on the end of the drops. These are not race legal as the lens is glass, but I'm well passed that and would never be without one. They don't vibrate and give amazing confidence knowing what is coming up behind.
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