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    Gone, Thanks for your interest
  2. puunda


    Gone. Thank you
  3. I bought the V3085 just after Christmas last year. Basically the same as this but without the 4 year warranty. Amazing unit. Everything you expect from a high spec AVR plus XLR inputs and output! GLWTS
  4. Item: Granite Base for Spaker Location: Point Cook 3030 Price: $75 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No Longer Needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Granite base Was custom made for a Definitive Technology Mythos 10 Centre Speaker. Measures 1000 x 300 x 20 mm Genuine solid granite In excellent condition Very heavy so pick up only from VIC 3030 NOTE: For sale is Granite Base ONLY. Speaker and cabinet NOT included. Pictures:
  5. Yes and no. Things listed on eBay are removed after X days (60 I think). After that you can't find anything about that listing. Gumtree is removed as soon as it's marked as 'sold' or deleted. I just feel SNA classifieds should be the same. More harm than good IMO
  6. You mean 'editing' it before you mark it as sold? But you can't actually delete an ad once you've marked it as sold can you?
  7. Your last point is exactly why we all (most) have user names that provide no link to real names and why the moderator team delete any personal details that appear in the classifieds. I totally get that. But it's not hard to ask someone for his details if he's got some gear currently for sale. In fact, that's kind of what has to happen is a sale is to take place. Many audio hobbyist, myself included buy and sell all the time. I don't want a complete history of everything I've owned and am selling. I understand there are risks selling things online - forums, auctions, or otherwise. But not deleting an old classifieds is adding risk IMO.
  8. I may be in the minority here, but I've never liked the idea of having everything in the classifies available long after it's sold. Doing a google search for something shows pictures of my speakers and the ad for it on SNA from back in 2013. I've also seen pictures of things I've listed being used by other people selling their gear, some legit, some scams. I'm of the opinion that after 'X' time after marked as sold, it should no longer be available. Not only because other of scammer using the images, but also if someone sees that you have $200k worth of gear for sale, it's a genuine security issue.
  9. Mods. This ad soils be deleted. Either the OP is not interested in selling it or simply not reading any pm or replies. Either way it looks like you can't actually buy it so no point having ad
  10. Anyone travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne soon? Would like a sub transported. Will contribute towards petrol. Thanks
  11. I believe the x1x was the last series to be affected by the problematic HDMI board no sound issue, and the extended warranty ends in 3 months. If you've not done so already, book it in to have the HDMI board replaced. It should be free
  12. No. Was talking about your beautiful rack. Great work!
  13. Thanks for your interest everyone. The amps have gone to a very happy owner who I'm sure will give them a good home
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