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  1. Darkroom contact print on ilford RC grade 2. Preflashed to hold the highlights, dodge burn slight toning. 24 x 30cm xray film in pyro hd 24 x 30 1890 plate camera. Fuji 420 mm
  2. Last time I sold some records was in the late 80's, had major sellers regret ever since. Will never sell any of my records, so the value is irrelevant to me. I only buy a few records a year now as they have become too expensive and I already have what I want mostly. If I need to buy some media, I usually buy records prior to the 90's and CD's after that, or cassettes. Reel to Reel for classical.
  3. Leica md-2 , Voigtlander 15mm, pan 400 film
  4. The gentle mans room in the old PH.
  5. Canberra. Leica md2, voigtlander 25mm, pan 400 in d76
  6. Finally got around to developing some colour Kodak Ektar film thats been sitting in the fridge for the last couple of years. Lismore. Mamiya RZ67.
  7. This is my favorite of the series. It flows like a complete concert, awesome versions of songs and lots of banter to the audience. The Last Trip to TULSA is brilliant. Wish I had a copy of the original 2 track recording on reel to reel.....think I might tape it anyhow.
  8. Streaming through my B&H 601 mono amp into a pair of Richard allan full range speakers. Seasick Steve in mono.
  9. Cant believe some left it in wrapper all these years, thats just sick. How Kurt would of meant it to be played, just need to make a bong and go out and score and it will be like being 21 again.
  10. Pulled the lens out and cleaned. Cleand the bulb, mirror and bulb lens. Cleaned and lubed all pullies and stuff. All the running gear is in good nick. The optical audio is similar to the 601 but different, has a scope type reciever that goes to a valve in the amp. No idea how it works just seems to be a couple of very thick wires? The thin window that shines light through the film. All nice and clean now. Cute. Cover for bulb for audio pick up. Ok mechanics are g
  11. Ampro Stylist, probably similar vintage to the B&H 601, in not so good working order. Isnt up to the standard of the 601, but it goes. Amp valves light up like a Christmas tree, so will need to look at the electrics. Not very easy to get to or work on. Have to decide whether I want to get that involved. The projector electrics is a bit more straightforward. Mechanical its all there, bulb turns on and motor runs. Lens and guides need cleaning. The case has been covered on the other sides with yucky white plastic contact, which wont come off without taking the veneer
  12. Yep. A 601 I've been renovating. Sounds very good for 70 year old amp.
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