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  1. This is an amazing price for an excellent portable dac/amp. GLWTS!
  2. Purchased the sibling of this one from @DarrenT and am super-impressed so far. It's in like-new condition; I honestly would be hard pressed to know that it wasn't. I've ordered a fancy new cartridge to use with this with the savings compared to RRP. GLWTS!
  3. I love my VAF I91mkii speakers, very impressive what can come out of them when powered with a good amp. GLWTS!
  4. Update: Have a potentially interested party. But okay for next-in-line interest in case it doesn’t work out.
  5. Further information: Every year I upgrade my phone. I usually have a couple of different people who buy my old ones, but this year they're not in the market. The price should be well below market rate, but feel free to show me otherwise. My intention here is to pay forward some of the great advice and deals I've found on SNA this year by offering a good deal to the people who use these forums. I've not yet listed this on Gumtree or eBay, but may choose to if a deal isn't struck. I have never used the accessories, just the phone. The accessories are brand new. The phone has al
  6. The Headphone stand arrived. Forgetting the cheap look of the packaging, once put together looks very nice!
  7. I know it's not likely, but if anyone has any suggestions on getting a lifetime license to Roon for a discount, happy to hear about it. I have a week left on my trial before I need to decide whether to proceed (and if so, whether to bite the bullet on the eternal license vs going year to year).
  8. The above-mentioned case arrived today. I can't say that it impacts the high sound quality of the SP1000 in either direction, but I'm pretty happy with it. My main desire, the ability to blindly find the FF/PlayPause/Rew buttons is satisfied. It came with the case, and some extra knick-knacks; two seemingly pointless straps, some also seemingly pointless 'Hi-Res Audio' stickers, as well as a screen protector and application kit. The seller I bought from was "reachcustomerwish" and they have them still listed as of writing at https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TPU-Skin-Case-Cover-For-Iriver-Astell-Ker
  9. Further information: I love this Oppo HA-2, but after some other purchasing on here, I need to sell some of the things I'm no longer using. You can connect in via iOS based device, USB Micro-B (Android with OTG / PC / Mac) or line-in, and then output to headphones. It has a built in battery that can keep itself charged, but also act like a portable battery to charge devices on the go. And, from a design perspective, I think it looks amazing. Note that the USB cable included with this is not the one it came with I suspect, but has been tested and confirmed to charge the
  10. Anyone else find the fancy leather case a little frustrating for accessing the the hard side-buttons of the SP1000? Because it's so smooth, I keep not incorrectly guesstimating where the buttons are, and end up having to pick it up to look. I found a cheap-ish TPU case on ebay which seems to accentuate the button positions, so plan to give that a try instead.
  11. If you don't mind (or in fact like) getting your hands dirty, https://opengarage.io is an option, and it's relatively cheap. The software is open sourced, and there are ways to control it through other automation systems. It basically attaches to your existing garage door opener and acts like a switch to open or close it. I setup a module that's available for homebridge so that I can ask Siri to open and close the garage door as needed, as well turning on the Hue lights in there, plus getting push notifications every time it's opened or closed.
  12. Further information: I'm doing a bit of a cleanup, and have some gear that has reached the point of needing to be sold (thanks to all the sellers' items on here that have caught my fancy lately). This MF X-Can V3 was bought over 10 years ago and had its caps and tubes upgraded prior to purchase. Details about the mods that were done to it can be found in this thread and described by user 'deadie' whom I bought it from: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/benny-pimped-my-ride.190320/ - I paid around USD$400 at the time, and I have no idea what kind of market value it'd have today.
  13. Funny timing, I was actually going to post again today with an update, and then got distracted. Thanks for reminding me I am so loving the setup. I've been listening all week. I had my first 'tears' moment today when I listened to the David Arnold/Propellerheads version of 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. https://song.link/au/i/266616103 Also the Anne-Sophie Mutter/John Williams album "Across the Stars" sounds amazing. https://album.link/au/i/1466777023 Unfortunately, nothing can make one of my kids' favourite songs sound good, no
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