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  1. Weston accoustics 2

    Also interested. Earle himself hasn't been as active on the forum this year actually, so I'm hoping that my recent email gets through to him.
  2. Am very interested, awaiting pictures and details of upgrades
  3. Thanks for the concern everyone, I went ahead with it anyway and I'm glad to say it was successful! IEC and RCA sockets have been installed I ended up cutting open the original plug just to make sure. Black was indeed live (at least this time around).
  4. Thanks, I've had confirmation from Thorens group on Facebook that black is live, but I'll trace it anyway just in case. Mainly doing this mainly so I can remove the cables if I want, and also for the sake of tinkering goodness
  5. Hi guys, pretty much the title. I'm going to install an IEC socket on the back of my TD145, and the power cable is made up of two wires, black and blue. However I'm unsure which one is meant to be live, and which is neutral. Would it use Australian or German colour codes? I feel kinda silly asking because it is an Australian plug.. but thought I'd ask to be sure. Mine is identical to the below picture, in terms of where the blue and black wire are going. Sorry if it's a stupid question
  6. Hi guys, there's a Luxman PD-264 I might be buying. It looks good except for some peeling on the plinth's vinyl veneer (see attachments). I was hoping that I would simply be able to re-glue it on, but it looks like even the 'unpeeled' parts don't line up with the edge of the plinth perfectly (the edge that meets the top plate). Does anybody have any idea how difficult it would be to re-align and glue down this veneer? Also, I was thinking of maybe having a new plinth made and installed, but I can't find anyone online who has a Luxman with a different plinth. Would anyone here be able to tell me what such a process would involve? Thanks!
  7. So, has anybody here had experience with both of these tables, or could perhaps offer some insight on what differences to expect between the two? I think I understand the functional differences between the two, but sonically, is one clearly superior? As it stands, I think I'm leaning towards the Denon, given its additional functionality such as full automation, and a servo tracing tonearm (which I understand to be arguably beneficial), although it is lacking VTA which is a bit of a bummer. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated!
  8. Anyone know much about Tannoy?

    Listening to my Cheviots right now, beautiful sound, great imaging. Can't speak for other models however, but these older Tannoys seem to get much praise, and I can hear why
  9. It looks like putting it in the freezer for another hour worked! Hurray! I suspect that it might slip again, but I think I can handle putting it in the freezer periodically, at least until the new belt arrives. Thanks @eltech!
  10. Pulled it out of the freezer, onto the turntable, still no luck. I've put it back in the freezer though, hoping that maybe a little longer will do it, but I'll scan the web for other fixes too in the meantime. Thanks anyway
  11. I am in the western suburbs.. of Sydney. Much appreciated though
  12. And it's in! Will let you know how it goes
  13. I got a Thorens TD-145 a few weeks ago, and the belt has been in pretty bad shape. I ordered a new one over a week ago but it hasn't arrived yet, and since a night or two ago, I noticed that music had become quite noticeably slower than usual. I figured, I'm getting a new one soon anyway so might as well try some of these remedies I hear on the web. What I tried was boiling it for a minute or so, drying it, and applying some talcum powder. First time around, I used way too much talcum, and the motor pulley didn't grip the belt at all. So, I washed it in hot water with a bit of liquid hand wash, and tada! It did the trick, and the music was seemingly up to speed again (I can't be bothered measuring).. ..for one side of a record. I stopped the turntable to put on a different record, and it didn't turn anymore. Pulley not gripping the belt at all. I tried washing in hot water again but it didn't work this time. Now, the prospect of spending the long weekend without my turntable is dawning on me. Any suggestions?
  14. FS: Playstation SCPH-1002

  15. Could you go into more detail about this? I'm really quite ignorant about these things, so any reasoning behind it would be much appreciated. If it's anecdotal, that's fine too. The TP16 is 16.5 grams, so it looks like with a DL-301II, the resonant frequency evaluates to 9Hz. However, with the DL-103 (8.5g mass, 5x10-6cm/dyne compliance), there's pretty much no reasonable tonearm weight that gets a green resonant frequency! I guess weights are mandatory with this cartridge.. DL-110 also goes just outside of the green, at 12Hz. TBH, I have no idea what this means. May I ask what qualities/attributes of the TP16 lends itself to high compliance and MM? In general, what kind of drawbacks can I expect by using a low compliance, MC cartridge on such an arm? Thank you!