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  1. I own a pair of pre-fazor LCD2 rosewood, and even I am tempted to buy this one. Great price GLWS!
  2. Anyone has experience buying straight from RME official german store? With 21% off VAT and some $100 shipping the total comes to about AU$1400 which is quite good. Just wondering if warranty and shipping, and probably import tax, would be too much of trouble.
  3. Alas this posted 5 minutes after my friday work meeting started...
  4. I will take it if others fall through, highly doubt that though..
  5. limited buy options to Focal Clear Pro and HD800(S) for the time being
  6. added HD800 trade options: Hifiman Ananda, Alessandro MSPRO (2004) from me
  7. Price range HD800: <$1000 HD800S: <$1300 Focal Clear: <$1100 Grado RS-1 (buttoned): <$600 Sendy Aiva: <$650 Denon D5000: <$400
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