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  1. Wow is your camera for sale too. Absolutely stunning product images. Love it. GLWS
  2. I noticed my rack got mentioned on the emotiva Instagram. I love the brand so it was great news being mentioned on there.
  3. Wow your taste is impeccible. Looks like an extremely comfy and thought out room. Absolutely love it!!
  4. Great advice there hopefullguy, I really appreciate it. I've been dreaming that there would be a PC3000 as I absolutely love the cylinder subwoofers haha. If they made a gloss white 3000 series subwoofer i'd be all over it. With regards to the 2 front centres, I do actually have a spare channel and spare svs prime speaker. I'd love to test it (and maybe even do some measurements with 1 and 2). In the end nothing would be lost and I get to test out something new.
  5. Thanks heaps thats really nice of you to say :). I did try out godzilla vs kong for the first time in the theatre and I really gotta feel the power behind the PC2000 PRO pair. I've always dream't of owning a pair of PC4000 but only because of how amazing they look (long cylinder enclosures but don't take up much room horizontally. I did have a new addition to the theatre, I bought a 20 way 10 amp power board. At the moment I could only mount it to the side rail just due to some of the hardware sticking out of the back of the server rack. Next stage will be to buy right angle .5m IEC cable
  6. Comb to think of it (pun intended lol) I do remember reading something back in the DTV days. As they say not all ideas are good ideas. Oh wow thanks heaps I really appreciate the comments. I don't have a lot of interests and wanted to dedicate my time to something that I can really express myself and what I enjoy. I must admit lately its been 95% gaming on it and 5% youtube videos on gaming LOL. Luckily there are some dolby atmos supported titles (otherwise they would be collecting dust).
  7. Hey all, so sorry I bymistake deleted the attachments with an edit. Should be all better now Thanks heaps for being so keen to check the photos out. Very nice of you
  8. You are right it would be very easy to check. If the speakers were in phase and the signal was doubled, maybe I might be able to counter it with dirac live
  9. Thank you very much for the information That comb filtering looks very uncomfortable to listen to I just updated somemore photos. Just in the process of neatening up everything including wiring on the back of the rack. I want to get shorter cables (or even custom made rca cables) so the back of the rack is neater. I received my new screen mount for the server rack. I was lucky that the screen fits inside the LCD bracket (by a mm on either side).
  10. That would be most interesting to test out. In a way like having 2 speakers with mono. Your right, small drivers are no match for bigger drivers. I have been doing my best to keep relations with my neighbours so it might be a good thing they are smaller haha. Thanks heaps for the comments.
  11. Thank you very much for the recommendations SNA. I have a feeling its going to open a huge can of worms into which I may never get out haha Super curious to check this out. Thank you very much. Thanks a lot CWT, really appreciate it. I believe the Prime Satellites use the same mid range and tweeter as the Prime Floorstanders. I thought adding a pair of PC2000 Pro would fill in those gaps haha. Great question regarding ceiling middles. I was thinking of adding 2 more satellite speakers in the "middle" (middle top left and middle top right) in a sense. I'd love
  12. That is a very good point. Heard bad things indeed about the dual centre speakers. I hear the speakers are all tonally matched so I shouldn't notice too much the difference between the ultra and prime centre?
  13. Thank you very much. You have a great suggestion with regards to the upgrade. You are right that little centre speaker isn't doing very much at all. I have a feeling if I get anything SVS Ultra, I will eventually want them all to be the same haha. I was thinking of getting an SVS Prime centre speaker but unfortunately they don't come in gloss white. I know this is really odd but I was very much considering running another SVS Prime Satellite speaker off my spare channel and making a dual centre speaker with the tweeters facing in the middle but have heard all sorts of issue
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