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  1. That fact this has stevia in it, and the effect too much of that has on me, means it's in my best interests to never have more than 3-4 pieces of this of an evening, so it's a natural deterrent . Yummy though and most supermarkets have it. We really like their raspberry flavour, sort of tastes like a Cherry Ripe easter egg.
  2. blybo

    Winter clothing

    Get knee warmers and a windproof but thin gillet too. You don't want these items to be too thick or bulky. Then you should be right for most conditions in Sydney and be able to remove and store therm in rear pockets if it warms up during the ride. I'd say that is a minimum requirement. Everybody is different in which body parts feel the cold and how sensitive you are overall. My head never gets cold but my ears do so in winter I wear a thin thermofleece ear warmer, but never a beanie. I once did a 3 day stage race where temps hovered around 0 and my best mate just wore summer kit where everybody else looked like michelin men. Funnily enough he now lives on the GC and doesn't feel the heat either... My general rule of thumb is "if it/'s under 15 degrees, protect ze knees" and I'll also wear the gillet and arm warmers, at least at the start of the ride anyway.
  3. I went from a Sonos Connect streamer to Connect plus W4S Remedy reclocker and found a not so subtle difference. Due to this I bought a modified Connect which basically had the Remedy built in plus a few other upgrades. Very happy with the output then. 18 months ago I went on a simplification journey and demo'ed several integrated amps with DAC & streamer built in. I found the integrated/streamer I went with was sonically so close to be considered identical to the same integrated using the modified Connect thru the amps dac, that I sold the streamer late last year. So yes streamers can make a difference, as can upgrading components of them like PSU's, clocks and output devices. It's all in the implementation of a design.
  4. That battle had me teetering on the edge, the blazing of Kings Landing tipped me over the edge. Sure they were incredibly large in scale and important to the story as a whole , but I thought they both went on WAY too long and lost the shock and awe nature of the whole show. I will buy the box set though as I want to see it at its best. I quite liked the final episode... EXCEPT... Bran's story line had basically stalled a couple of seasons back and he was simply taking up space and not doing much, and then ends up with the ultimate prize despite giving the impression he didn't want it, yet appeared to know all along he would end up king. I'm really hoping for an Arya spin off, as she is my favourite character, as well as being the only protagonist left which looks to have an exciting and uncertain future.
  5. Something we have learnt thru our intermittent fasting and keto diet... Fruit is very good for us but be careful which ones you eat and how much. Berries are your best option and in small quantities. Being on a keto diet I have very little sugars these days, so limit berries to a handful or 2, and only a couple of times a week. The fad has largely gone now, but I always used to chuckle at overweight people lining up at Boost Juice to get a super large freshly squeezed fruit juice thinking they were picking the healthy option. Sure fruit is a great source of vitamins and fibre (little fibre once juiced), BUT it's incredibly high in fructose which is just sugar under a different name. If you want a juice it's WAY better to have a veggie juice with 1 piece of fruit to mildly sweeten it. I still juice occasionally at home but it usually consists of kale, cucumber, celery, beetroot, carrot and then either 1 apple or 1 orange. Still very tasty and gives me a bit of a buzz, but without the sugar crash that would follow a fruit juice.
  6. blybo

    Winter clothing

    Budget? Quality first or bang for buck? I love my 3/4 thermal bib shorts from Rapha but they are getting thin. Thinking of getting their (or another brands) thermal bib shorts and using in conjunction with my Rapha merino arm and knee warmers. The warmers are probably the best bit of cycling kit I've ever bought, thin, non restrictive and warm without making me over heat. Not saying you have to buy Rapha shorts, but the warmers are head and shoulders above any others I've come across. For up top when very cold I wear a Craft wind proof undershirt and find a normal jersey and gillet with arm warmers is sufficient... and I ride in the Melbourne hills in the depths of winter when it's near freezing. I do suffer cold feet so have winter riding boots but only require fairly light gloves, so it's a very personal thing, however I prefer to be too warm than too cold.
  7. I have largely cut out processed foods for about 6 months now as part of a ketogenic diet. We still buy the odd treats like sugar free chocolate, pork crackling snacks and processed meats though. Like @betty boop we now do not use any low fat options, in fact as part of a keto diet we add fat to most meals. If not already aware, passata is a really good substitute for pasta sauces and has no sugar either. We now use that as the base for our pasta sauces, the kids have it with pasta and my wife and I have over steamed veggies instead, in fact that was tonight's dinner. We also add salt, but our diet is actually very high in fresh veggies/salad and moderate protein whereas most people think keto is just a protein extravaganza, it's the higher fat content that usually surprises people yet we are losing weight and feeling better. I still struggle with alcohol but have recently got back into a routine of having nothing during the week (mostly) and few wines or spirits with sugar free mixers on the weekends.
  8. It’s a porter time of year... we are having a little run of warm autumn weather in bleak city but what the hell, I’ll enjoy anyway. Riverside Brewery Co Eighty Eight Robust Porter
  9. I've got HFC NBN 50Mbps connected to all of my AV and 2ch devices by cat 5 but still struggle to stream Netflix to 2 devices at once, and yes I do have a premium Netflix subscription. What I wouldn't give for in floor heating... once experienced it can never be un-experienced...
  10. No pic to back this up but had (Costco god bless you) pork back ribs on Saturday. 3 hours smoking with just a light sprinkling of , 2 hours wrapped in foil with apple juice, and finished for 1 hour unwrapped and basted in marinade/sauce, all at 250F give or take, over indirect heat. It was so tender I couldn't pick it up with my long BBQ tongs without breaking up and a couple of rib bones just popped out of their own accord. Certainly the best I've done and the juiciest. In the past I've found this technique to produce excellent taste but can be a little dry if the cut of meat doesn't have enough fat. This 1 did but added a bit extra apple juice and OMG
  11. that is not what the technician indicated. If we had a splitter installed to enable both foxtel boxes to work there was insufficient signal to complete the installation, so obviously signal strength effects performance/reliability.
  12. @Benje are you on a slab or is the wardrobe on an external wall? If there is underfloor access or on an external wall it should be straight forward to go to your hub. NBN have to put your outlet where you want it, within reason (20m of cabling IIRC) and as long as it doesn't contravene any of their restrictions like getting on the roof or going up or down more than 1 wall cavity. We got our HFC installed last week and are getting close to our 50Mbps max download speed most of the time but struggling with borderline signal strength which appears to raise it's head when we try to stream on 2 devices. However, our Foxtel is now almost un-watchable with really bad picture break up. We have a splitter at our external telstra box where the foxtel is sent thru 2 separate cables to our IQ2 boxes and we had to disconnect 1 just to get adequate signal. We are planning to watch the final episode of GoT tonight and then cancel our foxtel subscription anyway. I had the technician show me which cable at the external box our modem is connected to, so I'll remove the splitter once we get rid of Foxtel, and hopefully bandwidth/signal will improve significantly.
  13. for 2.0 or 2.1 just get a DAC with optical input and run optical out from your TV to the DAC, and then analogue back to the amp. My amp has a dac built in so I can watch Apple TV, Foxtel and Free to Air all from the 1 amp input. No need for an AVR and you will get better 2ch sound from 2ch amps than a similarly priced AVR.
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