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  1. Optimum G2 (blue) were the top of the range Isotek and are a vg cable with good size copper cores, (read no silver coating) so are particularly excellent at relaxing a system on the bright side. Groovy on power amps as they go low with body.
  2. The latest free Directstream senior DAC software update ‘Snowmass’ is available for download from the PSAudio website. (SD Card pins up) This replaces Redcloud that was impressive. A quick listen notes more heft on lower frequencies, and a more layered midrange etc.
  3. Yes a most interesting video clip on speaker cone/diaphragm design, thanks for sharing Frameperfect. Erest, Good luck with the sale of these special speakers.
  4. Anthony1

    What is worst amp you have had that worked

    Might have been something wrong with your eBay special then, as the new NAD 2140 power amp was for the era a vg unit for the money, and had no sound faults. I bought a 2nd unit and bridged them and they were great. I demo’d a Carver 1,000 W solid state amp vs the bridged NAD’s and stuck with the NAD’s. When I moved up to Perreaux the NAD’s sold instantly, so I have fond memories of this era.
  5. Great reports guys, appreciated. Was anyone displaying (or playing) the Dan Agostino range of amplifiers? Or dare I say it, any Krell amps as no one has mentioned this brand either.
  6. Anthony1

    Power Conditioners - What do you notice?

    Regenerator (eg. P10) improvement night & day. All components seem so alive sounding especially on leading notes it’s quite a change. - an analogy is a bit like comparing a new AA battery response to a have used one. Mains conditioner (eg. Isotek Sigmas) a noticeable improvement. Far more ‘body’ to the sound. And that’s with a relatively stable suburban mains power to the house. Most noticeable in conjunction with decent power cords first on preamp, dac, pwr amps, CD player transport.
  7. If it’s an advertising shot, the setup guys had to work real hard hauling the big valve pre and pwr mono amp as their very heavy indeed. Combined with current Sonus Faber Amati Anniversary speakers they image beautifully and sound great nearly wherever their placed. But yes no speaker cables or interconnects.
  8. That’s the weirdest so called review/opinion I’ve ever read. And therefore impossible to take seriously.
  9. Zap, what are you saying ‘no’ too? a) that a dedicated HiFi circuit doesn’t need a dedicated earth ? Or If you decide to have 2 dedicated circuits adjacent to one another then 1 earth spike is sufficient ?
  10. Anthony1

    MSB Technology S200 Stereo amplifier

    Absolutely fabulous looking amps, good to learn something new about high quality units.
  11. Anthony1

    Magazine subscription.

    Well I subscribed, drawn out process though. At least 14 HiFi mags What HiFi, HiFi Choice, HiFi News (favourite of mine), Canada HiFi, Nova, Sound magazine, Stereophile, Australian HiFi etc. Heaps of other mags like Rolling Stone, music and technology. Heaps of car and hot rod titles, science and technology etc. You have to join 2 sites as a member - Groupon shopping site that pushes things onto you - and Magzter gold, the site you will use to read the magazines. Both apps available. Back to Groupon site (scary place for full on push on shopper discounts) you eventually get to paying for a subscription to Magzter. Then somehow you get the all important coupon code (redemption) from Groupon. Then back to the Magzter app or webpage and find your new Member settings and select Redemption. Enter the code you got from Groupon - (yeah it worked) and then it recognises your ‘magazine gold’ subscription. Read away.
  12. Anthony1

    Magazine subscription.

    It needs a Groupon Voucher Code to get the special offer. Where do I find this number?
  13. Anthony1

    Preamp benefits

    I would work on determining what component(s) are contributing to the excessive high frequency you mention. Going direct from DAC to power amps is a must try at least. As this will eliminate a set of cables and a preamp from the mix, and see if the issue is still present. If annoying HF is still present suspect the first item in the chain or source. And swap in another source to verify and go from there.
  14. Some auto suggestion as it wasn’t mentioned: Isn’t it best that each dedicated HiFi circuit has its own earth spike as close as possible to the GPO.
  15. Since you live in Canberra get an older guy from Duratone HiFi to verify the cable as they were the importers. If a custom build, they might still even have a record of it (maybe not as their paperwork receipts were paper based). When verified by experts re-list fresh in full confidence.