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  1. Series 6 40inch (UA40D6600) http://www.samsung.com/au/consumer/tv-audio-video/television/smart-tv/UA40D6600WMXXY-features?subsubtype=led http://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-lcd-led-plasma/samsung/40-inch-full-hd-3d-led-lcd-smart-tv-sku-68075/ Ask for $650 at JB if you are willing to pay cash.
  2. It's the only way I can get the main TV to myself. Otherwise, I would be forced to watch Glee.
  3. I need a new bedroom TV since I broke the screen on our current one...That may just do it. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, sorry for taking so long to update this. The problem with my amp was and I quote, from Arthur: "The problem with the amp was that the entire power supply PCB etc had to be replaced because of cat urine damage." It ended up costing $200 to repair which I thought was more than reasonable. I now cover the front of the entire entertainment unit at night to prevent repeat offences. Thanks everyone for the help, skin.
  5. OK, maybe I am missing something then.
  6. The ability to play recordings from the Tivo upstairs on the Tivo in the lounge room over my home network is awesome! I can only seem to do it one way, ie the TiVo upstairs can't get recordings from downstairs. Is this because only the upstairs Tivo has the network pack?
  7. I may have to modify my AV unit so that 'if' he does it again, there is no chance of anything landing on top of the equipment and going through the vent holes.
  8. Don't know yet. I will post here when I know.
  9. How much piss or how much to fix?
  10. Yep, cat piss. We have a male and a female and the male sometimes sprays if there are strays outside at night. I guess he was claiming the Elektra for himself.
  11. Cause of the problem with the Elektra = Cat piss!
  12. Cause of the problem with the Elektra = Cat piss!
  13. The wireless adaptor was another $70.
  14. The only drawback (for some people) is that they have to be connected to the Internet all the time. Other than that, it doesn't get any easier or more user friendly than a Tivo and $400 is a bargain.
  15. To be honest, I could not be happier with it. I bought it secondhand in December 2009. It has served me faultlessly up to this point and I haven't gone easy on it.
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