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  1. thanks - have just bought a pair of Bill's cables silver cables XLR terminated for the DAC out and RCA terminated for connection to my active speakers.
  2. thanks your message. Re raspberry pi - not really interested as I am a Mac man - so far anyway. I am comfortable with their os. windows/linux doesn't do it for me. Re - I have a moderately good optical cable with properly terminated 3.5mm mini toslink. I want to utilize as much of my present equipment/cables as possible. I will research to to see if there is a connector to change it to a normal toslink ending.
  3. ........... should read. ............. Basically I want to play from a digital source (not a computer) which is fed from a USB ext hard drive into my present dac via optical cable ( the digital source has to have a 3.5 mm mini toslink hole).
  4. Thanks all suggestions. re suggestion of using a topping d10 - I just read it is a dac so I can plug it into my dac? So I can plug my USB external drive into the topping? Basically I want to play from a digital source (not a computer) which is fed from a USB ext hard drive or into my present dac via optical cable ( the digital source has to have a 3.5 mm mini toslink hole). cheers
  5. yeah - good point. Was exploring recently of getting a older(2014) mac mini and make a "headless " music player out of it and just dedicate it to that only. Seems a bit complicated but possible. Which is sort of what you suggesting I think. cheers
  6. ........... should read ....... end of 2014....
  7. I love my present computer music and the sound I'm getting. However Apple discontinued optical out (mini toslink jack) on their computers from about end of 2019. My dac that I like have and like has no usb in and has only toslink in. The computer I have is approaching 7 years old and showing some age related issues. So it got me thinking how can I not be reliant on the computer as the music transport/player (not into streaming etc). I like & prefer mac comtuters therefore at sometime will not be able to use as no optical cable. Would like to explore what options are available if any to use as much of my present stuff as possible. If Apple continued to keep the optical output I would stay with the computer. Also love playing through Audirvana on my mac which sounds so good to me. cheers Frank
  8. Thank you. 2nd optionlooks interesting. With this item - does it mean I can bypass my computer all together - just plug my USB external hard drive of music into this device then have optical out from there to optical in on my Lavry headphone dac/amp. Then press play on the device and away we go?? cheers
  9. Hi have very simple system : Mac Pro/Samsung monitor connected with optical cable to a Lavry headphone dac which is connected to a pair of Genelec active speakers. I play music through Audirvana on my Mac Pro question: Is there a device that I can use instead of the computer that connects into the dac via optical cable 3.5 mm mini jack to the Toslink connector on the dac. This device would have to have a screen (?) . sought of an iPod on steroids- external dp player and possibly with a card reader slot. don’t want to get in streaming- I have music stored on USB external drives. any suggestions- not to technical as I’m 69. cheers ps - don’t want to change my dac or cables
  10. Hi have one myself - great/honest performer- takes no prisoners! good luck with the sale.
  11. Thank you it’s more about the music than equipment these days for me! I read some where “ good enough is good enough” haha!
  12. Hi Should have sent some photos - my apologies! Included my present very simple/modest set up. The present set up is a downsize from what I had in around 2011 - sold it all off. very happy with my present system especially with the introduction of Bill's silver cables. wouldn't go back to those earlier days - financially draining and bit of a ego trip trying to keep up with some of my hifi mates at the time. It's a game you can't win!. On the aged pension now so budgeting is my way of life - haha!
  13. Hi Have had the pleasure of dealing with & purchasing from Bill a pair of his silver cable. I thought it might be of interest in sharing the message I sent to Bill with my first impressions “Hi Bill 1) the cables fitted perfectly to my speakers. 2) the listening experience so far has been interesting. Definitely better than the Beldens that’s for sure. It took a few tracks to get used to the new sound as never had silver cables in a system before and probably will still take some to fully appreciate the new sound signature. May also have something to do with my 69 years old ears! 3) the silvers have taken away the fuzziness which I took as a “warm” analogue sound. The sound seems more revealing/realistic & a touch unforgiving. I noticed also placement of instruments/singer seems to be different to what was previously. In some recordings the singer was prominent and now in the background and other recordings it was reversed. In other recordings it remained the same but more glorious. . 4) was pleasantly surprised how female voices/violins/trumpets etc were not screechy or thin at all - in fact were beautiful to listen to. Haven’t had a chance to a have a long listening session yet so don’t Know if listening fatigue will be an issue - I doubt it will. 5) the bass was fantastic - double bass instruments in my recordInge that I listened were tight/realistic /full & believable. 6) levels of details are greater - a bit more space between instruments etc. More detail at lower volume levels which is very important to me as living in a flat cannot have the music up loud. 7) I think the silvers has exposed maybe the cheap optical cable I have. Have just ordered an optical cable from Supra a Swedish company which manufactures there own cables etc and appear not outrageously expensive. So all in all extremely pleased what I have heard so far. I guess it will only get better as the cables are run in which is a mouth watering prospect indeed! feel free to share this email with any prospective customers or as a customer review. will keep you posted as the cables “mature”! Cheers & gratitude “
  14. Item: xlr (female) to rca cable pair cables Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: seeing what is out there. Required for dac to Genelec G2 active speakers. length between 2~2.5m
  15. Item: optical cable glass or plastic fibre Price Range: Item Condition: new or used Extra Info: seeing what's out there. Prefer cable toslink one end and the other terminated with 3.5 mini jack for Apple mac pro computer. cable going to a dac (lavry DA 10) Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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