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  1. Attached is the specific - Garrott Micro-Scanner 'diamond' stylus literature (1988). Playing weight 1.6 grams.
  2. Superb photos, well done Micro scanner - Genuine article from indicators. The micro-scanner sticker indicates the stylus fitted was a Garrott parabolic micro-scanner, being quite an expensive upgrade over the round or ellipitcal types at the time.
  3. And few other old Canberra shops: John’s Music in Fyshwick (mainly Pro gear for bands etc still operating) and Perreaux Dealer where I bought pre and power amps in 1985. Later there was another HiFi / Car Fi shop in Gladestone St who sold Perreaux. Then Valley HiFi in Tuggeranong Homeworld who I bought Mission 753 speakers in 1994. Glenn Large was the director.
  4. KENT HiFi (Canberra) PTY LTD (Incorporated in the ACT) also operated a shop in the Belconnen Mall in 1982. Being at the site of JB HiFi these days. I bought Acoustic Research speakers there AR48’s. I recall a very young red headed fellow who worked there after school hours and was knowledgeable beyond his years.
  5. Music Room Bunda St - was a nice new shop, I audition Sonique speakers coupled to some lovely sounding valve amps for about $22k being a real lot of money at the time.
  6. 2021 - As an occasional customer I can happily report experienced Andrew was appointed store manager a few months ago and his team have been flat out modernising the shop and sorting through older inventory that has revealed many collectables. Andrew is a special talent and I always leave knowing more than when I walked in. Same goes for a number of part time sales folk. Duratone HiFi continues on in the Cull family line and are supporting the refresh. Charles and Faye are fully retired. The former large rear section that housed trillions of records and equipment is closed now.
  7. Pic doesn’t show the Crystal Cable sliding tag identifier that is installed during manufacture. ??
  8. Certainly precision machining, craftsman quality is evident. Nice.
  9. In your scheming, the reliability of product is the prime consideration. Add the import duty. Add the cost of a good step down transformer and cable. Risk of a dodgy deal. Minus a far far lower second or third hand selling price later on. Etc.
  10. Grills - And a special feature of the futura is the top and bottom grill string retainers are sculptured in alloy metal. Rather than a plastic composite.
  11. Certainly the sweet spot choice in this end of the vdh range. (they don’t cost much new) were 25% off recently at Duratone HiFi in Canberra
  12. Amp wise, I would call Living Sound in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane and ask their opinion as the boss is very experienced over the years in this area. They don’t sell B&W (805s) but have the equivalent in Sonus Faber that also requires good Watts to perform well. The McIntosh MA6900 is a vg integrated amp for its era.
  13. Welcome, your experience and keen interest will be a bonus to StereoNET forums.
  14. Change of thinking on what the contributing issue is. To soften digital annoyance, the most cost effective way to deepen the sound and tame high frequencies is room treatment. Especially on the wall behind your equipment, first reflection point on the sides, and then rear wall. And it’s educational subject as well and ytube is your friend to explain it all with great explanations and graphics. Plus StereoNET forum posts are helpful. The above will help significantly. I would also check the interconnects against another brand (loan some) just to see if there not cont
  15. Hi, and wow what a great photo showing world class equipment, very impressive.
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