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  1. Wow, these special units don't come up very often. Have one myself, unit 3-20.927 bought new from John Garrott in 1983 with original paperwork, track at 1.7 grams. At the time they lived in Avalon, Sydney, having moved there from Bruny Island, Tasmania. Retipped with Micro-Scanner parabolic stylus by John Garrott in 1988, track at 1.6 grams.
  2. <I did some reading and indeed, you are quite right and AES/EBU can be used as "regular" analogue cables. > But not the other way around, ie. a regular XLR cable sounds slow and withdrawn when trying to perform the role as a 'digital interconnect' that specifically requires 110 ohm as per AES/EBU standards. It's handy they use the same XLR style connector.
  3. Certainly has the looks of a future classic (if not already).
  4. Item: Blu MkII transport + M-Scaler Price Range: Approx $9k depending on condition Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Black in colour please Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. Classifieds for private and commercial are addictive, one can learn so much. Enjoy the journey.
  6. Good post Vintage, mega collection. With big demand for 2nd hand you could move some on, and treat yourself to some new low noise pressings.
  7. Good reputable speaker for the era with no vices, a 2 1/2 way design. Have a set in the family, long lasting. GLWTS
  8. The vandenHull Digi Coupler cable is pretty good, inexpensive and 75 ohm. Like all vdh cables they dig deep in the bass, and this unit is very extended midrange up and goes on forever (maybe too far). At the $1k level the Wireworld 75 ohm Silver model is wonderfully open with massive soundstage and width. Bass is adequate and bumps along but doesn’t cut through like the Vdh.
  9. I must admit the most beautiful midrange I’ve heard has been with wide speakers. For case 1 with Dahlquist DQ10 (shape of old Quad ES57), they have no baffle on midrange(s) and tweeter and were in open space with speakers placed at different depths for time alignment; 2. big Tannoy Canterbury gold reference speakers, now they have midrange 'depth magic' and the most sweet sound from their wide front baffle boxes. And yes the wife acceptance factor (WAF) with wide speakers can be (and was) an issue.
  10. If not addressed already - Full on mains filtering via 2nd hand power regenerator (P10 or equivalent).
  11. As an aside, the best model Burmester CD players use belt drive starting with their first model the famous 001. There must be ‘sound’ reasoning for them to do so.
  12. So you’re just selling an old arm and old headshells in unknown working condition for $1850?
  13. Miranda HiFi in Canberra have this Meridian cone speaker model plus the big DSP7200SE and DSP5200SE thru a Meridian preamp and Roon. Worth a listen.
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