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  1. now interested in Denon D5200/7200
  2. Great guy, great cans. Sorry if I brought down the prices on LCD3s a bit, the pair I had were sold to me at a bargain. This pair is a bargain too and will go quick!
  3. Indeed, this is so tempting but I just tried my best to downsize... Someone should grab this and will be very happy...
  4. Wow the legendary HD800 at great condition and amazing price! Makes me wanna sell my 800S and get this instead.
  5. Item: Denon D5200/7200 E-MU TEAK Price Range: used Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a set of Denon D5200/7200 headphones. Thanks for reading.
  6. FINAL PRICE DROP $1299 for local pickup before selling shipped
  7. Sorry mate didn't see your post. I haven't heard the 4xx therefore cannot comment, unless one is allowed to judge purely based on price...
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