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  1. American and Gun culture

    No fantasies here Greg; I'm not the sort of guy who needs gun fantasies to feel like a man. Some do... Nice try but no; that section is the power to compulsorily acquire, and determine what terms are just, not an obligation to compensate. Your interpretation only holds up in The Castle. The only obligation to compensate is the one I've highlighted; and it works at a government to government level.
  2. American and Gun culture

    Don't help the 'gun guys' out...
  3. American and Gun culture

    No, you're thinking of someone else's constitution. Our constitution only requires the Federal government to compensate a State if it removes a right or power; largely centered on trade and commercial rights. The Commonwealth often does provide compensation when it removes property or rights from individuals; but there is no Constitutional requirement to. And according to what 'information'? The constitution is just a browser click away; read it before you project on it. What larger issues? What larger picture? Are you seriously trying to make the argument that some group who needs fire arms is being denied access to them? Adler lever shots etc? Utter tosh! Let me guess; "it's not a guns situation"...
  4. Foobar Customisation /Optimisation

    Thanks for this; I was getting bored with my Foobar interface and you've inspired me to get configuring. Pandorabox is a great starting point.
  5. SOLD: Funk firm -lsd

    Awesome! GLWTS...

    ...sorry; I fell asleep.
  7. ABC2 to become ABC Comedy

    The whole of the ABC is becoming ABC Comedy. Guthrie was hand picked by the LNP, and Murdoch, to fly the plane into the ground...
  8. Bamboo is best for J-Pop and K-Pop...
  9. Is this worth more the longer the drought goes? Relist tomorrow night at a higher price...
  10. Your favourite SNA thread.

    Any thread related to power cords.
  11. The speed delusion

    You mean like a fancy power cable plugged into standard house wiring? P.S. The upstream restriction can be fixed later; the downstream will not be.
  12. The speed delusion

    Al; you're missing the point. Australia is making a massive financial investment in a fixed broadband network. With the sort of infrastructure investment we are making, even allowing for the geographical factors that make it hard, we should be at or near the top of that list right now. The fact that we are not tells us all we need to know about future performance. If the patchwork NBN FTTN, #FraudBand, delivers this little now; how will it compare in 10 years time? And at what cost? FTTP is as 'futureproof' as you can get in terms of fixed infrastructure and is entirely do-able.
  13. Dave Gilmour will sabotage this somehow...
  14. "...tested for correct polarity and proper earth connection". Be rude not to really...
  15. Linn Classical is good quality but the selections are a bit pedestrian. Many good European stations @ 256 and 320 kb/s. I'll have to work out how to export my TuneIn favourites...