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  1. $10hr.... wonder how that inflation is going?
  2. & maybe people should shed a thought on this when they get "their" bargain parallel import too...
  3. Looks like a Magico fanboi I reckon!
  4. transcreate without the original dna
  5. oh we all know how he likes to tranny his own quotes
  6. Australian hardwood sleepers or solid planks are the best I've owned, bar none. We live in a land that is abundant in some of the finest timber for this purpose. Fancy racks,...meh!
  7. I never quoted anything, it was merely a link. I don't need people to tell me what is wrong with what I hear, I'm pretty adept at that with my own "systems"
  8. Maybe someone without a scientifically "show me a graph" reaction to a lucky dip might appreciate this https://books.google.com.au/books?id=7djSyLcX4coC&pg=PA388&lpg=PA388&dq=Nelson+Pass+describes+a+slow+amp&source=bl&ots=D12F5_NDhh&sig=ACfU3U04mKY4LDHS1EUhTGqqplpHyOsvcw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiL6K_OvrTmAhUbxzgGHTu6B_QQ6AEwAHoECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=Nelson Pass describes a slow amp&f=false
  9. You'll find warm sound as in winter, the heating inside the house is on. Now cold and analytical, well, ... I reckon that'll be in Adelaide this coming week with all the air cons laying pipe in the heat wave ....
  10. Don't forget the hohoho special... I will include input tubes that are almost unobtanium that make a huge difference to the headphone side of the int.
  11. Item: Integrated amplifier, Aries Cerat Genus http://aries-cerat.eu/products/amplifiers/genus Location: 2650 Price: $11001 or make an offer Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: To much to try, ... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: This is the integrated from Cypress that has one of the best headphone amp circuits inbuilt, bar none. People who have heard it cannot believe it betters just about everything they have heard. The amplifier has reserves to the point of performing well above it's power rating as the designer, Stavros, has intended. Please follow the link above for a detailed description. One of the best headphone amps on the market,also one of the best integrated amps. An owner of the Woo Audio WA234-MONO sold those amps & bought the Genus after doing a comparison with & without headphones. This is the real deal.
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