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  1. Item: Sony Z7M2 (maybe also Denon D5200/7200) Price Range: $400-500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking primarily for the Sony Z7M2. The Denons may also be considered. Thanks. FOUND.
  2. Great job, yeah definitely fazors there. The unit looks to be in top conditions! GLWS
  3. Those are arguably the best pads for LCD2. If there's no serial number, you can still find out if these have fazors by touching the inner wall of the earpad where your ear touches the driver unit. If you can feel sharp edgy magnets they are the fazors. Non-fazor uses flat magnets.
  4. Am lucky enough to have found one pair. You got PM
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Yeah I know about the HD8XX, but would really like the original 800 as I am a treble head haha. And the 8XX is also still months away lol
  6. Item: Sennheiser HD800 (strictly non-S) Price Range: $800-1100 Item Condition: Used, preferrably mint Extra Info: FOUND
  7. Selling only because I need the mobility and versatility of ADI-2. IMO the Ares sound just as good or even better in some regards. Think I'll be moving up the R2R chain later when I've saved enough.
  8. Further information: Bought from another SNA member in February. This unit is in mint perfect working conditions; it comes with all accessorties, receipt and more than 2 years of transferrable warranty. Originally purchased on 29 Oct 2020 from Australian dealer Dacman audio. Local pickup only at this point (2138). Will post if not sold quick enough. Photos:
  9. I have a pair as well. Easily the best planar bass, punchy and immersive. Someone in the know should grab them soon. GLWS!
  10. Gorgeous wood, are they the pre-fazor unicorn version?
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