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  1. Recommend giving Jack Johnson - Sleep Through the Static a listen. Hope you enjoy. Shane
  2. Further information: Collection of audiophile recordings by Accuphase. Includes two discs, one SACD and one CD. Price includes postage within Australia. Photos:
  3. Further information: Sound Mechanics isolation cones. Like new with box. Postage within Australia included in price. Photos:
  4. Further information: Fantastic Bluetooth receiver with inbuilt 24 bit DAC. Like new condition with all original accessories and packaging. Asking price includes postage to Australian Capital cities. Photos:
  5. Further information: Bought two of these in case I ever needed a spare for my Mac mini. Postage to Australian Capital cities is included in asking price. Photos:
  6. There's one for sale here: https://hifidisposals.com/collections/amplifiers/products/ps-audio-stellar-gain-cell-with-dac-preamplifier Regards Shane
  7. Thanks George, I have been looking at it. One thing that troubles me is the Lumin app to drive it. Just not sure about how you save albums and playlists for future use.
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