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  1. You would think it would be more closely regulated, how that being said most audio devices would have a high tolerance to voltage fluctuations, not talking about actual power surges but the fluctuations you are referring too. Take an amplifier with a linear power supply, if the voltage increases by 10%, the voltage regulators will take care of this easily. For example a stock 7812 regulator for example which has an output voltage of 12vdc has a maximum input voltage of around 35vdc. With those that have a SMPS this is also of little consequence. IMO it would only be wild voltage swings or actual surges that could affect of damage your equipment. That's not to say that the power companies shouldn't be trying to put out as close to 240vac as possible.
  2. It's all about the bottom line, and not the actual cost of construction, it's what they can sell them for. If they use standard components in a crossover they can sell it for a certain amount and then bring out the deluxe version which sells for a lot more, with a minimal extra outlay on better crossover components. Reminds me of when my dear departed father-in-law was in the boat business, outboard motors would have groups of identical motors with different power outputs. A 25hp was identical to a 35hp motor for example, the only difference was the 25hp had a much smaller carburetor fitted, so it was de-tuned and sold for a lot less, the company only had to make one set of parts and have one assembly line, just the carbs and the stickers were different. They could make more money that way than making two different motors, this went on all through their power ranges.
  3. On one hand you would think that Harbeth would know this and use better quality components, or on the other that what they use delivers the sound quality they are aiming at in that range.
  4. That's what Harbeth is all about, thin walled cabinets, with little of no bracing, it's one of their design philosophies.
  5. I agree, music can be enjoyed on any system, the higher end you go the more you expect and you can end up just listening for faults.
  6. The Quintet Red has an output of 0.5mv so it's not that low, can you hear the noise when you are sitting in your listening position at your normal listening volume before the needle drop? If not then don't worry about it, if you can there is something wrong, it's either poorly designed or broken. A lot of phono stages are not purely designed for moving coil carts and simply jack up the gain of the first stage to accommodate them resulting in the hiss you describe.
  7. If I had the space the money and they were in Melbourne, oh to dream, someone is going to be really happy with these. GLWTS
  8. I would wrap the copper foil tape around the outside of the cable which includes the insulation, so I can see no problem with safety. Others may chime in with more info.
  9. And conversely a lot of things that don't make much difference can cost a lot more than those that do.
  10. Wouldn't the cheapest way would be to get some good quality 3 core cable, a roll of that copper foil tape and wrap it around the cable then put some shrink tubing over the top. Connecting the copper foil to the earth wire at one end. This would eliminate EMI? Copper Foil Tape
  11. I tried but the guy at the post office said there are weight limits.
  12. There a work of art, just beautiful, someone is going to be very happy with these, wish it was me, GLWTS.
  13. The only thing you would need is an interconnect between the DAC and the AVR. These cheap Chinese DAC's are first rate in SQ, then you have a good source for your music. Your AVR might not be the be all and end all in amplification but the old adage applies garbage in garbage out.
  14. Wise choice I bought a nice Yamaha vintage receiver with me when I moved back from the U.S. to Australia and its a pain in the neck having to muck around with step down transformers IMO.
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