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  1. G'day Alan, What are you thoughts on the BRXs? I've heard some fantastic things about them. Ken
  2. Great stands at a good price. I had a set under my Audience 42s a while ago. Very nicely made.
  3. If I didn't just buy the Arros I'd definitely be considering your Mity Mites! The banged-up cabinet wouldn't bother me at all.
  4. I recently picked up a pair of Totem Arros. I think they're the floor standing version of these - great little speakers! GLWS
  5. G'day All, I'm looking for some advice on a streamer from the local brain-trust. I currently have an AudioLab M-One integrated amp that I stream Tidal via USB from an iPad or my PC. I found a second hand Cambridge Audio CXN (VERSION 1) for less than $1,000. I like the idea of the preamp out on the CXN so I can run it straight into an Adcom power amp I have. Am I better off with this device, or am I better off with a new Audiolab 6000N or Blusound Node 2i? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  6. Just picked one of these up from another member at the same price - great little amp!
  7. Further information: I’m selling an NAD D3020 that I, impulsively, bought recently. It’s a great little all-in-one integrated amp with all the digital inputs you need. Due to it’s diminutive size, it would be perfect for a small, secondary system in the office, spare room or kitchen. For the budget minded, matched with the right speakers, it’s more than capable of playing the role of primary system. It includes the following: The unit itself Remote control Aussie power cord Quick-start guide All original packing materials including the velvet bag
  8. Further information: I'm selling a pair of superb Soundsmith Monarch Speakers - Made in the USA. Finished in absolutely gorgeous cherry. I wouldn't say perfect, but they're in very, very good condition. One of the speakers is missing the "Monarch" emblem from the grill - see photo. They've spent their life driven by a Tandberg 100 watt integrated amplifier and used sparingly in an extra room. More information and full specifications can be found here: https://www.sound-smith.com/speakers/monarch-bookshelf-speakers Willing to courier Australia-wide at an agreed price. Photos:
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