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  1. I'll take the two Pink Floyds please
  2. Gandra

    Loreena Mckennitt - Any Fans???

    The voice of an angel indeed. Timeless music
  3. Gandra

    World Music: Currently Spinning

  4. Gandra

    BENZ-MICRO LP S Phono Cartridge

    Mate, are you receiving PMs?
  5. No, mine from day one. Built the slate plinth myself.
  6. Yep... As stated, it's all there. In excellent condition.
  7. Item: Koetsu Rosewood Platinum cartridge and Fidelity Research FR64S tonearm Location: Epping NSW Price: $5,100 Item Condition: Very good (very conservative, due to age - see description below) Reason for selling: Downsizing gear due to imminent house move Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (add 4%), Extra Info: These two are a perfect fit - a relatively heavy tonearm paired with a low compliance cartridge. The Koetsu was fully refurbished 18 months ago in Japan (via the UK Koetsu authorised dealer). It is an earlier rosewood body, fitted with brand new internal workings, including platinum magnet, boron cantilever. It is well known that Koetsu do not do partial upgrades (retipping and the like) but a full rebuild, resulting in a brand new cartridge. Since this was not my only cartridge, it probably has not seen more than 150 hours playtime, practically meaning that it is just fully broken in. The cartridge comes in its original wooden box and can I supply all rebuild paperwork to interested parties. The Fidelity Research FR64S tonearm was purchased second hand with the sole purpose of mating with the Koetsu, and the result is undoubtedly very impressive. The tonearm is in excellent condition, considering its age. I have the original the box with all the contents in excellent condition. Can sell to interstate buyers, since size / weight is fairly low. I prefer to sell as a package, and if sold at the asking price would provide a free Fidelity Research protractor, as well as donation to SNA. Would also consider splitting the two, with the respective prices being $3,500 and $1,600. Auditions may also be arranged. Pictures:
  8. Gandra

    Kenwood ka5050r amplifier

    Deoxit usually helps in those situations
  9. Gandra

    SOLD: FS : Garrard 401 TT

    Wow. This price is crazy. I have a relatively similar set up and wouldn't sell it for twice as much. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Gandra

    What's with listed prices of HFi from Japan?

    Slightly off topic, but if you're really after a good Garrard 301, a better solution IMO is to go to Audio Grail or the Classic Tuntable Company
  11. Gandra

    Help with Audacity software

    If your signal is not strong enough, use the 'amplify' command. It will default to a peak of 0dB, but I suggest reducing to say - 1 or even - 2dB. This will give you a signal level comparable to the CD. On a different note, you are aware that the downloaded version of Audacity isn't true 24/96, even it says so in output. The only way to fix this is to recompile the program. This is covered in great detail on the Audacity website. Good luck
  12. Gandra

    Time to embrace ACTIVE SPEAKERS?!

    Here is another example of a great active speaker. This one is made by a small company in Sydney, Dana Digital (http://www.danadigital.com). I've had it for almost 10 years now and am extremely happy with it. Each speaker has 3 drivers and in this model, the mid range is driven by a tube amplifier. The other two are SS. Both the build and sound quality are first rate.
  13. Nice selection! Know them, have 'em all, Toshiko Mariano highly recommended. Good luck with the sale