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  1. I've a pair of Gb1i speakers running off Graham Slee Proprius mono-blocks with Slee Spatia speaker cable and links. Awesome weight/slam and detail for their size.
  2. I'm late to the resurrected party - don't check back here that often . . . wadiman, I was going to suggest precisely what MK did above. The fact you still have some hum would seen to point to wiring/earthing issues . . . Since starting this thread off my p-mount cartridge collecting has tailed off a lot as I've added a Sony Biotracer PS-X600 and a Pioneer PL-L1000 parallel tracker to my collection both of which use half-inch mount carts, but TBH the Technics SL7/QL1 are in no way embarrassed by these new additions. They all show just how good the better Japanese decks from the 80s were . .
  3. I've had great experiences with Graham's other cables so I asked him if he'd produce a cable for my LCD2s. I haven't been disappointed! While keeping the character of the headphones the new cable improves on detail and clarity, especially in mids and highs, and bass notes seem more controlled. The sound stage is wider and deeper too. Dynamics are just that bit more, er, dynamic! The cable is not very flexible, which makes it much less prone to tangling than the stock cable, but if you like to walk around wearing your LCDs this may take a bit of getting used to. Whether or not this cable will go into GSPs catalogue remains to be seen; I guess it may depend on the demand. And there may be a possibility of producing it with other connectors, too, I imagine.
  4. That's a good read! I use GSP's 0.6m CuSat50s a lot, and when Graham introduced his Spatia speaker cable I had to demo it. It transformed my system! There's a lot of good cable thinking going on Barnsley . . .
  5. A bit like me .... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. I found the 'Bitzie' to be a very "musical" performer. What shocked me was how good music via USB-out from a computer could sound from a bus-powered device. And one only drawing low power, too. Graham said in a post on his forum:
  7. I've just been trialling (on the GSP home loan scheme) Graham's new USB DAC. And to be honest I was quite shocked how such a little box could sound so good! GSP's Lautus USB cable was included, which turned out to be the way to get the box working at its best, as a generic USB cable strangled the sound in comparison (another one in the eye for my "cable scepticism"!). I had the box driving my HD650s and Denon 7000s, and, via an included, quality, adaptor my mono-bloc amps. Also I tested the S/PIF out by feeding it into my Metrum Octave while putting the line out into an input on the Solo headphone amp. With the Metrum going to the other input on the Solo, I could switch between DACs instantly - and the little Bitzie wasn't found wanting either. Possibly the coolest thing is that it can be used with Android mobiles for big-rig sound on the move. And - for me, (not having an Android phone) - its undocumented use with the iPad camera connector meant that I could stream FLACs from my Squeezebox server via the iPeng app. Pictures below . . On a bang-for-your-buck basis this is the best value I've come across in hi-fi since I bought the original Squeezebox 3. It has a deep, spacious, detailed, and very enjoyable sound.
  8. +1 on Graham Slee kit. Aside from the Elevator to use with a MM stage, there's the MC version of the Reflex (Reflex C). I have a Reflex M and it's a fantastic amp . . .
  9. I think you're right about both the pricing and diminishing returns. But if I could a Hex to demo I'd jump at the chance! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. Great review, LuzArt! I've had my Octave for about a year now and am still loving it. The depth of sound, clarity and dynamics are outstanding. I sometimes use it directly connected to my Graham Slee Solo UL head amp, with HD650s, and the sound is stunning. I'd like to hear Cees' new Hex DAC. But that's in another price league altogether . . .
  11. I have to admit I've always been a cable sceptic. I mean, providing its well made, terminated nicely, a cable's a just a piece of wire isn't it? After getting a pair of Graham Slee's Proprius mono blocks I demo'd his new Spatia speaker cables for my PMC GB1i speakers. The difference over my QED 79 strand cables was actually dramatic - nothing subtle here. The amps could deliver their full bass to the speakers, treble was now nicely controlled and details of the music just leapt out of the speakers. So when GSP released some Spatia speaker links I figured this would be £48 well spent. And so it proved. Ditching the brass connecting bars from the PMCs I found the links to give greater coherence to the sound staging and enhance detail even more. So I'm now a convert to cable technology - but I'd always want a home demo first. Luckily the GSP forum operates home loans . . . Here's a boring picture:
  12. As hoped - the Graham Slee Spatia speaker cable has unshackled the Proprius amps and they're singing their hearts out now. I'm finally realising the true bass response of my PMCs, and the soundstage has widened, with more holographic-type detail. Another feather in Graham's cap IMO.
  13. I can't really express how much I'm enjoying these little amps without going into silly reviewer-speak clicheÌs. And probable icing on the cake is the pair of Graham's new Spatia speaker cables that came today. I'm expecting a *lot* of synergy with the Proprii !
  14. Hi Andy, Have a look at the GSP website for info on the "design ethos" for these amps, both the product pages and the blog entries (keep scrolling down). It all makes interesting reading . Bob
  15. It's now 2 weeks since the Proprii were powered up - with a CuSat50 going to the pre-amp, and they've been in use virtually every day. The sound has really settled in now, and my PMC GB1i speakers are singing like they never have before. There's much more grip on low bass - it seems more defined and tuneful (I hesitate to use the much abused term PRaT!). Midrange has opened out and treble - which always a bit "sharp" - is now nicely euphonic. Imaging has also improved considerably over my previous amp, and - a nice touch - low level listening is more satisfying and full-sounding; you don't need to wind the volume up to flesh out the sound. Talking of volume, I'm considering turning the amp's volume controls down a touch to give a more sensitivity on the pre-amp volume control. If you consider no volume to be twenty-five-to the hour, with the amp's volume parked at max, a quarter-to on the pre-amp gives loud! I hate to think how loud twenty-five-past would be! I'm struggling to think why anyone would need more than 25 of Proprius watts in a normal sized room . These really are marvellous little boxes - and Graham and the team should be very proud of them . .
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