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  1. My only experience out of the three is with the Lenco, with a PTP, aftermarket bearing, speed controller and a solid plinth it is a force to be reckoned, as Im sure the other two would be after doing similar. Which is better is very subjective. A standard Lenco is just so so. It cost about a grand to get a Lenco to its best if you can DIY and find a decent L75/L78. Dont know how that compares with the other two.
  2. Some 6x6 prints. To the Point by Paul Fitz, on Flickr Chain by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  3. I couldn't imagine a aerated concrete plinth being at all good. The best part about Lenco's is that the only part from the original you need is the motor (perhaps the platter, but I think someone is looking into making an after market one), the rest of the parts can be bought as after market options at affordable prices. The only original parts on mine is the motor, platter and idler wheel. Also use a designed for Lenco speed controller, to keep the motor running at a nice stable 220 vlts and change speed at a flick of a switch instead of mechanically. The dynamics and bass is awesome and its still cheaper than a big clunky old Commonwealth.
  4. My latest attempts of flower shots using 4x5 negative darkroom prints. Lily by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  5. You can never have enough lead guitarist with a Les, great shot, must of been good tickets to get so close.
  6. You can never have enough pretty flowers.
  7. Tenterfield. Granite by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  8. Why not just contact the repairer and see if they can trouble shoot the problems.
  9. Contact print in Vandyke Brown using 350mmx430mm film exposed from home made pinhole camera. Was pretty impressed I got every thing in, hard work lining up a big box with a tiny hole in it.
  10. Very impressive. Everything sounds better when you make it yourself.
  11. Thanks, I have still got a lot of processing issues to sort out, but am getting better. I used this calculator to work out focal lengths and, pinhole size. https://www.mrpinhole.com/wiz.php You can use paper but its ISO is about 1. I use normal film for 8x10 and xray film for 14x17. Xray film has a few processing issues (scratches very easily), but is relatively cheap bought in the USA on ebay (100 sheets for under $200 including gst Australian delivered to the door) Like I tell everyone a camera is just a box with a lens up one end and a piece of photo film/ photo paper or digital sensor up the other end.....although a big box is really hard to make light tight. I made mine to take 2 different lens one .7mm at 270mm focal length is around f350 gives a 90 degree view angle and full coverage of about 600mm on the diagonal. I made a box with in a box so I can use .8mm lens at 360m focal length and 75 view angle, doesnt quite cover the film, havent used it yet so not sure what the look would be. I made a film holder, but cant stop the light leaks, so put film in the darkroom and keep it covered up and only get one shot. There are heaps to do with pinhole, get into it. Large format is reasonably sharp at close quarters if you use the calculator for optimum sharpness. Heaps of info on the web, best cameras are ones you make yourself.
  12. Vandyke brown contact print using 14x17 pinhole camera negative. Whats left of the old barb wire fence in Rothwell wet lands (which are pretty dry at the moment)
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