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  1. First 'real' HiFi? Dad's cast offs; Thorens TD124 with the matching Thorens arm, Shure V-15, Akai M-8 reeler also acting as my amp, driving Celestion CX1512s in home made TL enclosures. Then I built my own 2 x 15w EL84 power amp and used the M-8 as a preamp.
  2. Yeah; nah. Don't need fresh snake oil Mike. But keep on milking. :-)
  3. Replace the electrolytic caps and it should be good. Use a higher temp rating for longer life. Don't know why B&W used such crap caps.
  4. Some very nice set ups here! Can't say I'm not envious. No room at Chez Gruffie for such indulgences unfortunately. 😞
  5. Chill is still an SBS station and, despite a fairly limited playlist, is still great downtempo background music. I have it on all day in the office and almost every time I go to mute it when people come for a meeting they ask me to leave it on. I just turn it down a bit now. 🙂
  6. Fabulous things. Someone buy the lot; please don't let the family be broken up! 😉
  7. Yep, and try listening to music at 30% THD. 😛 I bought a Denon mini system for the beach house recently. Beautiful sound for what it is, good iPod integration, sensible dedicated digital EQ for the matching Denon speakers and no ludicrous specification claims. Perfecto!
  8. I love these things!!! Somebody bloody buy them...
  9. The best Tannoy dual concentrics I could get for a grand secondhand.
  10. The single speed sprinter... The retro-roadie... The 'Swiss Army' bike...
  11. I have a Rotel RCD-865BX you might be interested in. Philips CDM transport and all discrete analogue output stages. Right up yer alley I'd reckon. PM me if you're interested.
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