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  1. Hey all, I just had an idea which I thought could work to measure the improvements made by cleaning Vinyl Records and using treatments over the surface. here is my theory: Start off with a vinyl of your choice. Connect up the RCA out to the Line IN of your Sound Card. Grab a program that is able to record a sound input through the sound card. Play the vinyl and record it (no pun) Then clean the record, or apply a conditioner/LAST vinyl protectant to the disc. Run the same recording on a seperate file. You would be able to then compare the frequency between the 2 recordings either using an image editor or a program specifically designed to compare a signal. Could this work? Or has this method been used already?
  2. If you'd like to post the vinyls to me i'll hang onto them till you get back Awesome trip mate, I would love to go to New York one day. Very yum speakers indeed
  3. Thanks for the heads up ochremoon. Bad idea indeed.
  4. Thats an interesting point, I know we set it but I don't think it was done correctly, can you explain what sort of affect the anti-skate can have? Would this somewhat limit the movement of the tone arm or dampen it?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I will be likely to try a cleaning agent on the records and a soft brush on the stylus. There is so much information on here, so many willing to share it
  6. Wow that is sooo awesome. I think they should have accomodation there, you can stay listening to the music all day long. Thats a huge collection.
  7. Things needed for high resolution playback: CD Transport/Media device (such as PC) DAC Things needed for Vinyl High Resolution Playback: Vinyl Player Turntable Preout Large amount of space to store records cleaning Brushes Cleaning Solutions Vinyl Protectants Scheduled Stylus/Cartridge Replacements A huge amount of patience and dedication hehe. Mind you i'm a huge Vinyl fan, just thought it was an interesting comparision.
  8. I just had a little idea on cleaning a vinyl record. The idea was to use a broken record player that you are not fussed about. The idea is to buy a new stylus with a spherical diamond tip, then remove all the 240v electronics and run the motor on an external belt/motor which is away from the water and splash. You would wet the surface of the record with the cleaning agent and then run the motor so the record is spinning at around 50-70rpm (but the cartridge wouldn't actually be plugged into anything). Once the record is finished it should have cleaned out all the groves of dirt, which could then be cleaned off (as most of the dirt would be in the water in tiny clumps which may be less likely to clog up in the vinyl tracks, which would be easier to remove now). Could this work or would it make things worse? Another Idea was to run the same system as above, but spin the record at much higher rpm (300-10,000rpm haha) and run a high pressure stream (without the stylus of course) running along the surface. As the record is spinning, it would not wet the sticker label either as the water would be flicking away. I am sure the record would disintegrate well before those 10,000rpm lol
  9. I will definitely check with my friend to double check the tracking, it could well be a dirty record. They are in good nick (no scratches) but may contain a decent amount of dirt as when playing there is a crackle at or pop once on each revolution. I will need to try clean the stylus too and try again. I love how complicated and dedious turntables are, the vinyl music really works for your dedication to get a smooth crackle free sound but its worth it every second of it. Thanks for the advice mr happy pants
  10. Hi all, I was listening to a few records at my mates place, what an awesome day it was. A huge stack of records and all the time in the world (nearly). I noticed when we were playing anything with high end frequencies in pianos and vocals we noticed the sound almost sounded like it was distorting, but the volume was well turned down. I would have thought this could have been the case if the tracking weight was wrong but I know it was all set to the specific weight. Any possible reasons for this uncomfortable harshness in the top end range? Thanks in advance.
  11. Wow thats amazingly cheap, and no doubt there would be a huge range. Are they more popular there (or not popular) to which the price is down or is it moreso that they are recorded/made over there?
  12. Just listened to Simon and Garfunkle - Greatest Hits and the Star wars and a Stereo Space Odyssey on LP. Both sounded fantastic. [ATTACH=CONFIG]38252[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]38253[/ATTACH]
  13. Wow awesome. Very Jealous I am indeed What are the prices like over there for them on average? much cheaper than Australia? You must go to a Walmart, I always read up about that place on US forums and would love to visit it one day.
  14. Was it something that was available in a magazine originally? I have one other "HI FI Magazine 1 Test Record" which I believe has german writing on the back of it. Looks nice though
  15. Nice setup you have there. The Accusound subbies are quite nice. I think you would want to measure around 40-60hz to make sure that there is not too much rolloff below or above that value so it will be a smooth transition between the speakers and subby. This would only be needed if your speakers are running off phase. This should be just left as 0 if your speakers are running in phase (say pushing out instead of pushing in). So changing the phase on the subwoofer to 180 would match or unmatch the motion of the speakers. This should only be necessary if the speakers are running out of phase (+ terminal to the - terminal on the spaker and - terminal to the + terminal on the amp)
  16. Offtopic a bit but thanks for the heads up RE Tinnitus, my dad always used to tell me to watch for my ears and I took his advice and i'm very glad. Sorry to hear about your condition though, maybe it can get better with time?
  17. Those Digital SPL meters are really decent for the money. I remember there was a guy in school that used to play his music through earbud headphones so loud that you could hear his music clearly from the back of the bus while he sat at the front. 70-80db is pretty decent volume, Anything over 100 tends to get a knock on the door from close by neighbours haha. Thats just louder than a medium volume conversation which ranges around the 60-65db mark.
  18. Those are awesome speakers Danter, a lot of thought and effort has gone into making them which is very typical for SGR I bet they sound nice too. Ps: nice Couch setup.. Looks comfy as
  19. Oh thats excellent thanks for that I wish I had more space but i'm still living at home haha. I already have a substitute system that will go into the bedroom of my own house in the future and I can move all the current equipment into something a bit more fitting Would you believe that the biggest room in our house (the lounge) is used for guests only haha. Its 3 times the size of any other room. One of those fancy furniture/silverware/dining table sort of lounges. I really like what you've done, those speakers look very neat. It would feel very comfy indeed.
  20. Hey mate, Yep I ended up getting the CS420 Dual turntable. It looks like a really nice unit. It should look tops on the hi fi rack. I am lucky that the Rotel has a photo stage included
  21. Hey SNA, Yesterday I bought a huge stack of records off someone and these were a few that stood out the most. Has anyone got these or listened to them in the past? I am waiting for my new record player to arrive before I can test them out. Hi Fi Stereo Australia Test LP Star Wars John Denver
  22. Ah great to see it arrived safely. I always think giving someone the benefit of the doubt always pays off. its nice they went overboard with the wrapping hehe. you can sit there and stay popping the bubble wrap. yay
  23. Wow my wallets going to get an absolute beating from all these purchases haha. I'll be sure to have a listen to the suggestions above. Thanks very much
  24. I bought one of these. They have a very decent feel to them for the money. Compared to the $18 "Home Theater" one i bought a retail store which had a very cheap feel to it. The power plugs would not sit in properly into the sockets. This one above allows you to switch off individual devices to save on electricity/isolate the device.
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