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  1. Cool. Hope its not just for ornamental purposes. My youngest enjoys hanging out with her old man street photoing with a SLR. ......although you could think other wise in this photo.
  2. Now things have opened up again been playing with my 1958 Canon VL2, a 25mm f4 color skopar and some hp5 at 1600 iso.
  3. By 2. This what I use, realy want the lightest flexible wire you can find. Would recommend getting better cartridge tags, these are too long and flimsy. Single strand is too ridged and heavy, especially silver. Pay special attention to Consists of 30 strands of .04mm copper wrapped in silk thread. It is easily colour coded using felt tipped pens & takes readily to solder. The best way to tin the ends is to just heat it with the soldering iron whilst applying solder. The silk will burn off & leave a residue which you can remove with your fingers (once the wire has cooled off). Have a damp sponge nearby to wipe the soldering iron tip on. The heat also fuses the silk so it wont unravel.
  4. I couldnt even bother turning the sound on, anyone who puts their turntables on a glass bench or a wooden floor isnt worth listening to.
  5. Daisy Darkroom print on rc grade2. nikon f4, nikkor 20mmD HP5 in D76
  6. You maybe able to source some sorbothane grommets like these for the platter suspension, but smaller. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sorbothane-Vibration-Bushing-4pcs-Isolation-25X20-mm-M6-1-Inch-Diam-50-Duro-Soft/271162208976?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  7. Ilford art 300 print Large one is split toned, small is not, both have selective bleaching, dodge and burn. Ilford art 300 is highly textured and hard to photograph. Scans even worse. Voigtlander Perkeo 1 6x6, 120 hp5 in d76.
  8. Darkroom print on ilford rc grade 2, dodge and burn. Holgaroid 612, 90mm lens, hp5 in d76, double exposure.
  9. Did they finally get the light rail working and he can't contain his excitement.
  10. Well my first thought was to use a 2" nail, but I figured a screw might be a bit more fancy. You could use a feather duster to keep dust off. Anyway just a suggestion, I dont own any picture disc's, so not something I have thought about before.
  11. Just put a screw through the spindle hole and screw it to the wall. How hard can that be.
  12. Darkroom print on rc grade 2, dodge and burn, selenium. Holgaroid 612, 120 hp5 in d76
  13. Karmadon makes them, his stuff is usually very good quality and he's a delight to deal with. http://www.karmadon.net/shop/tonearm-lifter-for-ortofon-as-212/
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