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  1. Agree with this suggestion. You've previously been happy with Pioneer, and this is an attractive option.
  2. Well, I did try out the new opamps. The Assemblage designer countenances replacement of the AD844 and Burson identify their opamp as a replacement for the same. The process is easily reversible. Result - to my ears, a definite improvement with a more lively sound and mid-range clarity evident. The main change was a previously (slightly) harsh overhang on plucked strings is no longer. This was not the outcome of a sustained comparison not is it in anyway scientific but I don't think it was imagined (even allowing for some expectation bias). Another set of ears noted a clear improvement also.
  3. Make sure you tell us about your superchargers experience once they've had a chance to settle in.
  4. Well, there might be a bit in that and there might also be a bit in the notion that just about all manufacturers build to a price point. I don't know in this circumstance.
  5. Well, Claritycap CMR is on back order. Though, a couple of quality Miflex caps turned up in the mail (thanks!). Given the delay, I haven't ordered the larger value Miflex, as I have an amp that blew some resistors and caps and I was thinking of combining an order. Hoping to have the amp looked at next week.
  6. I reckon having it listed in the audio sub-forum is the right call. I have the 989 model and use it exclusively for SACD/CD duties.
  7. Location: Canberra Price: $750 640 (plus any postage and payment fees) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Liked these so much I moved up the line to Focal Clear Payment Method: Post or pickup - Cash, band deposit, Paypal (as friend) Extra Info: These are very impressive headphones for their price. I am certainly a sucker for their engaging sound, and decided to buy Clears when a set became available. Nice design and quality build. Have original packaging and willing to post (at buyer's expense). Link to manufacturer's website: https://www.focal.com/headphones/elear/ Pictures:
  8. Dipole speakers won't be for everyone, but would they suit you at $75?
  9. I'll seek a sheltered spot when the urge takes me - until then I'll keep reading and seeking advice. Parts Connexion offered a range of DAC kits, and in each release offered an upgrade kit. These included some cap and resistor changes, as well as different opamps. From what I can glean (from multiple references) the AD844 are used for I/V conversion, which in one model iteration has OP627 as an upgrade. The AD817 in the DAC-2 (very similar to the DAC-1, and presumably the AD847 it uses) is replaced by OPA134 as the output buffer and by the OPA627 in the signature upgrade (also for the AD844). I can only presume by the designer's offer of this upgrade path, and as reported, that some improvement ensues. I have emailed PCX seeking a schematic.
  10. The DAC hasn't been in use for quite a while. Rather than leaving it redundant, it seemed like a good opportunity to see whether changing the opamps would yield a sonic benefit. An experiment, no other reason. Changing valves in an amp can change the sonic signature, perhaps opamps would have a similar effect? I am separately looking at changes caps in a speaker crossover - but in the case it is necessary!
  11. This by no means definitive but I did find a statement of theDAC-2 (very similar to DAC-1, added HDCD) using AD811 as an IV converter and AD817 as output buffer. References to these modules seem to align with AD844 and AD847 respectively. Or, this could be of no relevance at all. The AD847 specs identify its role as being a buffer, amongst other things. The AD844 has the significantly higher slew rate (so?).
  12. Nearly 25 years old and the company is no longer in business. However, principal/s run PartsConnexion so that might be an avenue.
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