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  1. It has updated the 8801 to be spotify connect point since they had previously removed spotify as a network playback option, quite handy
  2. I've recently got into using Audirvana and have found the first fold MQA master albums in the majority a step up from standard albums. Also if you do decide to buy post 15 day trial they were throwing in 3 months of Tidal for free and 3 months Qobuzz but it is not available in Oz, though I'm guess via VPN you could sort that out, so for around $100 oz you get about $70 of tidal so a bit of a no brainer. You can then start playing around with filters etc which again is meant to improve upon standard itunes, tidal, etc
  3. Any idea what kind of trade in or classified price I'd get for an 8801 if trading up to the new 8805. Would be good to finally upgrade the theater to atmos, was always disappointed they never provided any firmware upgrades for 8801, good to hear that improved with the later model
  4. Can confirm the phone is unlocked, was able to use an Optus SIM without issue
  5. UPDATE: I have been to apple and had the isight replaced as part of their product recall, however the handset wasn't replaced, so I am open to offers of $800 ono, the phone has been well looked after and has no damage. Also it seems the handset is unlocked from a telstra website, but will check with a different SIM to be sure. I will add photo's when I can work out how to
  6. Forgot to mention, I also have the box, new and unused apple earbuds and new and unused apple lightning cable to go with it
  7. Hi, I will be replacing my current 64GB Silver iPhone 6 Plus @ Apple due to the warranty replacement of early model phones having an isight issue. I'm looking to move on from this model and try something different so rather than use it I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying it. They are going for $1229 at the apple store http://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-iphone/iphone6/5.5-inch-display-64gb-silver. I'm with Telstra so I dare say it would be tied to them, but I can enquire if I can unlock. Was looking for $1000 ono if there is any interest please PM me. Thanks, Matt
  8. Hi All, Looking to buy 2-4 3D glasses IR capable / support an Epson TW 9000. I know plenty of us bought these a few years ago and not everyone was keen on 3D, so before I go off to eBay or Amazon, I'd see if any are available here Based in Sydney Cheers Matt
  9. Saw it at Miranda Event Vmax in 2D Atmos. Enjoyed the movie, was a bit disappointed with the Bass on a few of the key explosions, but the overall surround effects were fine, look forward to see the next installments. NB: They also do Atmos in 3D on VMAX and also have Atmos available in their Gold Class theatres in both 2D / 3D
  10. This is pretty much what I have setup, Freenas with 4 x 4tb 16gb ram, runs really well, can trunk the nics into the hp smart switch also, has ilo so no need for keyboard, mouse, monitorGot setup with plex & sab, haven't got around to sick beard etc yet I'm interested though, I'm doing z1 with 10.7tb available with the 4 drives, how are you managing to get another 2 in?
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