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  1. Now, that's a great start to 'tipping' successfully! Don't want to start a fight but why the heck would you 'EVER' tip with your heart! Makes no sense!
  2. He was great in 'Cold Chisel' !! And he's great when he comes on with his cameos with Deep Purple or with associated members of Purple (he's a huge Purple fan)!
  3. Freedom

    The Ashes

    Would have been interesting if he was in the team!
  4. Freedom

    The Ashes

    The last two tests have been boring as batsh*t.
  5. Freedom

    The Ashes

    They're overrated IMO. Different story if they faced a decent team! Anyone think England can hang on? If they happen to, then Australia have blown the unlosable match! Why would they bat for sooo long and soo slow? Maybe someone can enlighten me!
  6. Well, what a show Glenn put on. Amazing!! Great setlist, top-notch musicians, rock played loud and proud. One of the highlights of my concert experiences!
  7. Not much love for Glenn Hughes around here? One of Purple's greats! Got a meet and greet ticket with seats up close! Should be a blast!
  8. Denial! Really? I'm happy that I don't see all the 'incompetence and inconsistencies' that you seem to 'focus' on. Spare yourself the anguish, and watch something that doesn't involve 'refereeing' !
  9. It's called ADJUDICATION ! Learn to live with 'humans' adjudicating' RULES ! Incompetence is 'your' excuse for your team losing.
  10. Go and watch Soccer ! And stop your winging about a game adjudicated by human, who are NOT robots and who make mistakes!
  11. Ahhh, I almost got stuck in Bangkok on my way home from South Africa!
  12. Glenn Hughes playing Wednesday night Sydney. Anyone going?
  13. Pleeease! Take your negative comments elsewhere.
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