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  1. givita_burl

    Roon 3 Pack discount

    Mailbox full? Interested.
  2. You're welcome to keep finding these gems. I live in Canberra so often the value isn't there for me, but who knows next time.
  3. givita_burl

    FS: Fleetwood Mac Deluxe Box Sets

    Still available?
  4. Next in line pls. I'm interested if you want a local buyer.
  5. givita_burl


    Now that is something! I wish!
  6. givita_burl

    FS: Custom speakers - Big muthas

    You guys are making my life difficult, so many speakers at bargain prices ATM! But these are good too, just sayin'...
  7. givita_burl

    Bands or artists you just never 'got' ?

    No invite for me then! OK, maybe I agree with Smith Street Band.
  8. Well, it changes. Today I think it is tube pre and SS power.
  9. I'm interested - can you give me a quote to Canberra 2617?
  10. givita_burl

    SOLD: FS: Audiospace Reference 2S preamplifier

    I imagine the buyer, when he/she appears, will want the valve package but if they don't, I do.
  11. givita_burl

    SOLD: FS: The Deer Hunter Blu Ray Version

    Great movie, I'll take it.
  12. And if the valves are not sold I would be interested.
  13. givita_burl

    FS: Custom speakers - Big muthas

    I didn't want you to think I was just giving these away, they are an inducement! They are excellent. Very solid.
  14. givita_burl

    FS: Primare SP31 (black) - RELISTED

    Agreed, just how I used it! The unit is designed as two separate units in one chassis, a fully balanced pure analogue stereo amplifier and, via independent power supplies, an AV processor. I used the stereo balanced outs straight into active speakers. It uses four 24 bit/192kHz Burr-Brown PCM1738 DACs.