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  1. FS: Esoteric X-03 SE CD/SACD Player

    Very Nice! Many thanks Michael. Exactly what I needed. GLWTS.
  2. FS: Esoteric X-03 SE CD/SACD Player

    Would you have a high res pic of the rear of this unit please. Thx.
  3. As for going off topic, why is this topic even here? Was I under the misunderstanding that we had already resolved this? Quote from Marc in the original poll comments ... "So far, 1. It's clear the majority would prefer: Classifieds - Audio (Turntables, Speakers, Sources, Cables etc) Classifieds - Visual (Projectors, AV Receivers, Screens, Bluray Players etc) Classifieds - Vinyl LPs, CDs, Blurays etc. Classifieds - Commercial (Trade-ins, Special Offers, Promotions etc )" Sorry, but I'm just not understanding why there is a question in the first place, after the majority vote in the first poll. It's looking like Brexit revisited.
  4. Classifieds Poll - Have Your Say

    That doesn't work. What you're saying is that we should have all the adds from members, reset after 10 days? Wow, if you thought the adds were buried quickly now, just wait till you make members reset them every 10 days. It'll turn into the rolling maul of for sale forums. I for one have searched for archived (more than 10 days) items and made successful offers to obtain them. It would be a shame if members removed their adds because they lost interest due to the nature of this extra step and I'm not sure if the Mods would love the extra work load.
  5. Audio research LS8 tube pre- amplifier

    If I didn't just go pre-free, I'd be right onto this. GLWS.
  6. I'll take the other pair if still available. Thanks.
  7. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    @Addicted to music and all other responders ... you know who you are .... I finally decided on a PGA2311 based cheap and cheerful volume controller as a trial platform, with the intention of starting at the cheap end and increasing the amount spent until I either cried 'uncle', or achieved the desired result. The controller I purchased was the unit mentioned in one of my previous posts ... Cheap and Cheerful Vol Control. The reason I chose that particular unit is that it looked the neatest topology wise. Having heard some negative hype from the totally passive crowd regarding degradation of sound quality, I connected the unit with the preconception that it would be a failure. Once connected and running, it confirmed the old adage that you can't judge a book by its cover. The outcome is that once running, I can't actually tell (sound wise) that it is in the system, apart from being able to vary the volume. It took a little while to sort out the starting priority, which turned out that it be the last to boot up, but this has no impact on my system, as there are no pops or clicks when its channel relays cut in. In conclusion, it has found a home, at least for now. The big negative is that I'm sure I've gained at least 1Kg by not getting up and down to change the volume! Again, many thanks to those that responded.
  8. FS: Huge Cable Clear Out

    If you'll split them, I'll take the QED and Kordz optical, please.
  9. Back up for sale due to buyers remorse. Price now reduced!
  10. g'day Tom. Nice to see you again. I'll PM you.
  11. On Hold pending payment. Back on the market.
  12. Item: ARAGON 18K Preamp with Original IPS External Power Supply. Location: NW Tassie 7315. Price: $650 ono. $550 ono plus PP fees and postage where necessary. Item Condition: Excellent 8.5/10 due to age only. Reason for selling: Different direction. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash on pickup or Paypal before shipment. Extra Info: Excellent sound ... very neutral. Power supply recently professionally recapped. A bit of blurb from eBay ... "Despite the name, which would represent a reduction in the purity of gold, the 18K was intended to be "better" than the 24K and 24K SP that preceded it. The 18K has no phono section, but it did retain the outboard power supply. (Aragon sold a stand-alone phono section, the 47K, by this time) All 18K were shipped with the IPS. The 18K features six line-level inputs, (labeled CD, D/A, Tuner, Aux, Tape 2, Tape 1) two preamp outputs, and two tape loops. There is no headphone jack, however headphones can be driven from the preamp output jacks on the rear panel if an adapter is fabricated to allow a headphone jack to connect to the RCA jacks." and a few specs thanks to HiFiEngine ... Pictures: Also comes with the original Aragon IPS cover ... have no idea why a previous owner replaced it. Last ... image of internals taken thanks to eBay. .
  13. SOLD: FS: Audio-Gd R2R DAC19 DSP

    I'll take this please Dan.
  14. Advice on Remote Volume Control.

    Obviously time for me to shut up and do some research! Thanks.