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  1. Another 8x10 cyanotype contact print. The Hawaiian by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  2. The vid would need to be 5 minutes long if it were of my viscosity dampened unipivot. .....and that could be real time if I adjusted it so.
  3. The old Chesty Bond in cyanotype 8x10 contact print. Singlet. by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  4. The f6.8 angulon 90mm didnt quite cover 4x5 and I managed to mount the lens a 1/4" off center so it is worse on one side, also there was a bit of camera movement and infinity wasnt quite right. I have since switched to a super angulon f8 90mm and fixed a few things up. Easy enough to throw focus with the enlarger, better to have a good lens with plenty of cover and I dont open it up past f22 so focus is good, can only guess focus as the film back is fixed. Really expensive to buy anything 612, so made my own. Heres a couple of more recent prints Ive been working on. I like the 1:2 aspect ratio, twice as good as 6x6. Gloria by Paul Fitz, on Flickr I'll see you in the branches by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  5. Installed a 90mm super angulon lens on my holgaroid 6x12 and loaded some delta 3200 film.
  6. Keeping the streets safe at night. Olympus trip 35, fp4
  7. Some selfies from my recent trip to the big smoke. Haven't used this camera feature before, but thought I should keep my daughter informed of my whereabouts in case I have any run ins with the clowns down there.
  8. Nice lighting, never seen it from that angle before.
  9. Made a 612 format camera from an old polaroid land camera and used the back off a holga 612 pinhole camera. Added an even older angulon 90mm f6.8, the old lens has some sharpness issues, so I have since put on a angulan super f8. Anyhow this using the f6.8 is one I printed and split toned. Great format. hp5 120 film. some things last a long time by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  10. The Wedding Photographer by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  11. Went to the deep dark south on the weekend. So freezing I had to wear all four of my packed t shirts at once, even had to put on underwear, was tempted to buy some socks to wear with my thongs! Holga 120
  12. If you can get at least one side screwed into a stud, wall plugs would be OK to hold the other. Studs are typically (but not always) 450mm apart, so you maybe able to get both brackets fixed to studs. Other than that best method would be to have a solid bit of timber screwed into two studs and then screw the shelf onto that. Plaster board isnt very strong to carry such weight. Wall shelves are great if you have a suspended wooden floor. Best mounted on an external wall and you wont have a problem with foot fall.
  13. X2, best bang for buck prime, can pick them up on ebay for around $100.
  14. Eyelet by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
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