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  1. Great to see the show back in Sydney after so long. Favourite rooms were: Audio Note Uk as always sounded very natural and relaxing. And proved you don't need hundreds of watts to get great sound. The finish on the ANE speakers was amazing. And the Wilson Alexx with the Nagras sounded great, and I love the look of the blue Alexx's. Not so much the Alexia's. The room that had the Harbeth speakers was also very good. Also it was nice to hear some live music which is what we strive for with our systems. Overall the atmosphere was friendly, great to catch up with old friends, and congratulations to all the exhibitors and organisers who worked hard to bring the HiFi show back to Sydney. Hope to see it held back here again soon.
  2. Hi There, The 211 and Phono Stage are AN Japan.
  3. Hi Willco, Paul has in fact 2 Dac 5 Special Editions, one of which was mine before I upgraded to the Dac 5 Signature. I have to say the Signature version is in another league sonically, as it should be at nearly twice the price. Cheers
  4. Hi There, I'm using an Audio Note UK Dac 5 Signature.
  5. I've been an enthusiast for over 25 years and I imagine like a lot of you have been chasing the Holy Grail of putting together a system that transports me to the music venue. I'm more into 2 channel and have bounced between a wide range of solid state and valve gear. I'm currently running a single ended valve amp using 211 valves, a valve DAC and phono stage and listen to both cd's and records. Not really interested in multi-channel or downloads, Ipods etc. Glad to now be part of this community.
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