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  1. bzr

    Music vs Audio?

    The more you listen to your system, the much better it is.
  2. bzr

    Single Ended 300B

    Which part?
  3. bzr

    Single Ended 300B

    Seriously??? Maybe you should search what I've sold on here, that's about a fifth of what I've owned.... While your at it try donating
  4. bzr

    Single Ended 300B

    Maybe the original owner of this company could start another thread & say hi, bit of a natter about his product.
  5. bzr

    Single Ended 300B

    From a picture?? Get a life!
  6. bzr

    Single Ended 300B

    Seriously??? Whats wrong with you ???? Why pick on an Australian thats having a go & delivering something to you that is more than likely better quality than you have owned. Try doing some research into what goes into these components before throwing a tantrum & saying "build quality needs some work"....Really??? Why the witch hunt, even if it is a blatant plug from someone that knows him.
  7. bzr

    Single Ended 300B

    Same company, new name. You would have to spend a lot of money with a custom build to match these. Ben really knows what he is doing.
  8. bzr

    Soulution Dac 560

    make an offer
  9. bzr

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    ahhh the good old days...
  10. bzr

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Oh look....!!! Can we backtrack to the pig bits with a porker?? \ Celine Deon,.... "Tell im e's dreamin"
  11. bzr

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Still aiming a bit high I suspect unless it's one of those hybrid porkers....
  12. bzr

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    ...aiming a bit high I suspect....
  13. bzr

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    I'll take an even 12 pack with it...
  14. I'd ask for the title to be returned, pffttt.
  15. exactly for that money, why not.