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  1. Very nice job, like the clean lines. Enjoy.
  2. Sorry I cant help you with that. They arent too hard to build, plenty of people have put one together with no prior experience, lots of help on the LH forum. Im in need of another platter, if any one has a spare they wish to sell send me a PM.
  3. Thanks, just weighing up my options. Nigels speed and voltage control works well. Think I will build another to use on my L78 and Orpheus clunkers.
  4. How do you mean? How far out was stability?
  5. Holy moly! What a great build. Damn they are so sexy, shame to put them in a box. My first foray into DIY amps was a nxV200 R2 Holton Im sure it will sound awsome once up and running, be no fun if it all went together in one afternoon.
  6. There not too hard to put together. If you do wish to sell in the future I'd be interested, keep missing when Nigel has any.
  7. The two single most important things to do after you have a PTP is to use a speed/ voltage controller on the motor and a quality bearing. The motors run best at 220 volts our 250 vlts arent good for the ac motor. The stock spindle isnt sufficient, for quality play back. Once you eliminate all the noisey bits, the plinth becomes less important. The tonearm must stay rigid to the spindle.
  8. Normal spacing is still 450 or less. I think on long non load bearing walls you can stretch out to 600 now. I will ask a builder next week. You could still screw a panel on the wall using one or more studs and screw your shelf to that. On one record player I made my own platform and screwed it to a single stud. Both my record players are above speakers. Probably not ideal, but as long as the rp is not in front, the speakers shouldnt have too much impact. Maybe you can post a photo or drawing of you set up and can get better advice.
  9. Thats bizarre, my house is 1953 with suspended wooden floor on stumps. External walls have the studs directly on the bearer or joist and floor boards just but up against the studs. I have to jump for the accelerometer to get a reading, doesnt pick up foot fall. Internal walls that sit on floor boards dont fair so well but is a huge improvement over just on floor boards. My preference would be to hang from ceiling or better still on its own plinth that goes all the way to the ground below, but that requires a huge amount of dedication. I've tried all the springs, squash balls, springs etc. None have been as good as a wall mount. Noggins are usually around 1200 high, studs are usually 450 apart, have studs either side of window or door way. You can use a board spanning two or more studs and center your record player on that. I use the knuckle method and a skinny nail on timber stud walls, like most builders I work with. You get a feel for it after a while or get good at patching nail holes.
  10. The trick is to remove the platter, wrap in bubble wrap then tight in its own box. The spindle is fixed in so should not need removal. You need to take the head shell off and all the weights and loose bits off of the tone arm and secure in there own box, the pig tale is very susceptible to damage. Secure the tone arm to its arm holder. Tape over the idler arm so it cant move. Adhere the stylus to its own little box with double sided tape. Box up the turn table, be sure to use tight bubble wrap and thin ply or similar on top of the perspex (after bubble wrap) and then put the platter at the bottom of another box and the record player on top making sure there is plenty of tight packing. You got to make sure nothing can move. ......then it should be good to travel. Not too many still around in superb condition like that one, be a shame to get it damaged. Probably obvious to most of us, but seen plenty that have been damaged due to poor packaging.
  11. Neat. Very nice original condition, my 78 is so heavily barstardised that its beyond recognition of a lenco.
  12. Ceiling mount? Just 4 hooks on the trusses and some wires to a turntable platform should fix any ground floor problem, unless there is a floor above. Or if you are on the ground floor you could sink a post into the ground below and cut a hole out in the floor boards. My preference is to have a wall shelf on an external wall preferably one sitting on a bearer. Any thing else on a suspended timber floor is totally inadequate.
  13. I think they have been around for about 10 years now. The e in the picture has been back from a retip a few years ago. Also have a u which is better. They were much better priced when the aud was 105 cents to the usd and no gst. Have to use sparingly now.
  14. The old Scan Dyna had been sitting neglected on a shelf with a crooked stylus for the last few years. Decided it was high time I got it going again. Cleaned off the thick layer of accumulated dust and crud, cleaned up the orange switches, put an old Grace cart on and she is singing again. Also cleaned and repaired my old Teac as-100 that has been locked away in a cupboard seems to be a nice match. Some celestion speakers I reboxed also going again.
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