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  1. Wouldn't have expected it to last long, and it didn't!
  2. Are you looking for a centre as well?
  3. I have one that I may be selling.
  4. I expect your first point is true. Once I find the best solution I will be running at least one cable under the house to avoid creating a hazard (or an eyesore) in the doorway, so I hope I get it right!
  5. The best choice for each of the setups. Of course, I can collapse them into one with a 2-ch or a HT trigger depending on use, but I might as well put the subs I have to good use. There are room compromises but I do have the advantage of being able to dial in the response to pretty much a single listener.
  6. Ah, but I have the subs - just working out the best combination to start with.
  7. Getting close to finalising my revised setup but I have a dilemma... I will have separate 2-ch and home theatre setups and, where I have to, I am prioritising stereo performance. I have two 10" subs rated to 27 – 111 Hz (±1.5dB) and a single 15" sub rated to 15Hz to 120Hz (+/-3dB). My speakers have a nominal range of 28Hz to 22kHz, -6dB. I had been expecting to allocate the two subs as a stereo pair to 2-ch but on paper they don't extend the range much below the main speakers. The single sub does on the other hand. I understand that location and room dynamics will play a significant role in performance but I have limited placement options. Looking for advice on which way to go.
  8. I'll see if I can draw something up. The limiting factor is that the rear wall has to accommodate wall units that are 1.9m and 2.05m tall and a doorway, leaving no wall space other than above them. If that places the IW speakers so high that they interfere with Atmos layering too much, and having the rear overhead speaker only 1.5m in front of them does not allow enough differential to compensate, then 5.1.4 becomes the fallback. If that won't work because the surrounds can only be at 85-90 degrees, a least desirable compromise can perhaps be put into play, which is to use bookshelf speakers. This would have domestic challenges.
  9. The surrounds are only just in front, maybe at 85 degrees or even slightly closer to 90 degrees, hence I am reasonably comfortable this would work. It would be better with rear surrounds, but that may not be an achievable compromise. I could start with 5.1.4, though I am looking at in-walls for the surrounds so trying to make an educated guess if they will work, as some wiring will be needed. Of course I could pre-wire and not proceed if I end up satisfied with 5.1.4, but there is wasted time and expense.
  10. Ah, that's the trick. The placement of overhead speakers should be OK according to Dolby guidance but the room is not large and the rear surrounds would only be 1.5m, maybe 2m if lucky, further back from the rear overheads.
  11. Finally getting to the stage of planning the layout for a new home theatre. It's not a dedicated room, so there are compromises. I can go 5.1.4 and keep to most of the guidelines. The surround speakers will be slightly in front of the listening position but they can be installed at correct ear height (and I am OK with that if need be). What I am considering is adding two rear speakers but the drawback is that they will need to be mounted at near ceiling height. Will this impair the surround envelop as side and rear speakers will be at different heights? And, will having rears so high impair the layering required for ATMOS?
  12. I have an OMD-C1. Given you have the OMD-28 (drool!), it might be too small.
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