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  1. FS: Sonus Faber Cremona M Floorstanders.

    if only they were the bookself version.
  2. how about Elicit to drive c1
  3. FS: one month old near new Kef X300A Wireless

    sold on ebay
  4. BUY/SWAP - Lovan Sovereign Hifi rack

    so it is actually a WTB thread.
  5. BUY/SWAP - Lovan Sovereign Hifi rack

    How much is the wooden? Interested.
  6. FS: Naim System

    Interested in the rack
  7. FS: Relist: Black Steel speaker stands

    Interesting design. Why no third leg to support the heavy speakers
  8. I had a quick audition at CarltonAV. After auditioning I realised that they were twenty5 21s and 22s (I asked for twenty series). I think both series are similar in terms of sound signature. I prefer the twenty's for saving some bucks. The 22s are much bigger and deeper than 21s. For those after a bedroom setup 21 might be more reasonable.
  9. Anyone know much about Tannoy?

    I was once told by friends and one dealer that only the big furnitures were Tannoy, and that others were av stuff.
  10. FS: Spendor SP2/2 Speakers

    hi zero in the previous sale (i think where you bought these) the damage at the corner did not show. Do you know whats happened to that corner? Cheers
  11. FS: Musical Fidelity M6i Integrated Amplifier

    is it enough to drive dyn 3.4 at an acceptable level? in a small room
  12. FS: Musical Fidelity M6i Integrated Amplifier

    I just bought a rega elicit, otherwise
  13. JBL Cinema System

    Firstly, you need a big house
  14. Bowers Wilkins 805D3 (Rosenut)

    selling near new gears is really painful. we are in the same situation.