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  1. Item: Beyerdynamic T90 headphones Location: Canberra Price: $255 plus postage and any payment fees Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Post or pickup - Cash, Paypal (as a friend) or bank transfer Further info: I think these are quite accurate headphones, there is plenty on the net if you want reassurance. Here is one link: https://kenrockwell.com/audio/beyer/t90.htm, and there are others. If you are a potential buyer in Canberra, you are welcome to have a listen. I have all the packaging (hard case and box) so shipment is OK. Pictures:
  2. Well, I've not seen one of those. It looks good with the champagne finish.
  3. Which other valves will it accept?
  4. I realised I haven't responded. The plate is approx. 10cm x 7.5cm.
  5. Persuasive arguments for 7.2.4. Will adding the rear speakers to the setup lessen some of the challenges of having slightly forward surrounds?
  6. I am just doing a bit of reading on that as we speak.🤔
  7. No problems mounting both at approx. 85deg. Going Atmos, so was thinking 5.1.4 - ceiling placements will be no issue. I have thought about 7.1.4 but not sure how beneficial that would be. I can do both. On-wall/in-wall works at side location and will potentially yield best timbral match. Placement in rear position also feasible but would be bookshelf mount.
  8. Can I jump in with a question - similar challenges? One one side I can fit a surround (in-wall or wall-mount) at 90deg. On the other side, though, it would have to be 85deg or slightly less (window limits placement). Will this work or will I need to place speakers in a rear channel location? @betty boop@Peter the Greek@Quark Others?
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