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  1. Item: GIGAWATT PC-3 SE EVO+ POWER CONDITIONER with LC 3 power cord. Aus cord & receptacles Location: 2650 Price: $7500 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: met price includes delivery within Aus. otherwise buyer pays freight Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, paypal = buyer incurs paypal fees. Extra Info: https://www.soundgallery.com.au/product-page/gigawatt-pc-3-evo-se-power-conditioner-with-lc-1mk3 This is the Australian specification PC-3 SE EVO+ & has the expensive LC 3 cable with it Pictures:
  2. Daz, honestly think you need to rebuild mate. Save the generic power cords though.....
  3. Offered to fly in & listen, was told what I could listen to, not what I asked for with weeks of notice given. Kept sending me annoying texts after I asked him to stop telling me of speakers on the second hand market that I hadn't asked about & some, will just leave it at that ....
  4. I do have to agree with this. Have a friend in the Americas & also he has readily available access to one of the gurus of Magnepan & Avantgarde back in the day, in the same. They would make that graph look super ordinary within the hour after set-up & thought.
  5. Shame about the Australian distributor. Twice I've really tried to buy Avantgarde & apparently it didn't suit them
  6. Thats some mighty fine company that PrimaLuna is keeping, bet it did well too....
  7. try listening, it broadens your horizons...., sorry. that was the 8ohm tap, the 4ohm tap said ...broadens your knowledge base...
  8. Try everything without the PS Audio in the loop. Depends on how you like your sound though.
  9. http://www.luxman.com/product/detail.php?id=19
  10. The only thing coke should be used for is to recharge batteries or unconscious roos
  11. ... took me a while to get the frost burn off my ears too...
  12. Hot toddy in front of the hath style,.. yes...
  13. Terry, for the extra benefit of a cheap upgrade, freeze the little biscuits/discs for a good fortnight. Trust me, it works. Tried a week, nada, 10-12 days not really... Over the 13 day mark, was astounded at the result. I reckon a few of the tech savvy guys can explain, I just used my ears.
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