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  1. It's a P655. That reputation would have been true years ago, but these days they are offering better features at similar prices to Samsung, Sony etc, they all look fake to my eyes
  2. UST projectors are probably popular in Asian market due to the average room size they are used in and the popularity of aparment living. This is an Australian site so the responses are based on what we consider normal. My JVC projector is on the ceiling 4.5m from my screen in a 6x4m dedicated home theatre room. Most projector users in Oz have dedicated rooms, or large multi function rooms. I personally see no reason to have a UST projector, and their rarity here probably means I'm not alone in that view. @Owen is overly prone to talk in very specific detail, however I completely agree with him on this one. My TV's picture is detailed to the point of having soap opera effect, which I hate. Watching The Revenant in UHD on my JVC projector is like looking through a open window it's so realistic looking. As long as I'm watching HD or 4k content, my JVC smashes the picture quality of my brand new Hisense UHD 55" LCD TV, which I'm struggling to get a natural looking image with.
  3. blybo

    I let go of Foxtel

    Yeah I have the Telstra AFL app on my ipad which is great when I'm travelling inside Oz, but doesn't let you mirror and can't even get full screen on the ipad! It is free though for telstra customers. By pure coincidence when I was in Italy in June Collingwood had the bye, so didn't miss a thing
  4. I think the Audioengine look the part and if better than my 5+'s then sound is pretty surprising. To my mind the timber finish makes them stand apart from all the other black (or white) active monitors and more "homely". YMMV But there are also other established HiFi brands doing actives that may offer more desirability. Dynaudio BM5 MkIII can be had for under $1000, the Kef's Marc mentioned, JBL LSR308 MkII $745 , Focal Alpha 80 $849 The Music Hall mmf 1.3 TT is virtually a re-branded and tweaked Project so can expect more than adequate sound quality and visual aesthetics from that. Personally I'd spend the extra $200 for the mmf 1.5 and get a timber veneer, but that its just me. @Marc, how'd the Triangle package stand up last night?
  5. Small steps tiger 😉. It is not about what the converted feel a HiFi system is, it's about showing how easily one can achieve better results than a bluetooth speaker, without breaking the bank. My wife and kids couldn't work out a pre/power combo and DAC despite cheat sheets. We want to make this a painless transition into the world of hifi, not a headache they will quickly give up on.
  6. blybo

    I let go of Foxtel

    AFL? I really only have foxtel for AFL... and now the cricket...🙄 which will be in glorious 4K apparently... but my installation is still on hybrid cable, not satellite and no nbn at my address for a good 12 months yet.
  7. @marc I’d be happy to man the room for an hour or so. I don’t consider myself a true audiophile anyway and my living room system is really what we are looking at here but on steroids, integrated with streaming, tt, speakers and single sub
  8. I know they are not a sponsor or show attendee, but JB HiFi are now selling the Audioengine brand, so readily available. I only mentioned them due to positive experience with their previous flagship speaker in my office, the 5+ in Bamboo finish. When I'm there alone they can crank party level spl's, and have reasonable mid bass punch so although I am now using a 30 year old sub in the office, which wasn't worth trying to sell, a sub is not a must.
  9. Agreed but even harder to get under your $2000 budget. I’d prefer not to skimp on speaker/sound quality simply to add a turntable. How about make it $2500? The system I suggested plus the music hall you suggested comes in well under. Not sure about the Kef actives you mentioned but the tt could also connect directly to the Audioengine speakers if the node 2 bypassed it’s Dac and used the Dac in the Audioengine speakers
  10. Audioengine HD6 active speakers- approx $1000 Bluesound Node 2- $899 Cheap portable 1TB HDD to negate potential home networking weaknesses or lack of set up experience. Roon? Simple set up and simple to use. Chuck in an optical cable for TV sound directly to the speakers all other required cables come with the devices. Node comes with an RCA cable so it can work as the dac. Speakers also have a dac so will stream from smart devices via bluetooth or via optical in. I use the older Audioengine 5+ speakers in my office with their cheap USB Dac from my laptop. Fantastic sound on a budget. These could also be used to save some coin and purely use the node as DAC.
  11. I'm in... 😇 @Tubularbells don't lead me astray this time 😜
  12. blybo

    What gang problem?

    Unbelievable but true, Melbourne coffee is generally better than Italian. We got their machines and knowledge because of the immigrants, but have developed a different coffee scene. Italians prefer a much darker roast, whereas Melbourne and Adelaide coffee in particular is very good and roasters are more adventurous, a bit like craft beers are. Now if I could just get these suburban "baristas" to learn what a double ristretto is...
  13. blybo

    Off the grog!!

    Sorry to hear @Pops110 My condolences to you and your family. Re the sweet stuff, just like alcohol, it is a habit that can be changed. I'm back (unofficially) on my CSIRO eating plan which limits sugars to what you get in the small amount fruit and carbs suggested. Only problem is I'm also getting back into cycling so long rides are an issue, as would be your running.
  14. blybo

    Recent close calls !!!!!!!

    Yes I had that experience twice as well. It was certainly a memorable experience.
  15. blybo

    Recent close calls !!!!!!!

    2 weeks ago, driving in the dark from Canberra to Tumut I was stupid enough to follow my sat nav onto the back road as it's obviously slightly shorter but it was 140kms in the dark, 65km of it on corrugated gravel and took 3 hrs instead of the claimed 1hr 30minutes. Once on the gravel section I had 4 emergency stops. 3 for kangaroos or cattle and 1 because it was a blind hairpin and I almost went of the side of a cliff, there were no signs warning of the danger either. Obviously I was pretty exhausted when I arrived in Tumut at 8pm...