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  1. Lenco owners thread

    Just a heads up Sien (Lenco Heaven)is taking orders of what might be a final run of his replacement bearing. Comes in several sizes, so you can get one that fits you plinth. Also making ones for Garrard 301 and Thorens td124. Seems to have good reviews on previous sales. Cost is about $260AUD plus postage. Might try one myself. Link http://www.lencoheaven.net/forum/index.php?topic=25857.0
  2. The PTP and a plinth is by far the most important upgrade on the lenco. The speed control and a few other up grades are just the cherry on top. The main plus with the speed control is that it tames the 250volt mains. I set mine at around 210 volts which makes the motor smother and quieter. Also allows for adjusting and changing the speeds electronicly. The basic wiring of the motor is pretty straight forward, but if you haven't much experience with that stuff might pay to get someone that does to do it for you. Look forward to seeing some pics when its up and running.
  3. Yep that will do it.. With a compatible plinth of coause. Im also a big fan of the electronic speed control. I made my own using Nigels from Lenco heavens circuit board.....oh wait you wanted to stay away from upgrades
  4. Lenco owners thread

    You can fit any arm if there isnt enough space in the hole to get correct pivot to spindle distance you can just file it out till it does. I have fitted a Rega arm at one time to mine.....lots of filing. You also will need to raise the arm to get the right height. Some arms are adjustable. The stock arm gets a lot of flack but its ok with a service, new v blocks and a rewire with light litz wire. Mine went pretty good with a Shure type 3. But to get the most out of them you should look at a decent PTP based plinth and a electronic speed control, then they start to really get the most out of your LP's. BTW The over hang is systematic to the tone arm, you only have to get the center of pivot to center spindle correct. Even then you can use different arc protractors to what the recommended over hang is.
  5. Lenco owners thread

    Its a Bogen!....not you the l70 were often badged so. Hey there a lot of fun to mod up, the motors and bearings are usually pretty solid and just about unkillable. Not sure of the platter on the l70. Some lencos had light platters. Anyhow a great project.... enjoy.
  6. 707 with a f9 is bweautiful, I just refitted mine yesterday with a new soundsmith stylus.....Im in heaven. Second would be type 3 shure with a jico stylus, but only if you can up the loading on your phonostage.....I am no help.
  7. Sounds like a good design well better than the average factory built plinths.
  8. Nice looking plinth, how is it constructed? The main attribute of an armboard is to keep the tonearm coupled to the spindle at the correct distance. At the thickness you will require there wont be a discerning difference on any rigid material. Id just get what ever you want. A nice timber to compliment the rest of the plinth maybe. If you were to redesign the plinth or build another from scratch you could probably better isolate the the tonearm, but you still need to keep the tonearm locked in at the correct distance from pivot point to center of spindle (or better still center of record, harder to do). The main advantage of an arm board on a deck like yours is to make it a bit more easy to remove the tonearm, its not so much to do with isolation. Hopefully the plinth and record player work well enough together that tonearm vibration is not a problem....enjoy.
  9. Post some pics thread...

    Some pictures from last weeks Brissy unlocked, where certain places were open to the public and you could take pictures of the public. The Spring Hill reservoir light show, very impressive. The old man who lives in the spring hill wind mill. Dont think he was enjoying it. The solders protecting the whole of Brisbane in there tin hats and 303's. Good to see the bloke behind having a smoko. A scallywag
  10. Post some pics thread...

    The story bridge.
  11. Post some pics thread...

    Composing must be the hardest part of photography. I find it a really interesting subject, but I struggle. Try getting your golden ratios with a pinhole camera
  12. Post some pics thread...

    Thanks, they have all moved to the bright lights of Brisbane city. I see them regularly around the city, they're very timid.
  13. Post some pics thread...

    Any one can tell me what these birds are? Only see them in the city hanging around vacant lots, always in pairs, brown.
  14. Post some pics thread...

    Another view to the previous picture, this time looking down towards the old homestead and sheds. Contact print using 8x10 negative and vandyke brown process. All analog except scan fix up to resemble print.
  15. Post some pics thread...

    The Jacarandas are starting to bloom, must be October....although hard to tell in b&w. 8x10 print using 35mm negative.