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  1. Put me on the list if the sale falls through. I'm in Brisbane for easy pick-up. Ken
  2. I used to have a pair of them for some Audience 42 speakers - nice stands - bargain at that price. GLWS
  3. G'day Mate, If you're looking at budget amps, I have a practically new, Little Dot 1+ with three different pairs of tubes and a Burson Opamp. I bought it specifically for my RS-1s (supposed to be a special match) but ended-up with a S.S. iFi Zen CAN that came with a pair of Hifimans I bought. I'm in Brisbane so you can come by and check it out if interested. I have $330 in it with the tubes and the opamp - you can have it all for $200 if you pick it up.
  4. Really nice bit of kit for a second system or for the starter audiophile - well put together and loads of functionality. GLWS
  5. I have one of these - nice streamer. If it means anything, it won the "2019 best streamer under 500 pounds" award from What HiFi. GLWS
  6. Further information: Great device for a second system or desktop system. Even though it’s small, and relatively inexpensive, it’s every bit an audiolab product. Super-elegant design and very well put together. Presents as new - not a mark on it. I’ve upgraded to a Naim NAIT and I no longer have any use for the audiolab. Tempted to keep it but MUST NOT HOARD! FULL DISCLOSURE: I bought this from another SN member about nine months ago. After a couple of months, a noticed a slight crackling in the right channel at times. I brought it to AVDigitech (certified audiolab
  7. Further information: I bought this to experiment with but my tiny listening area doesn’t cope well with the additional bass. I got it at the very end of December, broke it in as Rel directed, and played with it for a couple of weeks. It’s in brand new condition and includes original packaging, Neutrik high-level cable (10m) and the manual. Here’s a short video talking about the T-Zero (The one I’m selling is the latest MKIII version) Photos:
  8. My father had a pair of these when I was a kid. LOVE the Heil Drivers! I'd take them in a heartbeat if I had somewhere to put them!
  9. Further information: I bought these in November from Apollo HiFi (RRP: $329) to use with a pair of Proac Tablettes that I've subsequently sold. All three tubes are filled with some crushed lead stuff and the stands weight 12kg each now. They're in perfect condition and include screw-in spikes. They're 70cm tall so are good for small speakers and/or tall listeners. PICK-UP ONLY (too big, heavy and cheap to ship!) Here's John Darko talking about his Atakama stands: Photos: PLEASE READ If you include an
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