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  1. Apologies if this has been discussed (Did a quick scan through four pages of comments), but for those who already have Qobuz (US/EU based), are you intending to shift to the Australian version? I've been happily using the US Qobuz (via Roon) on my setup for a while, and not sure if I should shift the account to an AU based one.
  2. Item: Looking for an in home service from a knowledgeable vinyl and turntable enthusiast within the SNA network etc to validate / optimize my setup Price Range: $ Neg Item Condition: New Extra Info: I have alignment tools like a protractor and tracking gauge I bought a turntable and cart during lockdown and I think I've aligned/setup the system correctly, but I haven't done it before and have self-doubt. Ideally someone with familiarity with the Technics 1200G and Sound-smith cartridges. Location: Chadstone, VIC Interested parties please send PM with
  3. "You Won't Believe What's Number One!" 🙂 Unsurprisingly, I don't entirely agree with their top 10. Can't believe Chapterhouse isn't in the list until #17.
  4. Some is afoot with My Bloody Valentine… https://mybloodyvalentine.org
  5. Further information: I love this Oppo HA-2, but after some other purchasing on here, I need to sell some of the things I'm no longer using. You can connect in via iOS based device, USB Micro-B (Android with OTG / PC / Mac) or line-in, and then output to headphones. It has a built in battery that can keep itself charged, but also act like a portable battery to charge devices on the go. And, from a design perspective, I think it looks amazing. Note that the USB cable included with this is not the one it came with I suspect, but has been tested and confirmed to charge the
  6. Further information: I bought these off @Sonorlink last year (Original listing), and they are absolutely wonderful speakers. Luckily for a prospective buyer, I caught the upgrade bug and ended up with speakers an order of magnitude more expensive. These speakers have been kept in wonderful condition, and I can't find any fault in their condition. Comes with original packing boxes, so can ship if desired, though pickup would be preferred. Still a current model at VAF with an RRP of $2898.00 5% of final sale price will be donated to SNA I'll quote the original ad:
  7. Kind of related. Last weekend I was listening to Slowdive's 'Just for a Day' at 45pm accidentally for over half of one side before noticing. It sounded like The Sundays. But I prefer it at regular speed.
  8. You made it through all of Tarantula? 🏆 for you.
  9. It's funny how in retrospect I hear shoegaze in songs/bands I'd never thought of as shoegaze. The Bob Mould song above in an example of that. Without his vocals it totally sounds shoegaze to me, but once he starts singing my mind disregards. Like goths though, I think shoe gazers love to discuss what is and isn't that genre. I've seen some incredible suggestions on a FB group of what people think are shoegaze and thought 'never!'. Even the compilation above from Cherry Records has Drugstore, Luna and Sweet Jesus; I like their music mostly, but don't really see it as shoegaze. That said, I'm pr
  10. With a title like 'Blue Day', what colour would you make the vinyl, if given a choice? White marbled? Me neither. Sounds good, though.
  11. Minor update - bought some speaker stands, and they sound far better (as everyone suggested). Thanks for the tip, really enjoying my new speakers!
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