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  1. Not as simple as some, but not really missing out on anything either. TT using the integrated's inbuilt phono stage, CD's all ripped to HDD attached to a computer in another room, accessed thru Roon by my streaming integrated. Also have access to Tidal via Roon, Spotify and internet radio via bluetooth from my phone. Foxtel and appleTV played via optical out of the TV. Alfresco speakers use Sonos AMP as power and source.
  2. blybo

    No more riding for me

    I once rode the black diamond downhill course at the You Yangs. ONCE... The whole way down it I was just preying I made it out in 1 piece. Big sharp granite boulders everywhere if you come off. I rode and raced BMX as a kid but the thrill of danger is no longer there.
  3. blybo

    First Man

    I've been sitting on this disc for a couple of weeks, must watch soon.
  4. blybo

    NBN recommendation

    There's an Apple TV app too if your TV or fetch can't get stream Kayo. I haven't tried yet. I'm still with Foxtel till GoT finishes then I'm out. Fox sports app can even stream you the footy shows for around $5 a month. Much better than the $100 a month I'm paying for Foxtel. Saw some big works going on in a pit up the street from me, and I'm meant to get NBN this month... But can still stream HD Netflix or Youtube via my ADSL2 connection, but only because my kids aren't old enough to get internet access without us
  5. Yeah I'm usually around 55-60db, and then the wife turns it down...🙄
  6. I sold my Elektra pre/power combo, not because I didn't like it, but because I found like the OP, the combo had too much gain for my new speakers. I loved the combo with the speakers I had previously. There is also the option of modifying the amp to lower gain. The designer and builder of the Elektra gear offered to do this for me but I prefered to leave the gear in "original" spec and move it on.
  7. I think it's more important to the OP to know that from my experience, I've never heard a bad Moon integrated or pre/power combo. They sound great at low volume and punch well above what the specs may be comparable too. 1 of the first things I learnt in HiFi was to trust my ears and to not trust a spec sheet! Around 18 months ago I demo'ed 9 integrated amps in my home ranging in price from $3k to $7k. Yes my speakers are relatively efficient but guess what, I bought the 1 with the second lowest power rating as I thought it sounded best. The fact it was 1 of the cheaper options was not a purchasing factor, but a nice bonus, as I was prepared to spend up to a max of$6k for the sound I wanted. I also demo'ed a Luxman class A integrated in store, and although it sounded lovely, I found I was missing out on the top end sparkle, so didn't bother taking home for further consideration. The moral is that everybody's taste is different, there is no right or wrong answer, just what you prefer.
  8. blybo

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Best to just walk straight past the "middle isles" of the supermarket. The only thing we get in there now are treats for our kids, the no sugar chocolate treat for ourselves, and the no sugar lightly flavoured mineral water. Thee problem with carbs and sugar is they do not fill you up like proteins and fat. Hence why people over eat both, and very few exercise enough to use it all up. When I was a competitive cyclist, I could eat or drink whatever I liked (including carbo loading before events) and still drop weight. When we had kids the exercise was replaced by looking after the babies. I didn't moderate my diet enough for the change in activity and slowly put on 20kgs over 9 years.
  9. blybo

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    My apologies. I'm talking about our parents generally, not back centuries when many nations or lower socio-economic families simply didn't have access to better nutritional foods. Fats in themselves are not the enemy. Combine them with carbs and sugar and THEN you have issues. Agreed, but I probably haven't reduced my calorific intake much, just changed the frequency and eliminated 2 major food types that can be big causes of diabetes. As my family are predisposed to type 2 diabetes, I decided that a keto diet was for me. I assume you do not approve or a believer of this diet? We have found by going keto we have very little processed food in our pantry any more, and the vast majority of that is for our kids. Probably the only thing that comes to mind is the "no sugar" chocolate bars which we have 2 or 3 pieces of each day, no more. I'm eating more vegetables and salad than ever, but limiting my fruit to small amounts of berries.
  10. blybo

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    Are we better informed? Some people still think of fasting and keto as a fad, or some whacky diet for body builders etc. Government is still pushing the high carb/grain, low fat bandwagon. CSIRO seem to be looking more towards a modified keto and fasting as good options, but what are our kids being taught in schools, or mothers groups? This is how the diabetes epidemic started... along with the proliferation of fast food vendors.
  11. blybo

    Off the grog!!

    I’m happy to share what has and hasn’t worked for me. You tube is a great source of dietary info, although I tend to only take info from those with medical or scientific backgrounds
  12. blybo

    Off the grog!!

    I tried those horrible shakes a few years ago and felt they did nothing to curb hunger or cravings. YMMV. I've found fasting much easier, as long as I stay in keto helps a lot too. Apparently you need to keep carbs to under 50grams a day to stay in keto, and you have to think probably 1/2 of that will come from leafy green vegies. My day usually consists of no breakfast but I have a apple cider vinegar drink followed by 2 glasses of water to wash the taste away and then a shot of coffee with no sugar. lunch will be a salad with the previous nights left over meat or a can of tuna with avo, grated cheese and olive or avo oil as a dressing. Sometimes followed by a small container of mixed nuts or a couple of twiggy sticks. Dinner is whatever the rest of the family is having but I'll substitute rice or pasta with steamed veggies. Sugar free chocolate for a treat after dinner which is actually very nice
  13. blybo

    Off the grog!!

    If you are not losing weigh on keto, you are doing 1 or more of the following; missing some hidden carbs or sugar in food you are eating not eating enough fat (zero sugar/carbs, moderate protein, high fat) simply eating too many calories- easy to do if getting stuck into nuts/avocado/fatty meats/soft cheeses etc etc You are either in ketosis or you are not. The weight loss will not happen with "more or less keto" as the fat burning "switch" is simply turned off. Due to the nature of yesterdays dinner party I had beer/wine and some bundy so I was not in ketosis, and probably won't be back there till tomorrow. It was amazing how much more hungry I was this morning as my body was looking for sugar. The result of the hunger and mild hangover was me eating a pack of twisties and stuffing up another day.
  14. blybo

    Kayo Sports

    Does Kayo get any of the footy shows like AFL 360 or On the couch? Then I'd just need a source for the few foxtel shows my wife watches and I'd drop foxtel.
  15. blybo

    Off the grog!!

    Thread revival. Had a few too many last night hosting a dinner party. Felt ordinary this morning and then broke my fast and my diet with junk food. Now feeling pretty crappy with myself over the whole issue and fed up with it all. I've always been a regular drinker but since Christmas the consumption has got a little heavier once more, so need to do something. I've switched from beer/wine to spirits and diet mixers as part of my ketogenic diet. The problem is the stuff is so easy to drink, and because I drink (any liquid) quickly, I've had too many before the full effect kicks in. And who am I kidding? Still drinking regularly is the only reason my weigh loss has plateau'ed, as it also makes me tired and less likely to exercise. So I'm off off it till Easter school holidays. Will re-evaluate then. I'm going to install the big ass fan I've been procrastinating over doing and get back into my cardio sessions on the indoor bike trainer and treadmill of a night time when I'd otherwise be drinking.