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  1. Probably the finest amp ever made, wish I had the spare funds, GLWTS.
  2. I saw an ad on Gumtree a while back for a high end Naim Cd player, matching Naim preamp and amp with a pair of flagship floor standing KEF speakers. The ad was by a woman and read along the lines of the first to get here with the money will get a bargain. Asking price $600.00 for the lot. To the OP, great setup at a bargain price, GLWTS.
  3. That's one way of putting it. 😀 Nice speakers, great price, GLWTS
  4. Check this out if you haven't already. Bailey TL Speakers
  5. I bought a pair of these online a while back and when they arrived I thought "What have I bought???", big and bulky but sound so natural I don't use anything else now.
  6. I like the fact that B&W put grills over the tweeters, that was previous models Achilles heal, kids just love to push those shiny little domes in. Great speakers at a great price.
  7. I'll say, I had a tube amp with four of those 6550 tubes, sounded sublime, but I swear it made our A/C work harder in summer, but you could warm yourself by it in winter. 😉
  8. Don't laugh but I had distortion coming from a mid/bass driver on some vintage B&W speakers, took it out and turned in 180 degrees, distortion stopped that was a year ago. Failing that get it looked at by a reputable speaker repair shop, if it's from voice coil rubbing it can be fixed fairly easily.
  9. Whether you spend $2,000, $20,000 or $200,000 if you like what you hear is what matters. If I spent 200k then as luck would have it they would bring out the new improved model and on it goes................................. In other words being happy with what you have is a blessing and not being happy is a curse.
  10. You stole my idea, but will they work because they are not rhodium plated. 😀
  11. What sort of heresy is this you speak of, you do know that people will stop and point at you in the street don't you? 😉 Seriously though it's nothing to worry about, IMHO.
  12. Sure it was, without fail everything I have bought where for some reason or another I couldn't try the unit before hand because of some excuse the seller had, it had issues, even though the seller said it was working fine. Luckily for me I fixed each item easily and cheaply and did alright out of them, fingers crossed it will be something minor with you.
  13. J. J. Cale is not that well known but has a lot of good albums. Also that album, The Road to Escondido is a must have IMO.
  14. The Focus XD are active speakers. SPECIFICATIONS Crossover: 2 Way DSP Based Tweeter Amplifier Power: 150 Watts Mid / Woofer Amplifier Power: 150 Watts Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB): 39 Hz – 24 kHz https://tivolihifi.com.au/products/dynaudio-focus-200xd-standmount-speakers
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