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  1. I bought a 100ohm 1w resistor from Jaycar. I didn't take much notice of stripes, but looking now it appears to be brown black brown gold/yellow. I've also measured it with a multimeter and it turns up pretty much 100 ohms, +- 0.2ohms. Should I try a different resistor value anyway? And if so, should I be going up or down in resistance?
  2. I'm trying to rig up a little bit of wiring, so that I can measure the T/S of a driver. I'm following this guide: https://audiojudgement.com/measure-thiele-small-parameters-using-free-software/ Basically it involves putting together a cable that connects to a driver's terminals on one end, and to the input/output of a computer's soundcard on the other end, with a 'sense' resistor: The guide makes use of REW, and its impedance measurement. The first part is to calibrate the system, and the first calibration is for the open circuit. TBH I'm way out of my
  3. Haha thanks. It's a DIY job I put together last year using an Arduino. I'll do a small write-up about it some time soon.
  4. Hey guys, figured I'd join in and also make a "me" thread to post my antics I like to tinker with my gear now and then so I'll share it here when I do. I also have a few things in the back catalog I've been meaning to share but haven't gotten around to, that I'll probably share in this thread. In the meantime, here're a few older pictures of my system. The room has fallen into disarray recently so I'll share another few photos when I get around to making it presentable again. Quick system rundown: Thorens TD-145 with an Ortofon Bronze, Luxman L-100, Tannoy Cheviot, To
  5. I've never been into headphones, but have recently become interested. I've tried my girlfriend's Sennheiser HD 450's, and enjoy the convenience of being able to connect to multiple different digital sources wirelessly. The one thing I don't like is the closed back nature of them. It feels a little claustrophobic, a little too detached from my actual surroundings. So, I've started looking for open back BT headphones, and maybe I'm just not looking in the right places, but I can't really seem to find any? Or at least, none from reputable brands. Am I mistaken, or is there actually a
  6. I've started an Instagram page that mainly focuses on sharing hifi photos from various sources. I'm only doing this with express permission from the original poster of the photos and full credits, and have had some success from various boards and communities. Before even PM'ing users here to ask though, I figure I'd look through the guidelines to see if there's anything about it. I noticed this rule: Full discretion, the Instagram account is intended to represent a side business that I'm running that sells hifi-related apparel, and I will also be occasionally
  7. Probably my favourite cover of Heard it through the grapevine
  8. Picked up the custom dustcover I had ordered for my TD 145! I could have asked for it to be a bit smaller actually, but was worried that if it was too snug it'd be too easy to scuff. Overall, fairly pleased with the quality and construction.
  9. I've got a Project VC-S MK 1, though I haven't tried the Okki Nokki. The VC-S works great for me. I've run some pretty grimy looking records through it, and it comes out looking like new (aside from the scratches, but what can you do). I've attached before and after pictures of a particularly dirty record I cleaned the other day. There were still some crackles in playback but I assume that's from the scratches. I've seen some YT videos of people using the machine, and only do one or two revolutions under suction and then they're done. You can do this if you like, but they're surel
  10. Further information: Bought from Dutch Vinyl (Melb) I thought I had bought the resealable version, but I did not. I took out two to determine whether I'd like keep them anyway, but I'm going to sell it off instead. The 98 that I'm selling are untouched. Otherwise, very nice sleeves. Very clear and strong. See link above for more information. Buyer can pickup, or pay for postage (will be sent using the same packaging I received it in). N.b. record pictured only for demonstration, not included in purchase. Photos:
  11. Made a new base board for my Luxman PD-284 out of 16mm MDF. Also added some aluminium shoes. It's like it's sitting on mini-platters!
  12. It looks like you have included a close up photo of an unrelated Denon tonearm/headshell? Otherwise, very nice vintage turntable. Listening to one right now and sounds great. The auto lift function might also potentially be an easily fixed.
  13. Should've opened those blinds, would've made for some beautiful shots
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