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  1. No worries at all. Funny story, my brother in law lives near you in Collaroy, and he has a pair of these speakers. I had bought them form someone in Manly from memory, and asked my brother in law to pick them up for me. The idea was he would pack it and send it to me. He went to pick it up and heard them and begged me to let him have it. He even offered me more money for them. So I made the sacrifice and let him keep them. He loves them and he still has them now.
  2. HI Scott, Shipping to Sydney is $120 uninsured or $150 insured for $1500 using TNT. Thanks
  3. Ultra-performance floor-standing loudspeaker with built-in powered subwoofers RRP: $4995 High end Definitive Technology Mythos STS speakers in excellent condition. Built-in 300 Watt powered subwoofers deliver massive bass, eliminates need for separate subwoofer Hand-polished gloss aircraft-grade extruded aluminum enclosure with proprietary damping tech & polished granite base ensure total rigidity & stability. One-inch Pure Aluminum dome tweeter for extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess. Each Mythos STS conta
  4. These are gone. How do mark that it's gone and no longer available?
  5. Item: 8 x Halogen Lights, Transformers, and Bulbs - FREE Price Range: FREE Item Condition: Used Extra Info: 8 x 12v Halogen lights. Includes Fitting Bulbs Transformers (electric) All bulbs were working - 7 x Halogens, 1 x LED Pickup only from Altona Meadows
  6. Oh that would be so nice ... if only I had a more understanding wife ... and a lot more money ... and a suitably sized house ... and the equipment to drive it
  7. Infinity Intermezzo 4.1T Speakers These retail for over $10,000 EUROs and is very rare in Australia. 4 way towers with built in 850W 12" Subwoofer on each speaker About 43kg ea Made of aircraft grade aluminum and built in amplifier for the woofers/subwoofers. Has the RABOS room correction system. You use the RABOS kit to find the where the bass is doing funny things in your room, and you adjust ea
  8. Polk Audio RT2000i Floor Standing Speakers with Built in Subwoofers This was Polk's top of the line audiophile grade speakers. This is the 'i' which is the 'improved version and was the best of the RT2000 speakers. Has the famous Polk Tri-Laminate tweeter, a 6.5" mid, and 2 x 8" active subs in each cabinet. Each speaker weighs about 40kg. In excellent condition except for some very section of 1 speaker where the laminate is starting to peel (see pic). Otherwise everything is fine. Pickup only from 3011
  9. Sonos Play 5 Wireless Speaker The biggest and best speaker Sonos makes In excellent condition
  10. Thanks for your interest everyone. This has now been sold
  11. Pending pickup and payment. I had no idea the demand for these. I only listed them last night and already have multiple people wanting to buy them.
  12. Pair of Vintage Infinity RS 4/B Speakers Rated impedance 4 - 8 ohms Rate power - 40 - 150W Frequency response - 40Hz - 32kHz( -3db)
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