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  1. Worth a lot more than the asking price as it looks like a lovely example.
  2. Yes had 2 robot calls in consecutive days saying NBN would cut off the traditional Telstra phone in the next 24 hours. Of course it never happened. Its annoying because in a few months the 12m grace period ends for my Canberra area and it will be cut off for nbn switch over. Telstra has a lot to answer for in letting these overseas call-centre crooks try to swindle Australians.
  3. No, no, I'm a Sonus faber owner. The last 2 speaker pics show cables / connectors I've not seen before. Maybe the owner could enlighten us if there's a special match/design that enhance these special speakers etc.
  4. Hope the nerve endings settle down sooner rather than later. All the best in this difficult time.
  5. As the SM3 preamp has a vg phono section (even with adjustable resistor loading), are you changing preamp just because you wish to update a few years, or is something the matter?
  6. The current M Scaler matches the Hugo series boxes, so wondering if Chord will bring out a M Scaler that matches the Dave, or better a Dave with built in Scaler.
  7. As you have good well matched gear to start with, I’d be talking with your HiFi shop to arrange to borrow the best interconnects and speaker cables they can get their hands on. Just to check there’s not a bottle neck. People that own power regenerators such as PSAUDIO, Gigawatt, claim it’s like adding a new amp, so that’s worth pursuing for sure.
  8. They are both terrific amps, however, you can buy a pair of excellent PSAudio BHK 300 monoblocks for half the price of the Mark Levinson 534 stereo pwr amp. The new ML range as good as they are, is overpriced in Australia (vs USA) in my opinion. The monoblock(s) ML 536 sound truely excellent (till you multiply the $ingle price by x2). McIntosh should also be considered as there power amps are vvg (and have the best resale price down the track). Lots of other quality brands out there in the 20-40k bracket, and lots of quality gear can be found in StereoNet classifieds.
  9. I must say it looks cool, and desirable to my eyes in black.
  10. Quality amp, 300 W/ch should be fantastic all round.
  11. Focal Scala speakers, nice. Lot more demanding that previous units. You haven’t mentioned your amplification, specs say up to 500 Watts /ch for this large speaker (or quality Watts if lower). With speakers that claim to go real low 27Hz (11” woofer) one shouldn’t really need a subwoofer. You need a big amp to drive this low frequency air across the room. With speakers of such quality other areas might need addressing.
  12. To add some value to the USB cable question the following is a quote from PSAudio DAC guru Ted Smith Sept 2018 in their forums. “The 2nd most common source of noise from USB is running the data lines parallel to the power and ground lines for the distance. There are some “audiophile” USB cables that basically split into two USB cables, one with the power and ground the other with the data. Since they are separate cables (except at the ends) they can be shielded from each other. I’m not sure how easy it would be to make one at home, but it’s a cheap experiment if you are using generic USB cables.”
  13. Good thread In the end I have 2 vertical racks- one for black the other for mostly silver. The CNC machined front panels / precision folded curves - I admit show off the trick features best in silver or bead blasted Al.Alloy - specifically Dcs ; far better than black which doesn’t do a lot to enhance features. But black is brilliant for a recessed not on your face look. The more expensive units are nearly all silver or equivalent eg. Boulder Esoteric T+A Soulution CH Precision Nagara etc. So at some point in time the journey (as Ittaku says), a special component comes along with the opposite colour, and it sounds so good that the colour becomes irrelevant as your instead super proud to own it.
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