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  1. Darkroom print on foma fbvc 8x10, split toned in selenium and sepia. rz67, 180mm 120 hp5 negative Embroidery by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  2. Bought a little Pentax Espio point and shoot from Vinnies for $3, has a panarama mask. Bought a $10 battery and loaded some fp4. Darkroom prints. Vanishing Point by Paul Fitz, on Flickr 4 Boats by Paul Fitz, on Flickr Cloads by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  3. Evocative, do you have more? The pig on spit is also evocative, for other reasons.
  4. Probably running. Great picture, lots going on.
  5. Thought it was just me, but seems to be a regular occurrence the last couple of months. Right now its showing 2 new posts, but I cant see them. Edit: and when I submitted a post they are now visible.....weird.
  6. Mamiya rz67 with 180mm lens,incandescent light meter, ilford 120 hp5 developed in d76 1:1. Darkroom print using old fogged Kentmere paper, cropped to square format, toned with selenium to hold the shadows, then vanadium pallet toner which bleaches away most of the fogging and leaves a yellow split tone. Scanned print.
  7. Darkroom print on old fogged paper toned and bleached. rz67, 180mm lens, 120 hp5. On Our Selection. by Paul Fitz, on Flickr
  8. Cute! took a second to see the second one. Shouldnt they be in a tree? Usually only get cane toads in pits around here.
  9. To me the whole lot is difficult, as you progress your forever trying to step it up a notch. Think I have a reasonable eye for composition, but that doesnt mean every shot I take is a keeper, not by a long shot, a lot of thought goes into it and heavy culling. Even good photographers spend a huge amount of time working their pictures. Street photography is to me the most challenging and one where you rarely ever get anything usable, too many variables and everything has to be done in a blink of an eye. Anyways its all fun, get some pictures up.
  10. Outside of Woolies. Darkroom print on 8x10. Olympus trip 35. Hp5
  11. Thats a common perception that usually means they dont hold resale value, also the improvements seem mostly cosmetic rather than anything that will actually have a significant difference. A DD is only as good as its motor and bearing.
  12. One of the old dairy farms around Byron Bay.
  13. Geoff is too modest. Post up Mondie, the forum always needs variety. Darkroom print, split toned with sepia and selenium. RZ65, 180mm lens 120 hp5 film
  14. x2. Love the graffiti on the rocks as well.
  15. 8 x10 Darkroom print split toned. A little Olympus trip 35 loaded with hp5.
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