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  1. Grills - And a special feature of the futura is the top and bottom grill string retainers are sculptured in alloy metal. Rather than a plastic composite.
  2. Certainly the sweet spot choice in this end of the vdh range. (they don’t cost much new) were 25% off recently at Duratone HiFi in Canberra
  3. Amp wise, I would call Living Sound in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane and ask their opinion as the boss is very experienced over the years in this area. They don’t sell B&W (805s) but have the equivalent in Sonus Faber that also requires good Watts to perform well. The McIntosh MA6900 is a vg integrated amp for its era.
  4. Welcome, your experience and keen interest will be a bonus to StereoNET forums.
  5. Change of thinking on what the contributing issue is. To soften digital annoyance, the most cost effective way to deepen the sound and tame high frequencies is room treatment. Especially on the wall behind your equipment, first reflection point on the sides, and then rear wall. And it’s educational subject as well and ytube is your friend to explain it all with great explanations and graphics. Plus StereoNET forum posts are helpful. The above will help significantly. I would also check the interconnects against another brand (loan some) just to see if there not cont
  6. Hi, and wow what a great photo showing world class equipment, very impressive.
  7. Welcome, yes StereoNET is a great Forum, so much to learn and a wide variety of equipment for sale to research.
  8. <I am running a Halcro MC20 with one of Chris Daly's passive preamps.> Given a passive preamp has enormous clarity and is typically revealing, a good interconnecting cable to a class D poweramp is an interesting challenge. And this is where a HiFi shop, independent or someone friendly in your community can hopefully recommend a few to try, or better a demo. Thinking Audience, Wireworld, Nordost, Furutech or an independent etc, whatever suits your wallet. Be aware that rarely a $100 cable is of proper HiFi design and performance.
  9. PSAudio CD / SACD* Transport DirectStream Memory Player (DMP). Connects to any modern DAC. - SACD* capable when connected to a DirectStream DAC or DirectStream Junior DAC thru I2S connector (HDMI cable). Original owner, User manual, factory packaging. Purchased new from Miranda HiFi in Canberra late Jan 2018. 2y9m old, with 3 mths warranty remaining. Running current Firmware 3.15. Bonus modern feature is the USB ’A’ connector on the front panel to connect a SSD hard drive or memory stick. I have around 40 albums on a SSD drive (including DSD64.DSF files) and the transport manage
  10. A well respected performing DAC by all reviews and comments I've read over the years. GLWTS
  11. If a person had $10,000 speakers, and we’re moving up in the HiFi world, I would recommend they shop up around the $2,000 category. (Due in part to the low exchange rate of the Aussie dollar etc). This price point to me would pretty much guarantee the cables won’t be the weakest link, or have doubts down the track that one should have spent more to make the equipment really sing.
  12. I've seen the Graphite finish with my own eyes, sensational I say. Sure the traditional classic Piano Red finish is great (own them), but the Graphite is 100% ultra modern. The Amati Futura is a very special model indeed with trick curved Al.Alloy top plate, dual base plates (with damping in-between), and best of all is the curved rear wings, not to mention alloy screen cover ends. What a great buy for a speaker in the $40k category. GLWTS
  13. A more desirable buy if the matching X1 power supply was offered.
  14. Wow, these special units don't come up very often. Have one myself, unit 3-20.927 bought new from John Garrott in 1983 with original paperwork, track at 1.7 grams. At the time they lived in Avalon, Sydney, having moved there from Bruny Island, Tasmania. Retipped with Micro-Scanner parabolic stylus by John Garrott in 1988, track at 1.6 grams.
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