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  1. I'm sitting in one of my shops which is in a Square where the (mostly) elderly park in the carpark in the middle and shops surround the carpark. They never cause fatalities at these speeds, but gawd I hear lots of plastic getting crushed. Glad I don't park in that carpark, one of my staff has already been hit when delivering some stock. Autonomous cars would be a great help in such circumstances.
  2. Is that measured from the front of the panel or rear of sub enclosure? If rear then that's a great overall distance out into the room. Well done. If SWMBO decrees that the speakers must be close to the wall day to day, marking out your optimum location and moving them is still an option. It looks like the esl's have a threaded floor spike. The sliders I mentioned earlier are the "Threaded Stud Glider" halfway down this page http://herbiesaudiolab.net/spkrfeet.htm just choose your thread diameter. I took my original spikes to Bunnings and inserted them in the thread measuring guide in the "fasteners" isle to find the right size. I got on to them from other members on this site who have used them successfully. Lots of other interesting decoupling devices on that site too . I'm sure there are other options too, but these look original & glide effortlessly on my timber floors whereas I previously had to "walk" my speakers back and forth on the rubber feet they also come with. Thankfully my speakers now spend 90% of their time in my preferred position, but it's only a 20 sec job to get them out of the way when necessary.
  3. @Hi-Fi Whipped It was a joke Joyce, but @Sime didn’t see the funny side. I was not trying to convince him of anything EXCEPT not dismissing the current model out of hand, as it has some benefits over the one that will replace it. I have first hand experience with that benefit. Do you? It’s got nothing to do with “my way being best”, I’ve learnt heaps over the years in AV and have followed sage advice along a fairly obvious and well trodden road map Some people just want the new model no matter what and that’s fine too, I can see the reasoning especially with AV gear which depreciates very quickly.
  4. thought I was pretty clear the 2nd time. And yes I can see in hindsight how I was taken out of context 1st time round
  5. Chill. It was a sincere comment. You really do read too much into things at times.
  6. okay okay. Again, good luck
  7. , didn't you start this thread? Good luck with the 8805. Perhaps ask @:) al how many points the pro kit can eq in the "flat" or as some call it, the music curve. I suspect far more than the app will as the app is in many ways a dumbed down version of pro calibration, especially mic quality
  8. Would you like me to measure the heat my 7702 gives out in an open backed cabinet? I suspect this model isn't going to fix your heat issues. Each to their own but I'd get the 8802 and pro Audyssey kit if I was in your shoes. I think you'd get more benefit from the pro kit than any rumoured improvement over the 8802 because your room is so unusual the extra processing power of a pro calibration would probably show great gains, I know it did for me. The 7702 is the equal or better than 8801 for 2 channel so stands to reason 8802 or 8805 will be better again but sometimes it's just change for changes sake with new models, rather than improvement.
  9. Nothing serious about it, just a joke about buying gear you don't really need to. But hey, upgrading for upgrading's sake it a fine reason too... if you have the cash to not worry too much about such expenditure. I'd have to spend 6 months laying seeds of doubt over my current unit first... I bought a 7702a because I couldn't justify a 8802 even on runout, and won't be upgrading in 3 years time unless forced to do so. I could never justify spending over 6k on something I only thought would be good for 3 years. But "it's your money Ralph"
  10. @Sime you should change your user name to powerav...
  11. ... from my understanding, if you can change the crossover between panel and sub, I'd be making it as high as possible @ 1 foot from the wall.
  12. Even 2 foot is far from ideal, try 1 metre + to get full range response and clarity from any dipole speaker. I'm no acoustical expert (far from it) but I'm told it's to do with the figure 8 radiation pattern. Thankfully side wall reflections are not as important in these designs and at least you have a sub built in. The closer you go to the wall the more you will loose response in the bottom end of what the panel is producing and more from the sub. If you bought new and told the salesman about your positioning issues, I'd question whether they have done the right thing by you. I have my dipole Spatials 1 metre from the wall (I'd like them further out but don't have room) and my wife ******* about it but they stay. I do have them on sliders so I can put up against the wall when cleaning or kids are playing in the room. I've got self adhesive dots on the floor where the sliders should rest so easy to put back in their spot.
  13. Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    I'm about 4 episodes in and that's it, I'm out. Terrible acting/writing letting down a great concept and obviously a big budget. I just can't get into it as much as I try. It's also obviously shot in digital and has a very polished look to the point of looking fake. Maybe that is on purpose to strengthen the idea of multiple "sleeves" but not for me...
  14. Anyone else into BBQ?

    Daughters birthday on Sunday. We asked what special dinner she would like and the answer was pulled beef Tacos... So I guess I'll be trying a smoked chuck beef roast in the Kamado
  15. Yes I had a A28 and was really happy with it. Had to go to Elektra gear at several multitudes more expensive to better it. If the same as mine they have a perfectly adequate phono imput as well which can also be configured at a later date to take a line level input from a stand alone phono pre.